Ep. 145 – The Worst/Best Funeral Director

You’ll die trying contain sensitive subject matter and conversation surrounding death and dying and
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all right. Look. We have a show to do. We do Kentucky has seen its share of tragedy, totally changing
gears. The irony is one is at the hands of a funeral homeowner. One who takes an oath to serve a
community during the darkest of times of days and nights. Not to create the darkness. The other the
law enforcement community we work alongside in many facets, we have our heroes of Public Safety
Act. And unfortunately, this is one of those reasons to need it. And we’ll get to that but the law
enforcement community that we work alongside to better assist those that we love and serve. They
are witnesses of tragedy. season two episode 145 a show which pulls back the curtains take down the
walls Brick by Brick you funeral directors and you expose the true hearts of those you who are caring
for those who you love most. The heartfelt heart string statement. You’ve heard episode after episode
does not ring true for this guy. I asked myself How did it come to this? Take away the obvious disgust
for one’s actions and respectfully feelings of wanting to punch someone in the face for their
negligence. But I ask why did pride plan to this was the owner so far in debt and financial binding that
he couldn’t afford the gas bill? Did his pride not let him call a quote unquote competitor to help with
the burden? Was he humiliated to be in such need? Did he think he would have gotten away with
things? If you live under a rock you probably haven’t heard but you have heard about Lankford
funeral home in Jeffersonville, Indiana. It’s super close to us. I received many an Instagram messages
and tick tock messages about this the moment it happened, believe it or not. We actually were called
by Lankford months ago, yes, months ago. So to assist with a reverent transfer and embalming and
yes, this loved one was cared for respectfully and was respectfully buried, we checked. What about all
the others who have absolutely no idea? The families and these others meaning deceased loved ones
have no idea plan or anything. Their existence is only known by a group of law enforcement officers
and people by the smell and the current state they repose in the shock, the courier journal US News
and every other media outlet that prints media continue to write the story of what though? So let’s
start there. What we know Jefferson Ville police responded to a call about Lankford funeral home on
the evening of July 1. So a few days before Fourth of July, you can do math and worked into the
following morning with several other law enforcement agencies to secure the facility and process the
scene. And when I read that, I was like, Oh my gosh. At the end of the initial investigation 31
decomposing bodies had been found on site along with post cremation remains of 16 other

individuals. Yes, you heard that correct. 31, decomposing loved ones. And 16 cremated loved ones
and identified at the end of the initial investigation, counting that many the shock I can’t I can’t
imagine this. You know what I’m reading this as a professional funeral director
and there’s my brain can’t even fathom. Jeffersonville police work the scene with assistance from
several other law enforcement branches, including Clark County Sheriff’s Department, Indiana State
Police, Clark County Coroner’s Office, Clark County Emergency Management, Clark County Health
Department, Clark County prosecutor’s office, Jeffersonville, fire, Indiana Attorney General’s office and
Indiana’s Department of Homeland Security. Pandemonium, it sounds like an otherwise often discreet
or location a funeral home that when you drive past you either a look and just admire the beautiful
lines in the grass or be don’t look at because you think that you might die if you do look over there.
So it’s very subtle nonetheless, it’s definitely not in this instance on this day. All agencies had little to
say when contacted, other than to note that the police are working with the Attorney General’s office
and that the investigation is in the early stages
think it’s good that law enforcement though have their one priority and that one priority is said over
and over is to identify all of the remains and hopes to provide the families of the loved ones with
some sort of peace and comfort if that can even be possible at this time. I can’t believe it got to this. Why? Of course. Langford funeral homes website disappears Facebook disappears. Poof, custody of
these bodies and cremated remains are still with the Clark County Coroner’s Office. And I think it’s
important because I know that we have listeners everywhere. Anyone with concerns or information
about loved ones or who had entrusted care of one of your family members or a family members
friend to Lankford funeral home, please contact the coroner’s office 812-285-6282 And also if anyone
has additional tips about this, please contact Jeffersonville police 812-285-6535 It is very important.
Of course it is. And then we hear stories like individual stories of loved ones, and this is per WLK y a
new station and they ran this story and report on a family member and her name is Nicole and after
her remains were transported to Langford. Nicole’s parents spent several weeks reaching out to the
funeral home, requesting to pick up their daughter’s ashes. But the family the parents said that each
time that they called and made the request, an excuse was given from the funeral homes owner
Randy Langford. Nicole’s parents went on to say that Lankford has engaged in fraud, breached his
duty as a funeral director and that his actions have resulted in the intentional infliction of emotional
distress I I can’t fathom in my brain. And if that isn’t enough there was a police officer involved
shooting where three officers and to Canine off officer were killed in the line of duty. It started officers
went to this man’s house and I will never say such name on Main Street. It’s 15 minutes from the
Preston Burg area and they went just to serve an arrest warrant when I say just of course an arrest
warrant is important. And it’s dangerous. And this cat opens fire with a rifle. 7pm Kentucky State
Police were called to assist officers from precedent Berg department and agents from the Bureau of
Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives London and Ashland offices. Those are cities in Kentucky
also went to the scene. And this scene, the standoff lasted three hours or so. And the idiot surrenders
at 10pm. Bullet holes are everywhere. Police vehicles and the deaths of Floyd County Sheriff’s deputy
William Petrie of former state trooper and Prestonsburg police captain Ralph Fraser, a 39 year law
enforcement veteran they were pronounced dead. Early Friday, Jacob che Finn’s a canine officer and
patrolman for Preston Burg. Police died Friday evening after succumbing to his injuries. This
gentleman was just beginning his career in law enforcement I can’t think of a more exciting time is he
probably grew up always wanting to be a police officer playing cops and robbers just got out of the
academy just did his ride along for the obligatory three months I’m sure I think is what it is in
Kentucky. And this happens and he chose the community safety over his own and he loses his life and

