Ep. 148 – Shine Your Shoes and Let’s Go

You’ll die trying contain sensitive subject matter and conversation surrounding death and dying and
may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is respectfully advised.
Hi, the irony
Hello Trier’s, it’s you and it is me. This is why di t season two episode 148 of you’ll die trying
this morning.
That 530
I woke up, I wake up that time, every morning that the sun’s out, of course, the sun beams into my
window. Now, there are shades however, there’s this crescent portion of the window that’s not
covered. So during the summertime, it just hits just right. Because I lay on this side. Suns in my eyes,
I am awake. And I because my brain is filled with all of the to dues especially with the upcoming show
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I was on it. I mean, I started listening to a crime podcast. Like 540 In the morning, got showered, got
And then I started to construct a text message.
Now if you follow me on

my community that is literally just text me 270-456-4058 Again, that’s 270-456-4058 That is me.
Literally you text me. Nemo three.
Job for previous episode. We’ll get to, we’ll get to the text. The irony of today.
season two episode 148 of y’all die trying a podcast which against the profession pulls back the
curtain and takes down the walls, brick by brick and exposes the hearts the true heart
of those who are caring for those who love most
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the text message, it’s real.

Sitting looking at my phone I’m wide awake. I’ve been awake for a while and I always start a morning
in my brain today’s gonna be an incredible day. It’s actually one of my signature lines when I walk
into the office, the warehouse. Yeah, I’ve pinned my office, the warehouse I say today’s gonna be the
into the office, the warehouse. Yeah, I’ve pinned my office, the warehouse I say today’s gonna be the
best day ever. And I mean it I believe wholeheartedly we speak things into existence. So I was having
a positive thought and I wanted to share that with my community. And so if you text me 270-456-
4028 You’re gonna get these positive text messages.

And this is how this one went.
This morning I was thinking, oh my gosh, look at where things are.
I wrote
to everyone, we have 360 or 70 friends here and I wrote to each of them, you might be one of them. I
say good morning, never stop doing what you love. It may not make sense to people. And because of
that, you’ll hear every reason why you shouldn’t do it. If it warms your heart, blesses people along the
way. Keep going. You have to love to you have an amazing day.
Did I texted that first thing this morning and the response from all of you, I received them. It’s so
awesome to see you too. Thank you have a blessed day. I really needed to hear that. It’s amazing.
Thank you for the motivation, heart, heart, heart, heart, you are amazing. That feels good. You know,
when you can fill someone else’s love tank. I know I love my love tank filled.
And the irony of all of it is
I didn’t intend to go there. But I’ll go there. Our profession doesn’t.
Our profession doesn’t want anything shared. It’s too sacred.
You see, the
posting of videos of educational videos of reverent educational videos

is not
is not
appreciated by many. It is said that our profession is sacred or
we don’t talk about what we do.
To that I thought immediately when I hear or read that I think so when someone asks you what do
you do for a living? Do you just stare at them blankly
and as far as sacred is concerned,
so is the church and pastors, priests, ministers, rabbis. They are proud of their serving the church now
raised Catholic Of course you don’t talk about what is stated in the confessional. The holiness of the
confessional remains, of course holy, however, the reverence in which I speak of the confessional.
I can speak to it lovingly kindly, and the
possible mess or ugliness or sadness that is spoken behind the veil
and private can still remain that so that on the other side, the family members of the Confessor
aren’t heartbroken, aren’t uncomfortable,
aren’t mortified.
I was raised watching TLC,
trauma life in the ER, I remember I think this was in the 90s or early 2000s I turn it on TLC channel 57
And it wasn’t uncommon to see this
Trokar aspirator sucking out you know blood as this surgeon attempts to save this gunshot victim
chaos is being captured on camera, the brilliance of the doctors and surgical techs and nurses and

chaos is being captured on camera, the brilliance of the doctors and surgical techs and nurses and
nurses assistants and everyone in the room
is captured.
It was incredibly magnificent, overwhelming, impactful, educational,
comfortable, comforting to know that there are brilliant minds ready at a moment’s notice to tend to
my body should it need tending to. Now my mother.
She couldn’t bear witness to that she couldn’t watch that show because of her being queasy, because
of her not wanting to know so what she did was she skipped channel 57 no harm no foul. She did not
write TLC. She did not scream or shout.
It wasn’t her desire to know.
Social media has this beautiful, beautiful ability to bring people together to create a community to
allow people in to allow people to be educated and to realize the hearts of those who are caring for
those. I am so proud of you fellow funeral directors. I really am and the seasoned and senior directors
who have paved the way I am honored to be in the company of and I listen I
Listen and focus and mm, attentive to the words said it is beautiful to learn.
I believe that everyone has a seat at the table. I really do. And just like my mother skipping the
the women that
are in
the videos on Tiktok or myself and my videos at Nathan Morris music on Tik Tok, explaining
the reverent

