Ep 31 – Keeping Up With the Joneses

We are friends until we record just saying,

what does that mean?

That means that before we recorded I said let’s record so we can talk.

I’m so confused. I was

saying as Hey, happy New Year Happy New Year Dr ma

This is New Year’s Day. 2019. No, oh my gosh, can you believe that we’re here and everybody else is like hungover or leaping sleeping in? Oh, the ball has just dropped.

Did you stay awake?

Yeah, of course I did. Well, you did. And I did. I did. I really did. And

then you woke up at 330 and wrote your dissertation.

I’m glad you’re seven because

master’s degree.

I do have to write an article for this week’s question. Do I need it? That’s my thing. That’s I got to do it.

I was in bed by 1030.

Are you really? Yeah. Taylor Swift. You have tiny little kids. So they don’t even know. They have

no clue. Taylor Swift’s new concerts on Netflix fell asleep. Okay. Yeah. All right. Came out. 12:01am on December 31. Yeah, you know,

yeah, yep. I’ve already seen it. 10 times. You probably know. Yeah, I’ve got four girls two of whom have seen Taylor Swift twice. They they like that stuff.

Did you go with both hands? No, neither. unsuppressed

joy when she took one for the team. You probably have

a Taylor Swift shirt.

They are Taylor Swift shirts in our home. Yes. Reputation.

The he probably wear

it. When no one’s watching. I’d like to read some fan mail.

Do we have fan mail? That’d be okay. Yes. This is the first ladies and gentlemen I’m hearing about this.

Dear guys of you’ll die trying.

They don’t even address this by name. That’s good. They’re getting ready. Okay.

I wanted to say thank you for offering some quality content on the internet. Dot dot dot for a change. Okay. Mr. Morris. That’s Mr. Morris. Morris. You are hilarious. Your squirrel moments keep me laughing. I think that’s sweet.

Oh, that does make me feel good that my idiot at

idiosyncrasies adscs. Oh, it that’s okay. Keep me on my toes. Dr. Carroll. We appreciate your thinking. Your wisdom and your insight. Keep it up. Can’t wait to hear more. Love. Guess who wrote that? Oh, Nathan Morris. Thank you for that. And you know what, thank you, your compliments are received.

I did not write that. Thank you who?

I like that you referred to yourself as Mr. Morris.

So funny.

Okay, that’s our fan minimum. Let’s have a little question and answer period. Should we take Collins?

No, let’s not let’s, let’s ask the audience. Where do you go if you want to catch up on all of your previous episodes? Where do you go Dr. Carroll.

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I don’t know what just happened there.

I’m enjoying a Lacroix. cran raspberry I just don’t like by the way this episode is not being sponsored. But if it were being I would still be drinking it because it’s amazing.

I just can’t get into it. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I had the one with like the greenish yellow and silver pan. I don’t know what that one was a citrus.

Well, they have a lemon they have alive.

Probably the lemon. I love it. I don’t know. I’ve seen you drink it before.

That’s fantastic.

Have you seen Birdbox on it?

I were just talking about this today. I hear that it’s a little bit scary. Have you seen it? It’s

okay, we talked about it at length. I’m gonna give you a 30,000 million foot view. I’m not going to give you any any giveaways of the story. I think the story is great in the sense of I mean, like, if you think of like big scary, something larger than life, fairytale asked chasing you or taking over something, you could be like, Oh, that’s silly. Well, they do a really good job cinematography is great. The aerial drone shots are fantastic. Did you know that 45 million people have watched it.

have watched a bird box? Yes. Why?

So there are a read the demographics on line. I’m not looking at it right now. Netflix has so many 100 million subscribers, okay. And, and 45 million people have viewed that. And they say the number could be as close to 70 million based upon the fact that obviously more than one person is in a room watching it. So think about that. Think about the box office and you go into the movie theater, and you’re watching a movie and you spend $9 on a ticket and maybe you have a million people watch something over the course of three months. 45 million has been out like two weeks, three weeks. I don’t know that some Yeah.

Well, what are the what’s the Rotten Tomatoes score?

I have not looked at that. But that the Rotten Tomatoes kind of tells you straight up

Rotten Tomatoes. I’m looking it up. Look it up. It looks like it says Birdbox never quite reaches its potential. 65% Well, tomato meter, it’s only half the audience score is 70%.

Well, I’ll tell you right now, Sandra Bullock does a great job. In my opinion. Go stones if you want. And I think she’s never looked more beautiful.

That’s nice for you to say. Yep. Joy now will not be watching this together. Because Joy doesn’t like horror films.

