Ep. 136 – Enjoy the Mundane

You’ll die trying contain sensitive subject matter and conversation surrounding death and dying and
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It’s that I’m not ready to go yet moment. As we as directors try to find the perfect break to gently
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direct coordinate and can assist a family in gathering grieving celebrating one we all love. Most. Allow
eff to assist your funeral home. In such superior care, just like they do ours here at Morris family visit
Express funeral and tell them why di t synth you go ahead do it. Lifting the yet again
overfilled trash bag, bouncing quickly up and down to get its suction to break from the trash can itself
just to walk 100 yards to the dumpster outside lifting the top tossing the oversized, extremely heavy
bag for the smell to just watch you in the face. All the weed pulling laps around the house, night in
and night out. How over time it becomes humorous to you that you’re I’ll get the pile up in the
morning statement remains overlooked and undone. And by the next afternoon, you’re ready to
simply add to it all over. Grabbing the oddly shaped key to the mailbox off the key holder in the
laundry room to make the trek to grab the mail at the end of the driveway. Just to pick up the wet
newspapers on the way back stepping on a couple of lava rocks that have made their way into the
driveway because you’re barefoot. season two episode 136 A show Trier’s, which pulls back the
curtain takes down the walls brick by brick and exposes the true hearts of those caring for those we
love. Most
All in all you do be intentional. Yes. Yes. One must have heart behind their actions taken for the task
All in all you do be intentional. Yes. Yes. One must have heart behind their actions taken for the task
at hand. minuscule. Point, even mundane point. Yes, it develops a habit, an admirable and sometimes
annoying habit to mind you like on vacation, I can’t walk down a busy sidewalk, see a piece of trash a
top up planter and just pass it. I must pick it out, find the closest trash can and dispose of it. I can’t
settle I can’t stand by, I will always grab the trash. On weekends, I enjoy the warehouse. It screams
my heart. From my fighting for its existence. To keep it in the real estate family here at Morris family
and all of its layout, the artwork, the signs, which hang on the tallest point of the building facing
Commonwealth, the way I parked the vehicles, even if they get rearranged in a way that I wouldn’t.
That is my heart. And during one of my trash sweeps picking up debris tires busted concrete. I
thought this is what I’ll miss. When old age has ran supreme over my body, and I’m left with
memories of better days as I slowly but surely walk my ninth lap from my chair to the kitchen to the
living room to my chair again. Mundane is what we will miss. The simple often repetitive tasks
overlooked today. Perhaps inconvenienced by today, the elderly me will wish for these back. It’s in
the moments like this you think a powerful thought have a peaceful forfeit with God. Learn the best
way to keep a mo line extra straight. And it’s these things learned during mundane tasks we pass on
to our ancestors. Look, I shine my shoes exactly how my granddad Frank did even using the same
shoe shine kit. Which grandmother and my mother gifted to me. The 52nd Monday morning team
meeting. I’m chipper just like the previous week and the one before that mundane. Perhaps to me.
Not to the onlooker. The study or the apprentice, the somewhat broken. It’s in the mundane character
where character is refined. Our physical and mental health is manipulated for the better. The
mundane is a workout, testing our patients and attitude. Typing the 72nd went to be with our Lord
and Savior. At the beginning sentence of an obituary per the family’s request could be annoying. Yes,
or are we simply looking at it incorrectly. Those 72 families called upon you because they knew no
one was better equipped to handle such a beautiful sentence in this obituary tribute, but you the
arrangements conference facilitated and the superior actions during the rainy weekend funeral. No
one could facilitate and carry out like you. Mundane is often what we celebrate as funeral directors.
Life is made up of powerful moments. Yes, but honest and simple ones
far outweigh the fireworks In the quiet, we read and perfect our knowledge of Scripture and the quiet.
It’s when we spend a little extra time learning G C F chords on the guitar. What may be everyday life
to us may be profound mind blowing and moving to our friends and family. We will one day leave.
tying my double Windsor knotted tie could be mundane. But granddad taught me that how to tie such
a night and I love that. One day my monotonous steps will be passed on and long after the wind is out
of my lungs and sales. Someone who survives me may find the knowledge just as powerful. Another
casket delivery and a need to grab the squeaky church truck third time driving the family limo today.
Courtesy laughing at the people are dying to get in here joke just made by a visitor coming in to pay
their respects to the family of one you are serving. You’re forced laughter may be the only limited
noise the man hears. As they will soon head to an empty home, which once housed so much life,
young children their toys littering the carpet. But time and marriage robbed him of those precious
once mundane things. And he’s left with his thoughts of old while reading the grand sons instructions
right next to the remote control on how to turn Gunsmoke reruns on
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