Ep 25 – Mundane Monday

Oops. Your phone on silent

sure is good job. I I think we should start this our 25th episode with a break into the social media community and I think we should read the mean tweets about us.

Okay there aren’t any exactly how do I say that?

I think that’s a sign that you’ve made it when they’re mean tweets and then you get to be recorded and video reading them and laughing or self self deprecating Lee. I don’t want to invite mean tweets. Oh, I

was getting ready to invite everyone to mean tweet.


as a man hey So welcome, everyone, this is you’re trying I am Jonathan Carroll. I’m Nathan Morris. And you can visit us on your favorite social media platform. Instagram, you’ll die trying podcast. Facebook, you’ll die trying Twitter. You’ll die trying podcast. And you’ll die trying

and forward slash you’ll die trying

Yeah, exactly. Yes. Don’t forget you can support us too, which will believe me definitely improve the quality of your content. Because right now we’re working on rice and beans. And rice. It’s fun. So welcome, Nathan. How are you doing?

I’m good. I’m fresh off the boat. Have a new baby.

Tell everyone about your news.

Yes, everyone. My wife Megan and I are proud

almost said owners proud owners of a new acquisition.

We’re proud parents to our third boy Navy, Scotland. Morris born on December the fourth at 11:49am. weighing a big whopping eight pounds. He is pretty awesome. super chill. It’s beautiful. Totally different and fun. The first two came 1010 and a half months apart from each other. So I knew nothing the first time. I carried that over for a second. And this one after three and a half years. I kind of have down pat. So now I know what I’m doing. It’s far more fun. So thank you very much for everyone. Dr. Carroll posting that photo. That is our boy if you haven’t, yeah, going on Facebook. Yeah, please check it out. He’s beautiful. As are all babies being biased, of course, but He’s great. He’s great. Do you think babies are pretty? I think babies are great. I think they’re super cute. Yeah. I mean, it’s pretty perfect.

Then something terrible happens to us. Yeah. Pretty much. Yeah. Not to us, though. We’ve managed to keep the innocence. Yes, I mean,

me. Okay. I was gonna say about you. You mean not? You? Pretty much. Yes, babies are awesome. Shout out to all you mamas new mamas and daddies out there.

So yeah, absolutely. Congratulations, Nathan. And Megan. Man, we love you. It’s fantastic. So you are getting back into the swing after a paternity leave of exactly two and a half hours.

Two and a half hours. Yeah. Yeah. I actually took to Tuesday when I took Tuesday through Sunday off but to be with Megan and the boys and it was awesome to kind of unplug. Totally had cabin fever. Got out what took the boys to get doughnuts on Sunday had like donuts with Dad day. We walked down to the donut shop and it was so packed that the boys looked at me and they said let’s go. Let’s go. So we drove around, listen to Christmas music ate some doughnuts. And then I started getting start crazy sunday night ready to be back. Glad to be back in the saddle.

So we are coming to you in the studio on a Monday. And Monday’s mean things to people, right. What does a Monday mean to you?

Me It means opportunity. I love Mondays. I’m all about Mondays. However, it’s crazy cesspool of mess. Crazy.

A mess pool, mess pool. It’s a disaster. Mondays are just this Monday. No Mondays. Yeah, always.

You can’t ever connect with people. They’re playing catch up themselves. It’s a it’s a it’s a crazy show.

Sunday evenings around 7pm. You said evening, I start to feel the Monday coming. It’s not that I dislike Monday. It’s that I have to adjust to the concept of Monday.

Have you ever counted how many notifications like slid your phone screen down to say okay, this is what I’m coming into tomorrow. I used to do that. But oh you do? anymore?

No, that sent me into a deep spiraling depression. Because, you know, you get for so many years decades, two decades, I did not have a weekend, a proper weekend because I worked on Sundays every week, with a few exceptions annually. So now that I’m Monday through Friday, I have my weekends, man, I protect that like to the nth degree. And it’s so great. I don’t think there’s anything better than a Friday night. Except for that I’m exhausted. So you know, that the, like, 9pm? Or is the new midnight, like, when you’re my age? You’re like, 9pm Holy cow. Totally time to go to bed. And they made it baby. Yeah, they said that, you know, like, life gets reversed. You end up sneaking out of parties to go home instead of sneaking in a home to go to parties. And so I’m I love Friday nights, although I’m exhausted. There’s nothing better than a Saturday morning. You text

guys, gals. Dr. Carol texts me onset. Dr. Carol texted me on Saturday as he eats his chips. And he’s in bed still. He says it’s like 930. Was it 939 ish.

