Ep. 146 – The Story of the Show

You’ll die trying contain sensitive subject matter and conversation surrounding death and dying
and may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is respectfully advised.
It’s you, it’s me. It’s ytt. It’s season two, Episode 146. And I mean, you right here because I’m
overcoming resistance. If you’ve read this book, I encourage you to it’s called The War of Art.
Thank you, Brent, the producer of this podcast and every podcast, which is, of course, brought
to you by big turkeyfoot, BTF, big turkeyfoot, coffee, delicious, brown brew, get you a bag, get
some swag over at Nathan Morris, The War of Art resistance, you have a sick kid,
you have a deadline. Of course, the sick kid can prevent you from meeting your deadline. And
that is a valid excuse in reasoning. And you’re always going to have a valid excuse, or an
excuse for that matter to like, not do this podcast, for instance. I mean, I have a rehearsal
dinner tonight and a wedding tomorrow. And I haven’t seen my kids in 44 days, not really that
long. But that is the resistance. And it is with us every day, every night forever. And always.
And that little voice in us that draws us that makes us long to complete something to do
something. When we can overcome that resistance can overcome the fact that my schedule is
jam packed or that the kid is sick. It’s the record the podcast. That’s my challenge to you.
Recognize resistance, fight it, beat it, you win every time if you do. And then you become very
disciplined and also read that book, The War of Art. It’s incredible. That’s what I’ve been up to.
And of course, I want to acknowledge our incredible friends at EFF expressed funeral funding
working tirelessly on the back end, assigning proceeds from insurance policies, so that on the
front end, the most important and families can gather and celebrate create a fitting celebration
with the funeral director and not have that looming balance do right. That is the benefit and
blessing that eff offers and family financial freedom to be able to gather grief, celebrate
someone so deserving of. So on the back end the other end, eff can work with insurance
companies. Thank you eff for supporting today Tronic. Resistance, don’t resist, acknowledge it,
accept the fact that it exists and it always will but overcome it because it is overcome it but
we’re going to tell the story today. The story of the show, The Show you hear about all the time.
Normally I plug it right here, but there’s no need to because we’re gonna talk about it right
after right after the fact that I tell you that you’re there trying. There’s a show that pulls back
the curtain it takes down the walls brick by brick and exposes the true hearts of those who are
caring for those who love most resistant. I was visiting Butler funeral home in March of 2022.
Larry Wilson, who has been a staple in Edmonton and has been the deputy coroner for as long

as forever receives a death call or first call for a death that happens in the middle of nowhere
on the top of a hill outside where the spring is starting to spring up. They’ve been cold. And
now it is not. We pull up to the scene and it’s packed with Kentucky state police and sheriff’s
and local law enforcement and EMS and Larry being the deputy coroner the rule is once the
coroner arrives on scene and they of course take over the scene, meaning literally the state
police and other law enforcement officers are turning to the leader of the scene which is the
coroner. It’s a young individual come to find out and the young individual took their life, the top
of the hill on a gravel area. They got out of their vehicle and took their life because of COVID
because of all that code What had taken from him and his family and his family’s family and all
of those that he interacted with, had a kid a child, a baby, that he didn’t feel as if he was a man
enough to take care of them because he didn’t have a job he had been laid off, because so
many people lost so much during the pandemic, and businesses were having to lay people off
because they didn’t have the funds to support them. And what does that do? There’s a ripple
effect. I think there’s a lot of other nuances, but I had to write a record I had to write,
to simply cope with the pandemic and all that it was creating an offering to my team and my
family, I had to get it out somewhere. So I would write and I was writing, and I was turning what
I was writing into the songs of the past two years that we released on May 28, the song called
yet get it on Spotify. You know, go listen right now on Spotify, or Apple music or whatever. And
we’re introducing these these tracks, these tracks that were inspired by the loss that we’ve
experienced the loss that this young man consequently took his life, for having a loss. So wrap
all that in a ball, I have this record, I have this music, and then I’m seeing all of this grief around
me, I’m experiencing it myself. And this idea for the show, August 6, that the plaza tickets are
on sale right this second Nathan Morris, I’m getting to the heart of why we wanted
to create a sense of community at this point, the pandemic we’re on the tail end of and all of
these restrictions are lifting. So now the funeral home, specifically speaking, being in Glasgow,
Kentucky, AF crow Butler funeral home, a sigh of relief, no more, hey, I’m sorry, family, I know
there’s so many who love you yet, we can only honor 10 of you to come in which 10 are going
to be that’s literally what happened in Kentucky it was 50. And then it was 25. And then it was
10 immediate family members. And then it went to 25. And then it went to 50. And then it went
to 50% capacity, it was just nonstop. And our brains were bogged down and families were
grieving. But we wanted to create an event to say thank you. Thank you for trusting us. For
these last few years during the most difficult and delicate of times. We long for community, we
need each other. Whether you need a lot of friends, or a lot of people around you it’s not a
codependency. It’s just we were meant to have this feeling of being part of something. So we
decided to bring a show to the plaza. And talking about it what does this look like? How do we
go about making it happen? You know, I, I’ve always said let’s do something outside of the box. We can sponsor for k runs, we can sponsor picnics, and those are great. But how do we speak
to the hearts of people, just let’s give them a positive event to go to where they can enjoy
themselves and not expect to give anything in return. Meaning they can just go, you know,
relationships are transactional whether you know they’re hugs or encouragement or that’s
literally how relationships work. We just wanted everyone to be able to gather and leave having
felt as if they were served. My mentor says anything you should do the show August 6. Well, by
this time, if you’re a call, I have this entire record. I’ve recorded an entire record as a way as a
means to cope because of what I’ve seen experience seen others experience all this loss and
the moment on the hill, with all the state police and sheriffs and other law enforcement officers
agencies tending to this loved one who succumb to the grief they were experiencing because of
the pandemic, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline was where my heart was drawn toward.

