Ep 26 – Go to Work

Hear the timer. Go on, cut that out. And we’re live. We’re live where you’re not listening to this live and what does it take to do a live podcast? We can Twitch stream it. Hey, for those of you who are listening and know a lot about it I know John does and we could just go down stairs to ask him. Yeah, but I think I want to make this really fun if those of you who know how to twitch stream and want to I could Google it too. It’s not as fun. It’s not as fun Hey, visit, outsource this. Yeah, let’s do this. So go to forward slash you’ll die trying and once you write to us and let us know what do we want to know what to do to be able to live podcast this? Did I interrupt you? I’m sorry. No, no, you know, it’s okay. That’s okay. It’s okay. It’s not okay. Let’s get that out. Go ahead and grieve it. While he’s doing that. I’d like to say we think it’d be fun to live podcast, I think it’d be great for us also to be able to receive like questions coming in through Twitter, or Reddit, which I don’t even know what that is. And, like, respond to questions, Live, a live podcast where people can tune in, by the way, thank you all for listening. I can’t believe what kind of growth our podcast is experienced. The response is incredible. We want to have a special thank you to our most recent sponsor of the podcast And yeah, yeah, thanks to anchor FM as well. Yeah. And also we want to say a special thank you to to Robert ich, Robert edge Kentucky Farm Bureau insurance say something about Robert Robert edge. I think it’s really important ladies and gentlemen to have people who who are in your life or in your circle that are taking care of the things in your life the things in your circle more importantly the people in your life and the people in your circle and you gotta be able to trust people. If you are like me and don’t have all the knowledge in the world about insurance you need to have someone who’s reliable and trustworthy whether it’s home life auto think of no other are no further than Robert edge with Kentucky Farm Bureau. He’s an agent and he’s big on commitment. Dr. Carol, do you know his phone number? His number is area code 270-929-4215 Thank you, Robert for your support.

So yes, thank you to all of you who are listening and who are exploding our numbers. Yes. It’s it’s amazing to I don’t know, if you listen to a lot of podcasts or watch a lot of YouTube I think that you do, Nathan, I don’t know if you our listeners do very much. But it’s it’s fascinating to to figure out what makes something work. Right. Like and I mean, by work, I guess I mean to attract the appreciation, gratitude and enjoyment of the public, you know, like whether you are PewDiePie, or Mr. Beast, or Tim Ferriss, or Casey Neistat, like YouTubers, or whether you’re a popular podcaster, like maybe Joe Rogan, or obviously someone who has the name recognition of Katie Couric, those types of things really get a following. And then there are the things that really don’t. I wonder what separates those two, and I feel like that I mean, we’re certainly I’m amazed that we’re so far away from where most people say that we should be by way of our podcasts in terms of what we’re I mean, it’s unbelievable. I’m so grateful. What makes something take off. I think authenticity is a huge reason and a factor in why something takes off, like what is happening right now. What you are personally listening to, and I’m talking to you is to friends to business professionals to fathers literally trying to figure it out. There is no glitter. There are no rules, no Instagram filters on this. I mean, like the couple of podcasts ago, I said, Of course something stupid. And you and I are sitting here laughing at each other because you weren’t paying attention to me. We didn’t cut it out. Right. It was what it was. And I think people find authenticity in a world of fabrication. Refreshing. Yeah. And if you apply that to not only the podcasts, the YouTube channels or anything it is that you are personally involved in professionally involved in, you are going to see a graph which I’m referring to get our podcasts every month. It’s just going through the roof. There’s more plays last month and this month than the month before. And that’s just for T testing. Yeah, it’s so beautiful and I love it. It’s humbling and it’s exciting and a day Is that okay? Yeah, yeah, I think it’s it’s great. You know, it’s something that gives us life and something that we can pour ourselves into. And it’s, it gives us good work to do. Right. And I want to talk a little bit about that, like Nathan in your world and experience and I know in mine, work is important to us, right? Besides the obvious, a paycheck, supporting our families, etc. Why? Why do we do it? Why do we work? Fulfillment? Like, I think it’s ingrained in me in men, even women men have this desire to care for the providers that whatever, it’s, it’s kind of that I think it’s where men find their identity, right? A lot of times oftentimes, we’re not as comfortable finding identity and relationships. So we find it in, in work right activity right now. The sorry, no, do you know you it’s all you know, you’re smarter that’s coming up and utter? How about we Roshambo? Pay rock scissors, shoot, ready? Alright, one, one or two, one? Okay.

Oh, it’s 123. Then she Yeah. Okay, ready? What is that? I might? Oh, you beat me go. Oh, I think that’s not real at all. Yeah, you win.