It was 930 in sometimes, namely Central

930. I’ve been up since four with the baby maybe probably later than that. But still, nonetheless. You do love your weekends?

Well, because I have to write an article that appears every other Saturday in the paper. It’s due Thursday night. So I write it Friday morning. Well, is this real? Yeah, this is real. So it’s due on the the feature editor’s desk by close of day Thursday, but you don’t ride it till Friday. Yeah, so I know that the feature editor doesn’t get in before probably 9am. So I tend to get up at four Friday morning. Well, because my first client is always at 7am. So I will write from four to six. So that happens every other Friday, which means Saturday morning, I’m beat because I worked all day Friday, and I’m exhausted. So we have a ritual of waking up only when we have to. And then I will get up and get joy coffee. And while the coffee is brewing in the Keurig This is not a paid advertisement. I’ll go out to the front of our house and get our paper and bring it back in with the coffee and the paper. And then that is like our most precious time because all the girls are really they’re still sleeping because they’re most of them. Three of the four of them are older, and they like to sleep until almost bedtime. So we will stay in bed and read the paper and drink coffee. And

now how old are you again? I’m using 372 Yeah, 72

I’ve been training to be trying to drive social security. When I was growing up. My sister said that I was an old man. I dress like an old man wore knit ties flat bottom knit ties to school.

I learned that ties. Does that make me old? No. I was like 12. I was 12. To school. Did you work as a school? No, I did wear a uniform though. Oh, you did? Absolutely. I

didn’t. That was choice. Yeah. Everybody else was wearing collared shirts on, you know, open, we had

gencos the jinko phase, like 20 inch open. bottoms. It was ridiculous. Anyway, my Sunday ritual is pretty crazy, too. I can understand that. Because I get a little anxious. Mm hmm. Because there’s no there’s no sleep. There’s no rest for you. You just choose to put your phone under a pile of magazines, maybe. But for us at the in the world of death care, like brandy called yesterday, she needed assistance, because she’s been insanely inundated and overwhelmed with number of families in need. So she asked for my help, which I’m glad to help. So you know, Jason gets in and involved and we get it all worked out. And then I’m thinking to myself, My gosh, there’s no unplugging for me. I don’t know.

I think our our directors feel that way too. Yeah, they don’t get to really unplug because it they’re they’ve been very busy.

And how do you you know, and then you come in on a Monday. How do you fix that? I can’t I mean, I don’t think as a leader, I can fix that. I guess it’s just my attitude, their attitude towards coming into the new week. Right. It’s an attitude thing.

It is definitely a mentality. Yeah. So yeah, so I’ve been thinking about this for a while, like what do I need to do to change my perspective on a Monday? Well, on the one hand, I think that we should try to have something that we can look forward to about a Monday. One of the things that makes it worse is that local restaurants here in our city, often are closed on Mondays because they were open on the weekend. They are open Saturday so they closed Monday so that they small staff, small owners, they get you know, just the full weekend of Sunday and Monday well. I might want to look forward to having a date night on a Monday because cuz date nights on Wednesday on weekends or you know, they tend to be overbooked tend to run into a lot of people that you know. So then your date night is interrupted by socializing. Yeah, it’s like now we’ve got to talk to a bunch of people we didn’t necessarily want to see right then. So Monday night dates are like, great. But in a town like ours, you got to go out of town for that anyway. But Monday night, everything’s kind of well, a lot of things are closed. So that’s a little bit depressing. And I think that we should try to come up with some things that we can look forward to. So you know, for instance, I like to I like to play racquetball. I’ve played it for years and years. When I was in Virginia, I played every morning with my friend Randy, who after we quit, and I moved to Kentucky, he actually died, which is really sad. I used to play at Princeton played some professors there when New Jersey and I haven’t played in Owensboro, since I’ve been here other than a few times. So I’ve been here, what, 13 years, 14 years, you haven’t played that long? Not on a regular basis, let’s say so I’ve gotten back into it recently. And I love it. Do you ever

like the really high shorts and the high socks? No, no,

no, I wear suit. Because when I was a kid, I dreamed of wearing a suit to work. And I wear a suit to racquetball.