We deserve to know that there are people who we can trust and call upon and rely upon in our
darkest of time. And our and for all the people who pick up that phone What a brave and
powerful moment and we want to make sure that people are able to continue to answer. So
100% net proceeds will benefit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to which I will also add
the new number is simply going to be 988 Because people need to be able to get in touch with
those caregivers swiftly. So 988 will be the number and 100% of net proceeds will benefit the
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
So my mentor talked me into Hey, we’re gonna do this show. You’re gonna do this show AF CROW
Morris family and a buku of other incredible profession. Companies within the profession Live
Oak Bank title sponsor, Eff, of course coming through and clutch thanks to them and bass Mala
and messenger and independence bank and Tokyo’s and all of these other companies within
the profession but also local and state and national people within our field are showing support
and community which is really nice to see. But even outside of that you have what is this all
about? I mean, I did just interview with Entrepreneur Magazine. That’s really, really cool. You
just don’t hear about musician mortician you don’t tick tock is blown up. All of these things are
just starting to unfold. We’ve brought in anthem lights for this show August 6 at the Plaza.
Tickets are on sale, we offer this VIP package again because of tick tock and everyone wanting
a tour well, on August the sixth, you’re getting a tour of AF Crow funeral home by yours truly,
which there are a few tickets still available. Again. If you are a business, then be sure to buy a
block of gift them to your friends, tax write off 100% net proceeds will benefit the lifeline.
That’s why it all came to fruition because of grief. And ironically enough, it will culminate with
community and joy. And hopefully, you having an experience. And this is the coolest part.
Really the coolest part. I mean, it’s going to be a spectacle. It’s not a you know, Uncle Fester
bringing up trailer from the tobacco field. And we’re gonna stand and have a P haul those are
great and all but the plaza theater is this historic venue and it’d be 1000 Friends packed in
there. And we have created this incredible show. It’s really special the heart that has gone into
this the intentionality. And lastly, this is the coolest part. In the very beginning when I was
working on my music. We were in Nashville and I’m working with producer Nathan Walters and
his wife aina. And then they have this birthday party. They have a birthday party for Ina and in
their backyard. It’s all amazing because of course, they’re creative and there’s lights and at this
birthday party are Israel and Lauren and Jacqueline and all these people. This is a decade ago.
And all these people have come back together and are creating a show experience alongside
me the visuals, the lights, the sound. Everything 10 years ago in the backyard, we realized our
hearts aligned. And a decade later these hearts have come back together to create such a
really magnificent, incredible, meaningful experience show experience. That is why that is the
story of this show that we have been promoting for months now. When the curtains close well,
when the show is over curtains tend to close when you die and your last breath has been
exhaled from your lungs the curtains of life have closed and what will you be remembered for?
You can give tissues and pens and bags but experiences are the things that are created and
cannot be touched. They are the things and reasons why you spend for your family 1000s of
dollars to go to a theme park just to sweat profusely get rained on and miss the parade. We
long for experiences. And when you think intentionally and you think inclusively and are
attentive, incredible things come of that

August 6 at 7pm at the Plaza theater, Anthem lights and myself Nathan Morris will be providing
experience for the community. For all those who are in attendance, we hope and we know will
leave knowing that they are loved and served and cared for and leave entertained. 100% net
proceeds benefit the lifeline 988 will be the new number. The why is at the beginning of this
show, I believe that people need to know that they’re worthy to be cared for. Tickets are $20
for general admission $100 For the few VIP that we have left we have these amazing VIP swag
bags that are going out as well. Okay, that’s my cue. Go to Nathan Morris get you a
ticket right this second if you cannot attend personally, but you want to contribute to this
amazing cause, buy some tickets and give them out to someone or someone’s who you love if
that is what you so choose to do. I look forward to seeing you all on August, the sixth than
before. Then you can see me at Nathan Morris music on Tik Tok at Nathan Morris on Instagram
at Nathan Morris on Twitter You’ll Die Trying podcast on Insta again a commercial There are some amazing new teas that just came out. Yeah, I wear my own merch.
Don’t make fun of me. I can do what I want. I don’t want your life. There you have it the story of
the show. a culmination of two years and a sunny, sad 10am phone call. You’re worthy to be
loved you’re worthy to be cared for. I can’t wait to share with you what we’ve been working so
hard for. Until 147 See ya.