It’s not a horror. It’s not I don’t like horror either. And I watch

probably more a psychological thriller.

Maybe not even that. Okay. suspense, just suspense.

So there are no jumpscares

I’m trying to think back if there’s some scares.

Are there birds in the in the movie? Yes. Okay. I’m not watching it. Like bird. I’m deathly afraid of bird. I’m not afraid of Vertec. Hello. Something happened with your mic there.

Did you hear that? Yeah. I’m sorry about that. Let me I don’t know what happened. So you don’t like birds? Because why?

They’re, they’re unpredictable. They can be in your face. And that’s interesting.

You’re saying this? I’m sure this movie? I’m sure so please. Alfred Hitchcock said it’s not the bang that scares you is the anticipation of the bang and salutely the movie birds I’ve ever seen that by Alfred Alfred his

horse. Not I will never ever see that movie. And I have two parakeets. And they they they leer at me they stare at me when I walk by

that cage is of yours is the cleanest cage ever to tell you thank you because let me explain this. He has a basement. It’s like this nice stairwell down and then you have the cat the cage and the birds are right there and you care them and it’s really nice wood walking down the stairs. And you’re waiting for the odor of like bird and bird poop and maybe bird food to just like hit you and you don’t smell it ever. But you enjoy the sound of the parakeet. So good job.

They have a nice sound. I think we’re gonna once these complete their baptism, we’ll probably end up getting some of those lovebirds.

Does you just well, the birds that you have a really sweet, thank

you. Yeah, absolutely. So

the podcast about Netflix series, I guess that we’ve just started is going pretty well. Right.

I think so. Yeah, I think it’s good. I want to ask you a couple of questions as well. Would you rather share a bed with a skunk or a porcupine? Skunk? Would you rather live in a world where people suddenly break into song or break into kung fu fights song? Would you rather find out your parents are secretly spies or that they are aliens?


Would you rather have a robot made or a talking dog?

A robot made?

Okay. You like dogs? I knew it.

No. I just think could you not imagine a robot made? Hello, Dr. Carol, I see that your underwear dirty again?

Clearly you’re projecting. Yeah, you know, roughly 70% of what people say is actually they’re saying something true about themselves that they don’t particularly like so they’re projecting it onto another person. So

you’re saying that my underwear dirty? I’m not saying anything? No, you’re saying that I’m saying them onto our dirty.

That’s true. I am saying that. I don’t I don’t know what to say. I would like to to hear you reflect a little bit on a topic that you brought up that I thought it would be really good for us to talk

about. I’m fine. Let’s Let’s go. I’m I’m probably nervous about it. Because whenever I say anything. Alright, go. Go for it. You said topic. Yeah, go ahead.

Have you ever heard of the the phrase Keeping Up with the Joneses

Have you ever seen that movie? No. Is it a movie? There’s actually a movie with Zach Galifianakis in it and the other person? Okay. All right. She plays Wonder Woman.

You just you’re talking about the person who wrote recently plays one Yes.

The person who most recently Galaga dot Yes, thank you. She’s in it and it’s a really good movie. It’s funny, keeping up with the Joneses.

Do you think that keeping up with the Joneses that is trying to measure up and keep up with everyone around you, which I think primarily has to do with status? You can correct me if I’m wrong, I think it totally has to do status. Do you think that this is a wise or healthy thing?

No. No, it’s awful. And it’s exhausting. And it’s a real thing. It is literally something that everyone does. Everyone.

Do. You know, it’s a phrase that was made famous by a comic strip in 1913. Keeping Up with the Joneses that was the name of the comic strip. No way. Yep. say so. It’s

obviously been a it was

a it was showcasing a family desperately aiming to keep up with their neighbors who happened to be the Joneses. You got it. Wow. So the the the creator was always making fun of our, our meaning the human capacity to have desire to impress other people. The Comic Strip went 26 years insane. That’s amazing.

I think that neighborhoods quote me on it if you want but I know there are people that live like in close proximity to each other with our old house. Dude across the street had like this razor I don’t know what it’s called. It’s It’s It’s died. And he pulls up with it. You know what I thought in my head?

You know, I thought You thought that your

I want one. Why? I don’t want one on one of those side by sides. I would drive at one time and hate every second of it, because a bug would fly and hit me in the forehead. Want to get rid of it? Yeah. But people do that all the time.

It makes you wonder, this whole idea of keeping up with the Joneses. It makes you wonder like, what’s what’s wrong with your life

and what you have and who you are. Yeah, I don’t know.