That’d be fun. If you’re dead serious. No, I’m

not. I work with regular gym clothes.

I want you to wear the 1982. running

shorts, running shorts. Yes. With the slit on the side. Yes. Yeah. The like marathon short? Yes. Yeah, yes. Okay.

Well, my Monday, this. Every Monday, we have the Monday meeting. I like those. That’s one way to start. I think it’s a great way to start the day in the week and started off with all the positive things and all they’re encouraging things. I’m gonna I’m a hyper guy. No, yeah. And so I like to be very much enthusiastic. And I think the lists that you talk about, like making a list of things, yeah, Megan’s really good about that. So Sunday night, we’ll kind of together as a family, we’ll create the list of the things that we do both professionally and personally. And I think that that kind of sets your week sets your tone, I think the attitude is pretty crucial. I think I’ve answered the question. Really, you just have this attitude of want? Yeah, what to write?

Well, yeah. And a lot of people find it difficult to change attitude, because, you know, we might be talking about it now. Like, it’s the matter of flipping a switch when there’s no switch to flip. And there’s no flipping like, you just have to make that conscious decision. I don’t want to dread tomorrow, I don’t want to dread this day, I want to look at it differently. So I have this to look forward to. There’s also a thing that people do that they call priming, you know, which is like you kind of ritualized this kind of a prayer or meditation or, or some sort of physical exercise where you’re like, in your mind, preparing yourself for Monday, or for tomorrow,

Amazon’s done such a good job. Because when you said priming I was thinking of I just primed Yeah, I did. I got two day shipping. Yeah, I did that with him with Megan’s gift I did.

So I don’t mean that you should every Sunday night, go on and buy something but do my

thing on Mysteriously, I have a very bad problem. I think I might have talked about this in a previous podcast is TVs.

Yeah, you did mention that.

If someone tells me to not go on to and buy a TV, I literally start to get an itch like someone who has some sort of drug addiction.

Whatever you do, don’t look he’s doing you’re doing it right now.

You am gonna go on Amazon and look at a TV. Have you seen the ad is an 84 inch or something?

I don’t care about TVs.

I do. Why? Why do I like TVs? It’s so weird. That’s like dumb. That’s like saying I like socks. Let’s talk. I do like socks though. See? Yeah, you

have a sled people on sleds. But my socks are.

I can’t see. Oh, I like those. It says y’all. Huh? Well, that’s sweet.

Yeah, they say y’all. That’s sweet. You say southerner? You are? Yeah. What was it from Virginia? We’ve been over that.

I’m from the Midwest. Yeah, we’ve

been over that too. We have so I yeah, I’m not into TVs. I really am not. I’m now I do like my laptop and I like my iPad. My phone

surprised that they work today. I came in prepared. Yeah, you did. But the thing didn’t work

still isn’t that’s not on me. That’s that’s owned by someone else. I guess they’re gonna blame me. Not blaming. That’s okay. Just fact. Just a fact. Yeah, I don’t own this strip. It doesn’t work. But it’s working right now. So I’m thankful for that. That’s another thing to help you cope with a Monday is gratitude. Yeah, have an attitude of gratitude. A checkup from the neck up? Yes. So to look back, like I’m thankful for the weekend. I’m thankful for the things I got accomplished. I was cleaning out gutters last night and until dark it was cold and there was in

the world. A lot of water. I live in an episode of like the Waltons.

I was up on an extension ladder. And my sweet wife sent me a text message from the grocery where she was getting things for our meal that we were going I prepare in our instant pot. More on that in a moment. And I was up on a extension ladder and she was worried. So she sent me a text which I couldn’t get because my hands were in ice cold water is suffer the gutters thought that you fall, she was nervous because I wasn’t responding. So she came home and immediately came and checked on me. And by that point, I was all packed up and done, and it was dark and accomplished. I feel good about anything else.

But if you had hidden from her, and she’s running you, you laid the I thought

about that later. I was like, what if I had like, laid the thing down and I was like, stretching my backyard on the ground lying really still. And that would have really made should have hidden though. Like, just from her. You know, us how fear and anger go closely together? Yes. When my kids would fall and hurt themselves back when I was less mature, like, you know, previous weekend, they would fall and I used to get mad at them. Like, why did you do that? But I wasn’t mad at them. I was afraid I was sad that they were hurt. And that was my response. Yeah, I was a new dad back when I had, you know, young children and a new baby.

