Ep. 132 – The Confession

You’ll die trying contain sensitive subject matter and conversation surrounding death and dying and may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is respectfully advised. If any of you are Catholic, you may know what confession is. For those of you who don’t have a clear understanding, confession, or reconciliation, is what it’s called.

And the Roman Catholic Church people go to confession to say sorry for the wrong for sin in their lives and to experience God’s healing through forgiveness. Confession also permits reconciliation with a church which is wounded by the sins people commit. Catholics believe that baptism removes original sin, the belief that all people are born tainted by it. So therefore, baptism turns us back toward God. Despite this, humans still commit sin, free will and all. And as a result, Catholics regularly confess these sets. The act of confession is important because it allows Roman Catholics to put things right with God and to know that they have been forgiven

also the Roman Catholic church, they believe that only God can forgive sin. But as Christ’s successors and representatives priests also have been given the power the power to pass on that forgiveness God flowing through the priest the priests absolving on behalf of God get you some of that, you know, drinking the coffee cuz that’s I’m drinking right now. it over to Youâ€TMll forward slash shop, grab your bag, grab some swag, proceeds benefit national suicide prevention, lifeline. And of course, follow me and Nathan Morris music on tick tock tick tock Trier’s Instagram at Nathan Morris MCI.

There is power and voicing. Hey, I messed up. I can’t believe that I did that. Persons of interests. They do it in the interrogation rooms, couples, they do it behind closed doors. Every single one of you listening or watching if on Spotify has had to ask for forgiveness, to sit in the mess. Eat Crow and ask for the wrong good to forgive you.

We’re human,

we mess up. We don’t want others to know we have and

do though. We love to look

pristine, perfectly glowing and glimmering with togetherness in the sunlight. Like we’ve just walked out of Restoration Hardware book or something. It’s mainly for the fear I think of what you think how you will then perceive us in the future, because we


are a big bunch of judgmental children at heart. It’s true longing for a chance to prove we’ve got it a little more together than our neighbor.

We should all work on that. I have a confession to make

Season Two, Episode 132 of Youâ€TMll DieTrying. A show which pulls back the curtain takes down the walls, brick by brick and exposes the true hearts of those who are caring for those you love. Most.

Forgive me father.

Special thanks to eff expressed funeral funding working tirelessly on the back end. So us as directors and funeral home owners can work on the front end, the most important end, caring for serving, creating celebrations for families who are grieving the loss, while eff works with the insurance companies assigning proceeds so there’s not that balanced do looming over the heads of the family, visit E F F or express funeral Check out their new look. Thank you eff

tick tock leadership, the public eye

has all required me to define who I am, who I am going to be a version of myself only showing the perfectly put together leader, musician podcaster family guy or the one who fumbles over their words or words still gets zits at 37 and has a moment or two of overwhelm and fails. Even if failing is only momentary when you started joining us by the 10s of 1000s on Tik Tok at Nathan Morris music.

I rallied I rallied

Haley JT Audra in the office and we circled and I said, we have a responsibility to remain authentic, genuinely authentic, the silly, hopeful, intentional and actual side of me, Nathan Morris must remain never masking ever. What that means is actually well being human. The freedom is that being human, but also the constant intentionality behind it. That is yes, freeing, but yes, also a little heavy on the mind. The confession is this, I still put my foot in my mouth. I still mess up. People still see it, too. The most freeing thing one can do however, is to own it. You know by owning it. As a leader, I immediately fall on the sword. Never passing blame to my team. owning it takes the power. You are an observer or someone way in the back might otherwise have away by not being able to have a response to my but Greg told me he would handle it. Instead saying I have messed up actually humanizes things even more. The wronged