So you go, you go. Okay, I don’t know what else. I was gonna say that. I think it’s it’s interesting that men don’t. And this is stereotypical. Right? So I’m putting that out there. I recognize that it is not true of all men. But many believe that when they cease being protect productive, they cease to have purpose. That was alliterated, for your listening pleasure, that when they no longer are making something, they’re also no longer making meaning. So that that obviously is not a good part of, of this whole kind of work mentality that if I’m not producing, I therefore equal nothing, I become nothing, I cease to exist. I work therefore I am. That isn’t a great motto. But when we want to do good, when we want to do well, when we want to serve other people, when we want to create, we want to make opportunities, and we want to chase dreams and follow the calling whatever that may be. That I think is a powerful aspect of why we work. Yeah. Brent made a he made a text. Okay, there are two worlds he went on the Google and so no, no, no, there are two worlds colliding right now. And I have to admit, so he made a poopoo is what he said. I’m a dad, Dad, I’m sorry. So he made a poopoo text. The text said, We a couple of podcasts ago, we were talking about how someone said something about how we kind of relate a lot to men, maybe more so than human. Yeah. And I think there was a really cool text that Brent sent me that I shared with you and I think it goes, Okay, timeout. You still digging in a bag of chips. These chips have been here since the last time they’re three days ago. Okay, so the text says, I wanted to pull it up while you chew in the microphone. Let’s do that. Just listen to the sound. And while you’re looking this up, I did. I talked to the person who made that initial comment to me and he was like, Hey, I heard that. That was hilarious. I just want you to know, it wasn’t like a it wasn’t a criticism. It was just acknowledging, Hey, these are two guys. And you know what he was saying that we have? We have gay humor? Yeah, yeah. And I didn’t take it. I want to take it negative. No, no, me either. But I want to talk about like, what is humor? What is guy humor? What is girl humor, because if I could figure that out, I think my marriage would go from a nine to a 10 Yeah, cuz I’m still a guy and I have got humor and joy, like, just looks at me. I want to I want to, I want to, I don’t wanna say dumb this text down. But it’s very personal. And I have not received Brent’s 100% permission to share this. But I will say, it says the audience that you attract, when you’re genuine, is who your audience is. And then basically doesn’t matter who they are. Right? They’re connecting with you because of authenticity. And that connection is real. Right? So don’t be somebody don’t try to be somebody that you’re not like, you know, we’re not know Right? Because I’m I’m hard it’s hard enough to be who you are. Yeah. It really is. So I just think those are some great words by Brent so thank you, buddy for that and yeah, thank you Brent. He’s a he’s a great partner not just in production but in philosophy he and I’ve been for he’s really like he’s really smart super wise to any he’s always sending me texts and thanks for stroking my ego on here so they go Brent well, he Yeah, he’s a good man. And that was funny when they realize that Prince not actually a real human yeah Brent it’s it’s our it’s our AI technology like the movies she know her shit. It’s called her he with Joaquin Phoenix. Did you see that movie? Oh, is it weird? Oh, yeah, like it though. Yeah. I did like, Joey hate it. It’s a movie about how a guy falls in love with his operating system. So we’re in love with Brett. Yeah. So work. Oh, yeah. Tell me about your drive. I want to know about your your personally, I don’t know, platitudes. And you’re just you’re full on. Why are you driven to work? I love singing, I love singing. I love seeing results. I like mowing my yard because I like seeing the lines get lower and lower and seeing how perfectly straight they can be. That’s the kind of stuff that drives me. I love it. I love encouraging people and lifting them up and seeing people have started their day maybe not look like they have like the joy on their face or whatever. But then maybe having a conversation with them or giving them encouragement or excite them something that drives me. paying my bills drives me,

let’s be honest. No, lie to me. Okay, leaving a mark drives me. I really want conversations at the dinner table. Should

they ever happen about me after I’m gone to be that of the positive? If they’re not, obviously I won’t care because I’m better than dead. And being alive. And if people are having positive conversations. My point is, is when I’m dead, I want to have left a mark and to have instilled some sort of I want to have I want a library named after me. I don’t I mean, I mean, no, no, not really. But it would be kind of neat, wouldn’t it? Yeah, you know, like I’ve all these books that I’ve ever had. Yes. Have ever read or read, dedicated to the memory and honored to the glory of God for Nathan Moore’s right, who never will have a special goosebumps section. Never read these as you read this. Those are the one that’s one of your, the Boxcar Children. Yeah, the good news is you’re getting about you’re about to cycle back through those with your kids being the age they are.