There’s no correlation here. Gratitude. Yeah. Gratitude. Have an attitude of gratitude. Well, there’s your Monday, there’s your Monday break down. Let’s talk a little bit about your Wednesdays.

Oh, yeah, we talk about the Instant Pot. Yeah,

yeah, that’s what I was going to say no, it’s not a slow cooker is the one where you push it for, like 10 minutes. I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. I think

that’s I don’t either because it’s new. Okay. And the user guide, you know, is it’s thick, like I just bought a Volkswagen from 1962 and was going to replace the transmission. It’s a huge user guide. Basically, it has this heating element in the bottom, and it’s a pressure cooker. So you put your ingredients in there and you seal the lid and you seal the little Bobby bubble thing at the top that lets the steam out, you seal it. You select your setting, whether you’re going to do potatoes or you’re going to do chicken or whatever, and you put it on the minutes that the recipe tells you to do. And then it takes a minute to pressurize itself. And then it cooks super fast. So we made basmati rice this weekend. And it was fantastic. Like each of the little white rice grains was separate from all the other ones. Normally you make sticky rice, but I wanted to make like rice you get an Indian restaurant where it’s individual rice on top of one another and it does it does that does it perfectly. Mine’s kind of blown. So Joey made this soup last night out in the Instant Pot everything you just put it in there and cook it and it was awesome. Our kids liked it. And they know except for one. She doesn’t eat a lot of fruit real loving. Just for real. Yeah, pretty much. But the others they loved it. Looks good. Yeah, that’s good. So three cheers for the Instant Pot. There’s some great recipes online for that, too. We got a Cyber Monday deal. $200 on sale for like 79. Okay,

was Prime, see, thank you Amazon Prime. This is not a paid spot. But it could be should be will be it definitely should be, hey, we are doing our 20th anniversary code drive. I think this is really important to talk about. Because I think that we get into the hustle and bustle of, you know, trying to catch up play catch up from the weekend. We’re trying to play planning for the week, and all the other things we have going on. And we kind of oftentimes forget that there are people in need other people that don’t have the ability to even, they’re just trying to get by day by day. They’re not you know, prioritizing anything else other than what am I going to eat today. I’m cold. So for 20 years now, this is the 20th anniversary, hey, let me get us some more family homes are doing the annual code draft. And over 26,000 coats have been collected and distributed to men, women and children across the communities that we serve. And this 20th of the 20th year we’re trying to make very special. And by being extra special, we mean getting more than ever coats so that we can get them to as many people as possible we delivered on last Friday, we delivered over 300 in one day. We are over 1000 coats received thus far. We want to get to 7500 for between now and January the fifth.

So 7500

coats that is a very aggressive wow, I understand I am a huge dreamer. And whenever we had this set down and had the marketing meeting on you know, what are we going to do as far as pushing it and making sure that people know about it, we have all these different campaigns coming out the gate, we’re going to be doing some surprise door knocking campaigns and coat Drop Location campaigns. But of course you can go to any Owensboro Kentucky independence bank location, you can go to any of the five locations rooftops that we have and drop in your coat or coats, men, women, children coats, please let us know how we can get them from you if you’re unable to to send them to us. I think it’s super important because again, there are people in need. And I think we need to be mindful of those people.

And it’s important to say to for those of you who might be listening to this and it’s March of 2021


This ko drive is going to happen this year too. And you are welcome to bring whatever donation you have to Haley McGinnis, or any more family home location which you can access online.

Yes, that anyway, I just I think it’s important. You know, it’s this is this podcast isn’t so much. But it is a lie about being better versions of ourselves and I think being giving of ourselves is making us better people because I don’t know about you, but this, you know, the holiday seasons of giving it makes you just there’s so much joy in the air. Right. And I think that dying to oneself is crucial. And making us better people. So anyway, get your coats because I know you have like 72 that are sitting in your closet that you have not worn. How many coats Do you think that you honestly have right now that you have not worn in forever?