I definitely think keeping up with the Joneses is a real thing and has been for a long time. Obviously, this comic strip poke fun at 1913. So it’s probably been around as long as human beings have. But I bet social media has made it such a more dangerous game

dangerous. Do you think it’s me keeping up with the Joneses? Whenever I see someone have a leaf blower to get their leaves out of their yard, and I’m using a measly little break. And I’m like, You know what? I want a leaf blower to maybe to a degree. I have a leaf blower now, and I literally blow my leaves like every day.

Yeah. Every day. No. Is that hyperbole? By everyday? You mean? You’ve done it once?

No, I did it yesterday.

Was that your one time? No, I

did it two days before that. It

would have been so much funnier if you’d said Yes. Perfect. Yes. So I don’t know if that is that. I don’t think you wanting your space to look nice is the same thing as wanting your space to look nice because your neighbor’s space looks nice. And you’re trying to keep up. I think those are different things. Yeah.

Well, we’re trying to think of another scenario.

Well, what brought it to mind for you?

Good question. I was driving down the road. And I saw to be quite honest, and Frank, in my neighborhood, I saw this family pull in to their driveway with a new vehicle. And I thought I would like a new vehicle. Now, that thought stems from we just had our third child of course, he’s four months old. Three and a half, four weeks. Sorry, weeks old, not sorry, baby. He’s four and a half. He’s something he’s he’s alive. This is a nice, healthy, that is a that is my son. He really exists.

I don’t know how old he is four weeks to the day, right? Yes, he’s

four weeks old. He’s a month. I’m sorry. All right. And he has red hair. It’s really cute. We have three child seats, car seats, and we’re trying to figure out like, where are we going to put them? Now Megan has a car. I have a car. And we have a third vehicle which stays at home and Wendy drives Wendy’s our babysitter that drives Anderson and Everett around. Well, now we’re gonna have to put another car seat somewhere. All right, so the thought for just like 3.2 milliseconds crossed our minds to look for a vehicle which that is exhausting, stupid ridiculous. So that’s kind of where all that stemmed from right so there’s the there’s the groundwork and then you See, I’ll do driving into the driveway with his new vehicle. And I’m like, and then I sent you a text about you coming up with the Joneses. So here we are. Yeah, this is good. And my son’s four weeks old. I’m sorry.

Well, I think it’s interesting. And I do, I do want to talk a little bit about social media, because I think that’s a major driver. Now, I think keeping up with the Joneses was one thing back when it was you and your neighbors and the people you hung around with and that that was about it. Whatever you saw on television, maybe I remember there was a report once about how these kids in Iowa, Nebraska, we’re all in kind of this depression. And it’s because their lives did not match the lives of those on that they saw on MTV, when MTV, like the real world, etc, was showcasing a life that maybe 1% of the 1% of the population actually lives. But these people in rural communities were watching it thinking, everyone but me lives that life in that sad. Well, now you have that writ large through social media. And by which I mean primarily that the main platforms that we all, you know that we all use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, although there are others. And it seems like we have moved through the spectrum of wanting attention to showcasing happiness, to flaunting affluence to wanting to create influence. And I wonder if you see that same thing, attention, kind of the pseudo image crafting where happiness is concerned. And then affluence, big trips, spec, cars, whatever, and then wanting to create influence. So now it’s no longer about being happy. It’s being happy to have this new car, not just this new car, but this new particular make and model.

Can you not be happy just to have a new car and then post it and be genuine about it? Look,

I am so happy about my vehicle. And I think most people would look at that and be like, it’s a truck like yeah, let’s not get too excited about it’s a truck. But it’s fantastic. I love it. I love it. Yeah, but it has nothing to do with the making model like it took me forever to even learn that the make is not the make that it used to be like dodge doesn’t make Ram. Ram. Right RAM. Right. I didn’t know about RAM about dodge. Yeah, for the truck line. But it’s a truck. Who cares. I love it. That’s all that matters to me. I don’t care that it’s not this or that or that somebody else has this. I really don’t Is

it bad that you post it though? Post? What if you had posted a photo

and I didn’t know my style? That’s not I don’t know that it’s good or bad. I just think it’s, it’s, it’s interesting, something to consider.

Yeah, I had a friend that posted a new vehicle that they purchased first of the year, really happy for them really admire this, this couple and these individuals, they work extremely hard. They’re grinding all the time to make stuff happen. And they posted a you know, photo of them with a brand new, you know, high end vehicle and that’s great. But it’s great that the the tone of the post was very tasteful. Okay, you know, just anyway, I just was curious. I don’t think I’m not relating them to keeping up with the Joneses, by any means, but someone who’s watching them. You could see them being like, oh, you know, or post a picture. My God

want to do that, too. Yeah. And I think it’s sad that people can’t see posts like that and just be just happy for them. Yeah, clap for them. Yeah, like good for you. That’s great.

