Ep. 129 – The Call Before the Call

You’ll die trying contain sensitive subject matter and conversation surrounding death and dying and may not be suitable for all audiences listener discretion is respectfully advised.

Another ytt episode, a tough one really? I’m going to warn in advance. But before we dive in, though Trier’s, let’s talk responsibility, like the kind where your moves are monitored, where what you say people hold tight to, of course, mindful of the bills, do relationships, job duties, but also be mindful of yourself out there and being intentional. People are watching, they’re listening. You have a massive responsibility in you have an opportunity to meet them where they are. up, lift, hold and inspire, loving on them all the way through. And the spirit of that. Thank you. For over 50,000 New ticky tacky followers and friends. Just over a week. It’s all Haley’s fault. You all sure enjoy Funeral Home stuff. I think about my shoes though. I promised to be intentional and real and honest. Find me at Nathan Morris music on Tik Tok at Nathan Morris on Insta and at that time. Also, go over to Youâ€TMll grab a bag grab us some swag a bag of big turkeyfoot coffee this episode and every episode is sponsored exclusively by big and of course e FF or express funeral funding a show which this show season two episode 129 pulls back the curtain takes down the walls brick by brick and exposes the true hearts of those who are caring for those and we love we’re going lights up so buckle up

no really buckle up. It’s the law. For one or two. I’ve seen what not wearing a seat belt does and has done. I know there are people who say, Well, I didn’t they didn’t have a seat belt and if they did during that wreck it would have killed them. So not having it saved them. I can’t speak to that. But I can say where one tragic scenes. Rex house fires falls. Equipment. malfunctions were called to them. coroner’s law enforcement Auntie’s fire, sometimes family well, nearly always family are scattered around such scenes wailing, loud, nervous talking radio sounds, odd smells, all fill the air in our senses. Funeral Directors were the first ones to be notified of a death to come and tend to them the deceased and those left behind to grieve and make their existence known. But no, we aren’t. We aren’t actually. The law enforcement officer is a mundane run and shift sandwich eating in the church parking lot kind of day reviewing the CAD from the previous shift, a quiet and relaxing moment. Can all that change within one chirp of the radio. I will advise this story is the call before the call the law enforcement’s call the men and women who to devote their lives to protecting ours at all costs, also received death calls, even before we do and pivot quickly they must warn you if you have been affected by death recently or suicide Please be extra mindful of this episode. Pagliacci you thought that was actually hear your phone ring and you see I got your attention. I just wanted to interrupt myself to say hey, why don’t you just subscribe right this very moment on the podcast platform.

You’re listening to this podcast. on to this podcast and then also to the obituary subscribe to this podcast on the podcast platform which are listening to this podcast. If you remember that then just do it, and then share it with a friend. If that wasn’t confusing enough, I’ll just I’ll just send you back to this episode. I was sitting at Reed’s orchard running traffic when the call came in. The stepdad had been staying at the house while the mother was out of town. I thought it was rather odd that the stepdad had not made contact with the gentleman for two days while living in the same house. I did not go lights and sirens to the call due to not having knowledge it was, in fact what it was. As I got closer to the calls location, the dispatcher stated, caller states the missing subject is possibly 10. Seven, due to sig s. Hearing, Sig s immediately gets my heart pumping. Walking into the house, you can hear the mother screaming. It was an upstairs bedroom. The mother walked into the bedroom, where he her son had hanged himself in the doorframe and was still able to shut the door. Meaning when the mother opened his bedroom door, he was swinging and most likely swung into her. She was frozen in the spot, realizing what was happening and just screaming, cut him down, cut him down. The step dad was in the hallway watching all of this unfold. As was I, me being the shorter in stature law enforcement officer, I had to locate a chair, and then I cut him down. In turn, he fell into me, causing me and him to hit the floor due to me being in the chair. This whole scenario caused the mother of course to spiral even more into a panic, where we eventually just had to encourage while essentially forcing her back down the stairs and outside the residents.

Hearing SIG s always makes my heart beat a deep, deep, deep beat. Not necessarily an adrenaline rush, but a very subconscious. Alright, time to turn off the emotion and focus on work. That’s all this is work. After a while the lights and sirens. It does not give an adrenaline rush. It’s the type of call you’re going to that will give you the rush. If you know you’re headed to a commercial burglar alarm, per policy, you go lights and sirens. This does nothing for me except increase my annoyance with human beings. If we get a call where someone has broken into a house, it’s an active call and say the subject has a gun on them. This type of stuff causes an adrenaline rush, you know, you’re going to have to think fast, you’re going to have to think clearly, it increases the possibility of a foot pursuit saving someone or something or a fight that will most likely occur. Also, we have to be damn sure of our actions and our decisions. Could you imagine the poor mother, the poor, poor mother seeing one day birth loved love so dearly in that that state? Gone? An image of despair and hopelessness. A law enforcement officer working to protect our community gets called to someone he or she could it becoming the leader, the therapist the friend at the blink of an eye, having to take control of a scene tending to the loved one literally, the loved one and getting them down and bracing them literally to the floor all before a mother’s eyes. A stranger now forever tied to this family. All before they call us the funeral home whose job is to care for the dead and those who love them forever. We must Be mindful. Funeral homes are not the first call. Our first responders are and respond they do. Delicately, intentionally Swift. tip my hat to those who take this oath until you’ve stepped in someone’s call horns. Be slow to verbalize. We’re the first they call for any other opinion based comment in regards to one’s intentions, thoughts, feelings are not yours to speak to the radio. I must know chirps long before the phone rings because because of that new and even more grateful. Thank you officers Trier’s. Until next time, Episode 129 is 10 Three