I know of two that I don’t wear? Yeah,

I have three. Okay, and I’m literally personally going to give So anyway, I’m gonna come and get your coats from EJ. Yeah, or I could bring them to you. We can. Yeah, we can. Yeah, we could. We could be friends. Maybe for a minute. Okay. Okay. Yeah. What book are

you reading right now? Well, I’m reading I don’t know if I mentioned this in a previous podcast, but I’m a part of a book group. You did tell see. So I’m still reading this book by Elaine Pagels called why religion. And Elaine Pagels teaches at Princeton she is she’s won Rockefeller, Guggenheim and MacArthur Foundation grants. I mean, she’s a genius. And she’s done all of her work. I think I mentioned this previously, in what are called the Gnostic or secret gospels. And so she grew up in California and had a great friend named Jerry, who went on to create a band, and that band didn’t make it. So he created a second band that I talked about this is Jerry Garcia, it is oh my god, no, but I was just assuming she was friends with Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. And then the book is about how she she married the love of her life as a physicist, their first child ended up developing pulmonary hypertension, that’s what it is as a as an infant. And it’s a invariably fatal disease. And dad, I think when he was about six years old, and they ended up adopting a girl and having another child and it’s a beautiful, painful book about the power of faith and magical thinking and the role that grief plays in developing one’s life. And she’s such a phenomenal scholar. So all of that together makes it a really rich read. Why religion? How about you?

I am reading a new book, ladies and gentlemen, there is a new book that has been opened and has been started and as on page 23, at this point, so it is actively happening. Yeah, you’re in it. It is a book called Scaling Up, arguably one of the best books for people, professionals in the industries of wanting to create to scale to scale. Yep. And it talks of there are three types of business people, they’re the mice. They’re the gazelles which you want to be a gazelle. And I can talk more on the gazelle in an upcoming podcast and that I’m still just getting into it. And then there elephants, people who have acquired a established successful business and career and kind of are coasting at this point. That’s called the elephant. So scaling up is a book that, coincidentally enough a new business contact that I have made contact with, if you will, and we were beginning working together, sent that to me as a gift as a way to say, Here you go, let’s go. Nice. So I was very grateful to that excited to learn and read more about it, but encourage you for those of you who are looking to scale. Check out look into scaling up and they talk about Rockefeller in there too. Yeah. So pretty interesting. Yeah.

Amazing story. Yeah. Family. No good for you. Yeah, I’m reading a book. So I wondered if, well, maybe we’ll save that for now. We’ll save that for another podcast. Okay. The thing I was getting ready

this one thing but before kind of like this surprise that we were talking about last couple podcasts ago, that’s

still gonna happen at USC. So it’s on it’s, it’s on its way. We may we may need to save it for after for the beginning of a new year. So

the fourth baby when the fourth baby again. Is there news?

Do you have an announcement? No. Okay. No, because that would be really bad. God bless. Thank

you. Sorry, everyone. Kazoom tight. Thank you, sir.

Do you know that why people used to say bless you,

because didn’t they think that it had a disease? They’re sneezing out disease or demons even


Got another one coming. Okay. Talk. Excuse me. Bless you. Gosh, what are they doing live radio when that happens? Do they can’t mute the mic? Because you know, you

don’t know there might be a little bit of a delay nowadays. Yeah. Or maybe real professionals don’t have body functions while they’re working. It’s true. Speaking of, Oh, there’s another party I have to future podcasts that I want to create with you. So we’ll have to get on that. There’s a lot going on.

There is a lot going on. We got a lot of really exciting things coming up ladies and gentlemen today. whatever day it is, whether it’s Monday or Friday, please don’t make it a Monday. A mundane day if you will. We’ll make it a day where you’re actively going out and you’re seeing how you can be a better version of yourself how you can tackle this day with, with excitement, and will to be better and to be good to other people and be kind to yourself and know that you’re not going to get it perfectly right but just having an attitude of gratitude and a checkup from the neck up as Dr. Jonathan Carroll so eloquently stated.

You heard it here. First or not. You might have might have already heard that.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Unless it’s me.

It’s not this one’s Oh, this

is all on me. Dr. Carroll.

We are grateful. Great, man. We’re grateful for you for listening. Make Monday, your day, my day mind day, be mindful. Go into it prepared, make list. Be creative. Be proactive, not reactive. Set your goals. Be grateful. Enjoy your life.

You heard it first. Everyone. Have a great day.

Have a great day. I got the last word