I mean, not really. We’re like reading Hello, Bunny, and weird stuff. I don’t know if that’s real, but your older boys are going to get there sooner. Yeah, that’s very

true. That’s very true. Yeah. What’s your drive? What drives you? What drives me to work? My truck. I love my truck. But you know, I making something of myself. I believe that I am not competing with other people who do what I do. I want to be better today than I was yesterday. I want to be more informed, more insightful, more alert, more perceptive. more engaged than I was yesterday. So I’m, I constantly compete against a previous version of myself every day to to make meaning for myself and to help other people see themselves as they really are. I was just thinking while you were talking, what would it have been like if you and I were cavemen? or what have you in our caveman? Like, how would our relationship be like, well, we just throw a lot of rocks and grunt are like, would we hunt for deer together with our communication be just as good as it is now? Or would it

be if we were cavemen we would starve. Between the two of us we would easily be able to catch a fish, right?

I don’t think so. Why? Because we’re not good at that stuff. I mean, I can throw a bow, throw a bow. That’s the way you’re gonna start as a caveman. No one throws a bow. What’s the stick the spear I meant the spear. Again, we could spear frog we go frog Gagan. That’s a real thing. Frog. Speaking of frogs, this brings us back to the topic of work drives, you’ve heard the phrase eat the frog first thing in the morning. Now, I was just telling this to our girls the other day, and they looked at me like you just did. Like I was stupid, because they didn’t understand it. But I think it’s a wonderful concept. So it’s kind of a word against procrastination is a word about proactivity. If you have a lot of things that you have to do, let’s say for instance, at the start of the week, right? You’ve made your list. You know what you have to do this refers to a previous podcast where we talked about Mondays. Make your list, figure out what the hardest thing to do on that list is and do it first. The old thing is, the old saying is if you have to eat a frog, do it first. Because it’s disgusting. Get it out of the way, be done. Move on to something else. Don’t put off the hard thing until later. When you have less energy, less creativity, less inspiration. Do the hard thing first. Get in it while you have all of your your resources at hand. So eat the frog first thing in the morning. Do the hard thing. Get it over with and then with whatever residual creativity you have and the feeling of being accomplished. You’ll do better at everything else that you have to do. But aren’t frog legs like really good. Cook never had them. I haven’t either, but you know what they say? Tastes like chicken. Yeah. Okay, well, does that still positively. Beat the frog first still Yeah, okay, cuz you know it’s a it’s a story. It’s a metaphor. Yeah. It’s not to be a to warm one time in sixth grade for $5. What do you do with that five bucks? I don’t remember. But I really with the worm, I hate it. It’s disgusting. I just drink some water. That’s not, you know, my favorite podcast that we’ve had thus far. A couple of podcasts ago, we we were literally talking and having essentially the executive meeting and the just the way that that felt listening back to that, and just episode 24. How do you remember that? I don’t know. That’s weird. I’m not even good with numbers. And that might even not not be true. But that’s just what I remember. Was that it? I think it was 24. I’m really impressed by that. Anyway, I really liked it. So if you haven’t been caught up on the previous podcast, please go listen to episode 24. And I think we, because before that, we talked about a budget. And then we talked about laughter and fear. And then we talked about grits. Before that nobody talked about a lot of other things that we’ve talked about talked about, how many times can we say talked about work? I want to say a positive word for work. Okay. Not everyone loves their job? No, not everyone has the kind of creativity that they think they deserve. Can I interrupt and ask you? Do you think people who don’t love their job should find something else? Or is that I think that comes from us who feel like we have options. And I don’t think everybody has option got it. And I hurt for those people. Because, you know, options are privileges, and not everyone is privileged. And that that’s that’s a heartbreaker for me. And I see it every day, I talk to people every day, who feel stuck and feel like they can’t get out and the right. I mean, they really they can’t afford to God. However, if you are forced to do what you do, and you don’t have another option, use the time that you’re not doing what you do to do something creative. And that’s even that is really luxury. Because some people work six days a week, 12 hours a day, they have one day off, and they’d like to spend some time with their children or significant other. So what time is there for creativity? Well, maybe there’s an opportunity for you to be creative in your work, you know, where we live, we’re surrounded regionally by a lot of plants and factories. And there are people who are doing plant and factory like jobs, which may not engage full intellectual capacity. But do you do have to be attentive to what you’re doing. But that might free you up to use some of your time to think creatively. If I weren’t doing this, what would I be doing? Or when I if I were to have an hour to myself, What would I like to be doing? Hanging out with my friends going hunting? You know, getting four pictures done with your family spending time with my spouse going taking my child fishing, like, be thinking about that stuff, so that if you’re not able to do it, right, then you’re thinking you’re making a mental list, you’re staying creative, you’re staying positive about what you do. However, what was your question? I said, if people don’t like their job and their work, and they go to church, yeah, should they change? I