That’s what I do. Uh huh.

Yeah, I don’t I don’t have to, I don’t know envy, right? No fear, I don’t need to want that. I don’t want that what they I’m happy that they’re happy. Whatever that looks like for them. The problem though, is that with the reality of, you know, the internet being what it is, whatever what is real, has been distorted. So that, you know, filters, as an example, on Instagram, Instagram, Snapchat, even the phone function. I mean, the camera function on your phone now has filters, right? Which is great. And we all love filters, because who hates to put the phone on the selfie function and you’re looking down at it, you’re like, Oh, God, that’s me. That’s terrible. That’s how the Munchkins see me. And it’s terrible. I’m fine with all that whatever. The reality though, is that what is real has been distorted. And that creates a distorted sense of self worth and value. And that sense of self worth and value is itself diluted. So I don’t think we’re doing ourselves any favors by projecting an image out there and asking everyone to believe that that is true. What’s worse is when you know people personally and you know the reality of their story, relationships, etc. And you know that the reality does doesn’t match up with the social media presence. And you have to wonder why. Why put it out there at all? No one’s asking for it. No one’s looking no one’s like Hey, I wonder how their marriage is doing. And then they go on they put this really sweet post when the reality is they really they don’t like each other very much like Why say anything at all? Just stay out of the game. There’s something though about like, maybe it’s the fake it till you make it idea which does work and surreal, surreal thing? Absolutely. That maybe they think we’ll put this out there. Then we have some innocence, accountability about it. And maybe we’ll work harder. And maybe we’ll be successful because we’ve worked harder because we’ve put it out there that this is who we are. I don’t think people think that way. I think they just think this is what I wish were true. This is what I want people to think is true. And that’s what I’m gonna put out.

I think that that’s that’s the case and when you drive down the road, what do you have to say to people who are listening and they see, you know, a $90,000 Lincoln Navigator pulling out of someone’s driveway and and they found themselves being like, No, I wish I wish I like what are some you know, appreciate there’s so many people that don’t even have a vehicle and are taking like City metro. Nothing even wrong with a bus. I mean, you might be listening to this on your commute right now and and Pennsylvania and on your way since that’s incredible. Have you ever taken the transit system in like a big city? Oh, yeah. In California did that it was awesome. Taking the bus, from from bus to bus. I mean, there’s something to be said about that. There’s some some, I don’t know, I think it’s I think it’s pretty incredible. Really, there’s a kid who was on the, on the bus with a helmet. And he walks to the bus station, this is in California a few years ago, maybe in 2009 2010. And he takes like, an hour and a half, two hours to get to school every day. And to go to football practice. This was during summertime. Anyway, my point is, some people don’t have a car. Right? And they’re having to find other means to get to and fro. What do you say to those people who are like, Oh, I wish I had that $90,000 Lincoln Navigator? I mean, do you really well,

and some people in larger Metropolis areas, they intentionally choose not to have a vehicle. Because the insurance and storing it parking it, it’s impossible, like in larger cities to even do that. And because there are such wonderful public transport options, it’s like they wouldn’t even think to own a vehicle. I think that’s fantastic. Like if I’m going to be envious, a little bit, I’m a little bit envious of people who get to take a train to work. Like I think that’s fantastic. When I lived in studied in New Jersey, in town was a little train station. And the little train was called the dinghy. And that station took you to a larger hub, where you could go, you know, if you’re going to Philly, it could go into the city to New York City. You could go wherever you wanted to from there, DC, it just a little the little dinghy would take you there. And it was so great. Like, where do you want to go? I don’t know we have a date to kill. Let’s go read the dinghy. We’ll take it into New York, we’ll spend the day and we’ll come back in 45 minutes. So awesome. It was great. Like that is a wonderful option that we do not have. All right, we don’t have that.

Well, I just I want to hopefully be of encouragement to those of you listening who are trying so hard fighting tooth and nail to to keep up with something that you don’t have to spend your time keeping up with. I mean, your 1992 Toyota Corolla I keep referring to vehicles, because I think that we’re in this consumer world that we’re in and, you know, GM is offering constantly, you know, 0% down and or 0% financing for 1000 down or what, I don’t know what you’re offering GM, I’m sorry. But my point is, is there’s so many different purchase options. Right? And I don’t I don’t know, I just I think that people need to be appreciative of what they have, and not be so focused on what others have. And if you are focused on what others have, hopefully, it’s from the standpoint of being celebratory along with him, right, like being able to clap your hands be like, yeah, Doctor, I’m really happy that you have that Ram truck. I like that Ram truck, although it’s white, not black, but whatever.