care to a body the reverence service to a family, the selfless heart
kind it all
has magnificent to see and comments, and I screenshot them all the time. If you have commented, if
you have said something if something has impacted you in a positive way, I’m pretty positive in my
photos on my phone. I have screenshots I mean, hundreds. My husband died a few months ago and
your videos put me at peace knowing
that someone cared for him that much.
Or my brother was cremated. I wondered what happened. This video brings so much comfort to me.
Or the video about the baby’s casket. Oh my gosh, the baby’s casket fellow directors. It is. It is the
heaviest of caskets and everyone was saying that over and over and over again. 1000s 10s of 1000s
of comments, parents who’ve lost children are commenting and they felt and feel a sense of
As they continue to grieve their baby and see a director just someone insert your face, insert your
neighbors face your fellow co workers face. You all care just as much. And they know that they truly
know that isn’t about it isn’t about tooting my horn. It’s about tuning the professions horn in all
Tick tock just so happened to happen. Everything that I’ve done before is the same thing that I do.
Now. Haley was just off to the side and filming a video of me talking to high schoolers posting
unbeknownst to me, truly, and it going viral because it resonated. And then, the moment I realized it
resonated, the intentionality continued, maintained, it is maintained every day. Our profession is one
of the most beauty. It is an appointment by God.
Very burying of the dead waking up. One sleepless night perhaps and having upon your heart this
immense desire to serve the bereaved. It is not a fad. It is not a temporary feeling it is life. Until we
breathe no more as funeral directors it is what we do. I’m proud of it. I’m proud of you. And I want
people to know I’m proud of and I love the thought of educating.
reverently. I believe in what I do. I truly do and I believe in educating.

Now, if you wish to continue and flip through the channel, that’s okay. There will never be more than
Now, if you wish to continue and flip through the channel, that’s okay. There will never be more than
PG. And words matter. Conversations Matter. Friendships matter. legacies matter. I’m proud and very
much aware of the responsibility that has been placed upon me. Who am I? I’m Nathan. But I’m
Nathan. I did it. Anybody can do it.
Anyone, you make a choice.
Make a choice to make a positive difference in the lives of others. However you do that. It’s up to you.
And that’s beautiful.
Continue to be intentional. Continue to bring hope, value comfort to those who are seeking it until I
breathe my last breath. I choose you every day every night. Regardless if you choose me in return. I
am aware that some will not choose me and some will not choose you. And that is okay. One of the
most beautiful things that I’ve ever been told in my entire life to actually
Day one, Dr. Carol. I looked at him one day. And I said, I’m sorry, I let them down. His response was,
it was not your responsibility to hold them up in the first place. Second, my mentor dropping him off
at the airport, he said to me, he looked at me, I was sharing some heaviness, because you will have
to realize,
I’ve kept my head down.
For 10 years to grow this company with those I serve alongside to offer exceptional experience
exceptional care, we have continuously pushed forward, that doesn’t go without noise, negative
noise, even. And my mentor said, it would be ignorant of me to think that I am someone who should
live a life without struggle, that I am entitled to a life without struggle. Who am I to think that if
something is worth pushing for pushing the envelope for pushing forward and past and through noise
and over hills and bumps, we will experience struggle? It would be ignorant of me to think otherwise,
those two statements have profoundly impacted my life and the way in which I serve and this
profession, this profession has this most beautiful way. The directors, those who work in the four walls
of the home, that you drive by every day and night to meet you where you are in your most delicate,
darkest vulnerable of times. And they we are incredible at it.
And yet, we are arguably the least incredible at meeting our fellow directors, where they are. I want
to learn. I never want to stop learning. And I hope that you don’t either. You know, you make plans
and then life happens while you make plans. And then a podcast happens you come into the studio
before you fly to Denver, Colorado and

all of a sudden you have this epiphany.
Speaking of Epiphany, not only do you have those but you also have brand new merchant Nathan
Morris Yes, head over there. And actually, you can wear my head, my face. I mean, who
wouldn’t want to?
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Be kind to people leave a seat at the table.
And if you’re gonna
make noise and say that what someone is doing is wrong. Well, how about you reach out to them and
have a personal meeting or
do something about it?
do something about it