think everything is ultimately a stepping stone down there. You know, you’re you’re right. Not everyone has the, the choices, the the ability, nice, sad choices, privilege. Yeah. Well, it’s all you people out there who feel? I don’t know, stuck, I think maybe rewiring that brain. Yeah. And let us know about that. Like, send us an email or comment at Facebook or send us a DM on Instagram, or, or tweet to us about it. Wait, I want to know like, what is it like to be in a situation where you feel like you can’t get out of it, I have to say, even as a person who, who chose the work, there was a time when I did work that I didn’t, I didn’t especially love doing that day in and day out and look for a way out. And it took me some time to find it. And, and thankfully, I did. And I have a lot of, of credit to my wife joy for that, who who saw what I couldn’t see and supported me through making that big leap. But there were times when I didn’t enjoy doing what I was doing and felt very stuck. I used to say to people, and I wasn’t kidding, I didn’t have any marketable skills outside of what I was doing a very thin niche of what I did outside of that I had nothing, you know, and come to find out that was a story. I was telling myself that wasn’t true. And you know, one of the good things about working on yourself as you’re constantly asking yourself is what I’m telling myself accurate, authentic, real true. And I realized it wasn’t. So I changed my perspective. And I ended up changing my life. And like I said, I had a lot of help doing that. So if you’re in that position, let us know. And we’d love to see what happens when you start to change how you think. No, you said a minute ago, though, that you wish. If if your name ever comes up at the dinner table, you would like for yourself to be remembered well, right? Isn’t it humbling to think about the fact that there will come a time when we are not remembered. Yes. Now if you had a library Named after you, like the late George HW Bush 41, who has a library named after him at College Station, which they had wanted it to be at Yale. And Yale said, they thought it would be too well, the Bush family thought it would be too divisive. So he chose College Station, Texas instead. If you had a library named after you, people would be talking about you because they could go and read a plaque about you and there’d be an eternal flame or whatever at your gravesite. But let’s let’s just imagine that that won’t happen for us. When do we cease to exist? And what happens when those who knew us are gone, and the stories are gone, and we enter into the land of the forgotten the home of those people who are no longer remembered, which lies just beneath, as ancient lore has of the land of the remembered? I don’t really think anything happens. Right? I mean, it still is. It still is we just aren’t. I don’t know. So is that profound all the work that we do? Yeah, but it is still all it is not? It’s so awkward or not, right? It’s so important for right now. Yes, it’s good for right now. And also the people just because you are fallen off the the next generation that will be next to be forgotten has not the things that you had instilled in them and passed on to them and the values they had passed on? It is just a cycle that continues, makes me think of? Do you know where the cremation care center is? The property of on the second floor? There’s this corner. Chest, if you will, there were some old things up there that were on top of it. We removed it last year. It’s a big chest filled with like pictures from the 1900s, early 1900s. Up there. Super cool. I don’t know. I have a clue who these people are. Yeah, like it’s all this family heirlooms stuff that have things written on the back of these photos. These are old photos, and I want to show them to you. And it just made me think of these are the people these are the forgotten. Yeah. You know, but they’re forgotten. No more because now there are pictures even they don’t know their names. And I’m podcasting about them. Whoa, it’s pretty powerful. Yeah, it’s really as Yeah, that’s fun. That’s fun stuff. What would it be like to do our work in a way that leaves us remembered? Does it matter to you that you are remembered me? Yes. It’s a pride thing. Maybe maybe it’s a little bit of Marcus almost said narcolepsy. Maybe it’s a little bit of narcolepsy. Yeah, maybe it’s a little narcissistic. It’s true for me too. But I do I want to be remembered. I do too. Just because the work that we are putting in we’re like really trying I don’t know about you, but sometimes it is not easy being good. You don’t know anything about being good? I haven’t. I haven’t started well, yeah. Okay for someone like myself who? who’s always good. Not always but that’s my point. Yeah, it’s not easy. You know, sometimes it is easier to just