last but not least a police canine named Drago German Shepherd who che funds handled was also
killed three officers and a police canine there are other officers that are shot. Don’t want to just
sweep past them because they too are committing themselves to protecting you and that’s deputy
Darren Lawson of the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office. He was shot Floyd County Mason see deputy
Deron Lawson of the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office was shot in the leg and then Gary Wolf, a constable
for district one was hit in his eyes as well right eye is now blind because he chose your safety over his
it’s really sad that all this is happened in Kentucky. Tuesday was an emotional funeral service for
them. I can’t imagine sitting in that center listening to William loved law enforcement he loved the
job. He loved the people. A friend said during the eulogy for his longtime friend he is a hero and I
know he will never be forgotten. And if you didn’t already know this shooting is likely Kentucky’s
deadliest incident for law enforcement in 100 years. The funeral itself dozens of uniformed law
enforcement officers gathered at the Preston Berg’s mountain Art Center. Media everywhere. Live
streaming the event. Local news stations the spectacle really if two incidents could not be more
opposite The funeral director failed 31 loved ones. No, no, the funeral director failed 47 loved ones.
The law enforcement community, community as a whole families of the loved ones who to devoted
their lives to care in a far different way. Of course. The funeral directors of the area tasked to honor
the lives of those lost to accommodate the droves of officers from outside agencies coordinate,
facilitate organize all the tasks. They shouldn’t have had to. But they must. And that, my friends is
why incredible people are needed to assist in serving and loving incredible people. The job of a
funeral director is a sacred job burying of the dead is recognized by many faiths as a corporal works
of mercy or one of the most honorable and selfless acts that we can offer to someone. It is such a
responsibility. When I take so very serious this episode angers me, it ends with through the anger.
There is a person or persons in this community specifically who stand tall and put their backpack on
and allow the weights and rocks to just fill that backpack and they will carry it just to lighten the load
for so many grieving families and agencies, if only just a little bit
I don’t know why people do what they do. I can answer why I do it. I do I do it. I do because I believe
that you are worthy and deserving to be cared for and someone asked me on Tik Tok at Nathan
Morris music they asked me well, if you are exposed to grief and you are open that it causes a sense
of anxiety and stress and depression and you have therapy for why do you do it? It’s probably the
same reason that these law enforcement officers who died and the law enforcement officers who
were injured and I’m not comparing myself to the brave women and men don’t think that but the act,
they knew they were subjecting their bodies
to danger to hurt. But they chose their neighbor over themselves. And that is why I do what I do.
Kentucky has had a wild couple of weeks tragic weeks, community is needed. There needs to be a
rally. Call someone and tell them that you love them. Call a funeral home and just tell them hey, I
appreciate what you do call a law enforcement agency and just say thanks.
Thank you. Thank you for what you do. community matters August 6 at the Plaza. That is why we’re
doing what we do. We believe in community because that builds strength, connectivity, and it builds
us up. You should follow me on all the socials at Nathan Morris music on Tik Tok at Nathan Morris on
Insta at Nathan Morris on Twitter at your bedtime podcast on Insta. You know all those places and

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