the viewer

in the wing actually senses the authenticity and heart of it and see you as they are and so wished to always be. The last time I had put my foot majorly in my mouth was when my dear friend Elle Ruth lost her grandmother. I remember this day evening actually vividly I personally had cared for her driving to the place of death and receiving her iPad personally read the rooms scanned, made eye contact with everyone present. I met at the bedside I scheduled the times to come in the following day, assuring them I would be sitting with them to arrange and I I addressed all family’s questions while present. l Ruth wasn’t present. So I wanted to call and express my love and condolences to her. She did not answer this call. So I left a loving and kind message. In this message. I assured her I personally will be tending to and caring for grandmother and promised her nothing but the best to which I can do annually promise to you and everyone we serve. Elders called back. l Ruth was unaware grandmother had died until my voicemail, which I had left, knowing confidently, she had to have known by now. But actually having told her she’s the saving grace of all of this is she and I have been pals since third grade. Her cousin, Meredith, who I went to school with her entire elementary school, introduced me she was in fifth grade and said, You should be his girlfriend. She said, he’s too young for me. And that was, that was it for us and friends ever since. And, anyway, the fact that her siblings were mortified at the thought of having to tell l Ruth, made it a little funnier and lighter. The lesson and all of this is I to this day, never call my friends or anyone to express sympathies if they aren’t physically present. I never assume anyone knows anything, unless they personally call me to address it. And then I chime in, or at the arrangement conference the following day. The dynamics, the uniqueness of all of it, I have to be that way, and I’m ever mindful of it.

But then I did this. This is the confession.

This morning. I hopped down the stairs from the office after a rather heavy management meeting to be greeted at the back door by and I will just abbreviate M and K. I’ll initial here as it. It’s still very tender. And no, not Mike and Christine at the obituary which you need to listen to follows this podcast as well. They’re walking in m and k and I’m jovial and so excited to see them as I am usually I hit him with I gotta tell you about my ridiculous dream that I had about you. As m and k are making their way slowly to the elevator. The employee elevator which makes its way to the care center M kindly turns and says as they’re passing Give me just a minute. Not if that wasn’t enough. I last minute rush and continue my jovial banter, entering the elevator last minute as it slowly closed and rode to the ground

floor. opening its doors to the care center receiving area. Em mouths to me how que was going to have a private moment with their loved one moment I call being on the other side of the table. One in this profession who is so used to tending to the bereaved is now bereaved and needing tending to have their own

immediately are melted.

S I knew their loved one had died the day prior. Of course I did. I wasn’t in that. I wasn’t in that headspace or thinking about that. However, I was excited to see m and k as case schedule. It’s a bit different than mine. And when I am leaving, they’re usually coming in. So my genuine want to catch up, over took my subconscious knowledge, professionalism of the previous day’s loss. They know my heart so the light heartedness peeked through these grieving clouds as they both laughed at me for what they said. That’s a perfect Nathan Moment. Moment. The right I’m playful and fun happy to see those I love. Still, I felt bad my wanting to share a silly dream at the most sensitive of time

it’s so good to be forgiven. That is my confession

I’ll take my foot out of my mouth and finish the dream. Em and I were at the funeral home I was on my knees picking weeds out of the carpet inside which is where the chapel doors are of course and right outside the chapel doors is where all these weeds are. I had this massive snuggie sized longer tea on and M casually as if it were normal crawled into my snuggie long tea as I continued weed pulling it was as casual as someone walking on a sidewalk is and I just existed in this tea in my dream that that was what I was so excited to share with them and I still don’t share with them so as you listen to this episode, not only do you hear my confession and asking for continued forgiveness, but that really dumb dream that made it all happen in the first place. Anyway all you dream deciphering people get to work and be sure to email me at hello at Youâ€TMll and let me know what all this means. We did have a lovely time though catching up on the last minute death call 30 minutes away the day before which is probably more than likely why we dreamt

of such silliness. Forgiveness humanize

be okay with messing up trip on a crack and don’t look back at the crack in the pavement as if it jumped out of nowhere owes you something for its infraction. Really, next time someone trips on a crack and you’re around they’ll will look back and mean mug the hell out of that crack. You know

what I’m talking about? Anyway, be sure to visit You’ forward slash shop get you some swag proceeds from every sale net proceeds will benefit National Suicide Prevention Lifeline we just did a VIN Moe birthday challenge raising over $3,700 Which if you follow me on Tik Tok at Nathan Morris music you will see the video follow me on Instagram at Nathan Morris. And again, be sure to tag us when you receive that amazing amazing swag new merch is coming new music is coming everything is in the works. Your love far more than you could ever, ever know. I assure you of that. humanize yourself Be gentle with yourself meet others where they are. And I will see you meeting you at 133