I don’t know do what the guy did to you that one time whatever you were in the turn lane, not you the other person and like you send their fingers. Yeah, you’re talking about the road rage. road rage incident episode we talked about road rage and reactivity, which was episode 20. You do realize that when we get into like Episode 100, we’re not going well, you probably still will be able to but queue those up. So 12 You and I wanted to episode about kangaroos because I got a new shirt. That is literally a marsupial. You’re looking at me like this has nothing to do with it doesn’t know. I was checking everything literally. He’s looking at I was checking at a time he’s not paying attention to me. I know. You want to do an episode about kangaroos because you have this shirt about marsupial’s And then it doesn’t. It’s not about marsupials, but oh, it has a pouch for your son. Yeah. And that awesome. Yeah, that’s very cool. Yeah, so instead of wearing the Baby Bjorn, it’s literally in my shower, and I’ll walk around and I just like, do dishes. Take the trash. I don’t take the trash out. It’s cold out right now. But that’s literally my don’t take your trash out when it’s cold. I do but just not with my human. Oh, sure. Yeah, yeah. That’s my view. Anyway, what was I talking about? That you want to do a kangaroo episode? Okay. And that’s we Yeah, we’re showing pictures of the view from above of his son in a pouch that’s built into this t shirt. We’re gonna put this on our Facebook pages because kids are cute. And I’m gonna see if I can get a t shirt like that and I can get joy in the pouch. That’d be so sweet. He be the first that going to get us but okay, what are we talking about? I’m sorry. I that’s much my work being remembered. And I was thinking about it because, you know, I I think I want to be remembered well by my children because I remember my father well, and my father died. When I was a child as a child. I was a teenager I was 1415 it was right around my 15th birthday. And I you know, I remember him Well, he wasn’t perfect. I know that I can be very clear about that there. He was a very much a man of his generation and, and he and my mom worked in the same place. They drove there, they drove back together. But my mom still had the lion’s share of the domestic duties. And so my dad would kind of sit in his chair, read the paper, Tom Brokaw would be on the TV, and my mom would be slaving away in the kitchen. You know, she’d worked all day to so that there are some definite some growth areas that probably could have been discussed back in those days. But he was a good man, really, really good man. And I remember him fondly, and well and have beautiful, I’ll be it. Fading memories of him. And I work I think, I think I worry about that too much. Because I don’t think that I’m as good enough discipline Aryan as a dad. I don’t think my my paternal and parental boundaries are good enough, because I just want to make a good memory, you know, for my kids, because I have so few memories, because I don’t know how much do you remember about your childhood, but I don’t have a whole lot of active memories. If I saw a picture, or someone told me a story, it would bring it back. But on my own, I don’t have a tremendously deep treasure trove of memories from childhood. I do have a memory of that notable event moving forward. My father dies me before I can remember almost everything. Before that not much. So I worry about my kids not having memories. And so I think I go overboard. I compensate. And I’m not as good of a parent as a result, which is really frustrating. But it’s been brought to my attention for several years, that this is the case. So I’m constantly working on that’s not joy. That’s your kids, right? No, that’s Yes, exactly. That’s my kids, you need to be a better parent, you need to have better boundaries and discipline us more. But I realized how much that is connected to my wanting to be remembered well. And and I’m also reminded of how much I think about death. I think about death, constantly. And inevitably, it’s because every child’s nightmare came true for me. I thought you’re sad, because I’m friends with you. Yeah, well, sorry.

No, and I was around death a lot when I was a pastor. And, you know, we’ve talked about that before, too. I think it’s just a part of my life. Interestingly, death is a major part of my life as it is for you too. And when you think about it that way it does it does kind of make light your life make a different kind of sense. The the parameters are clear, I don’t see this fenceless horizon of play field where I can just run, I see a big, gigantic wall. And I don’t know how far out it is, but it’s there. There is no horizon, so to speak, there is definitely an ending. And I think that’s because of my experience around death beginning when I was a child. So I being remembered matters to me, and I want to I want to change that a little bit. I think rather than worrying about being remembered, I want to worry about being known and knowable. Being open, honest, authentic, and being myself 100% And being a good husband and a good father meaning boundaried and, and responsible and mature and having high expectations are my kids and not worry so much about what they’re going to be thinking 20 years from now, but worry about what’s happening right now. That’s my goal. That’s how I need to change. What’s your goal? What is it that you’re striving for? What is your what is your drive, think about that? Write it down. You set a goal isn’t a goal. A goal without a plan is just a wish. There you go. A goal without a plan is just to wish have your goal write it down, think about it day in and day out. And please consider sharing it with us make a plan. Yeah, share it with us. We do want to hear from you. Absolutely. When we live podcast. Yeah. Oh, yeah. By the way figure, teach us how to do that. Everyone. Can’t wait to talk to you all again. Thanks for being with us. Go ahead, have the last word