Right? It is actually every track. But thank you. It’s fun. In a recent survey of there about 1000 people that were that were surveyed by the Harris Poll, and it revealed that generally speaking Americans experience envy, when they see their friends show off their lavish lifestyles. 40% of those who responded admitted that seeing other people’s purchases heightened their desire to consider similar purchases. See, a huge majority demonstrated envy and 21% revealed that they consider certain activities and purchases based on how it will make them look on social media.

Really, so like for the stunt, people are literally driven to make purchases so they can photograph it and then share it on social

media. How that’s what I mean when I say social media is a major driver of culture. I can’t wrap

my brain around that like Megan and I when we moved into our new house, we took pictures in front of it, but we never shared it with anybody. Right? We have that for ourselves, like the day in which we packed the the Go mini which, by the way, it was $96 a week, which by the way sat in the anyway I don’t even know what Was it $96?

No, go Mini Go isn’t a go Mini? What’s it go Mini?

It’s like the storage thing. They like pops all the Yeah, mini pot. I thought I said something wrong is it called Go Mini. Go Mini 1620 I just don’t know is like 96 bucks a week. And there’s spiders in it and stuff nothing against go mini it just it literally sat in the driveway for like two months. More spiders like no like sofas. So but anyway, we did take the photo in front of that we saved it. It’s It’s for our personal use. We didn’t put it on our social media. And I didn’t take that photo, in order to post on social media. I don’t know where that drive comes to comes from. I don’t know.

I just think that everybody has the tendency or the possibility of trying to manage and control and manipulate how other people perceive us. What

if we all just took a moment and looked around the room that we’re in and be like, I have this wow, I really

appreciate that. It’s not going to happen. As much as I like to think positively and do want to be optimistic. And I do think people have the capacity to do that. It’s not going to happen. I do it. I really do. Yeah, I do it. I don’t. First of all, it would never occur to me to think about something’s being perceived on social media, a purchase of vacation, it would never occur to me. I would never think I wonder how this is going to play on my Facebook page. Like I would never think that

I actually thought today about deactivating my page, but I can’t because of my businesses.

Correct. Same with me. So I have to put reminders on my phone to update my business Facebook page, because I’m on it so rarely. Not my business, but I’m on the social media sites so rarely. But the reality is if you have a presence, you need to stay active because that’s what people look for. I mean, it’s it’s not okay to pump up in somebody’s feed once every eight weeks. Well, it’s just like podcasting, for instance. Yeah. You know, you and I are talking about, okay, what’s the next level for us? Because it’s great that we’re doing these twice a week. Is that enough? You know, the content is driving our our publishing. And if we don’t have enough content, people tend to fall off the people who are for instance, YouTubers, 10.75 point 8 million viewers, whoever those people may be. They say you have it content creates the community activity, births

activity. Yeah, yeah. I think it’s important to myself and to everyone, especially entrepreneurial people. Don’t spend your time focusing on what Person A is doing. You need to keep your head down and focus on what you’re doing. Because it does something does two things. One, it it creates a sense of envy, like you mentioned, too, it creates a diversion. And it takes away from what your focuses are supposed to be on, which is growing your business and growing yourself. So I mean, enjoy that. 1992 Toyota Camry, I mean, that thing can get so many more miles, like enjoy it. Don’t Don’t be ridiculous.

And you know what happens when you give up that attempt to keep up with the Joneses. Freedom?

Exactly. Just steal the word from your mouth. No,

you gave a gift to all of us. Oh, that’s the answer. Freedom.

Thanks, man. That’s me feel good. Freedom. Free.

And another thing people who pretend to live with a certain lifestyle, many of those people cannot afford that lifestyle. paycheck to paycheck. The truly affluent people. You really you don’t you don’t see it as much. Yeah, a lot of people. No, that’s not true across the board. But there are a lot of people who are driving 1992 Toyota Corolla who can afford to buy a fleet of Range Rovers.

I have a friend, a really good friend whom you know, whose father drives a 1993 Or did for the longest time I’m sorry, just upgraded. A 1993. Lexus. So when I say Lexus Okay, yeah, it’s a luxury brand, but 1993 had hundreds of 100,000 miles of it. On it. It sat at the bottom of the driveway and it was at a slope and it faced the road. And he drove it till the wheels fell off. That guy could have bought the Lexus dealership. Yeah, sure.

That’s, that’s somebody that’s legit. That’s a there’s a reason why he has resources. And it’s because that’s the decision he made. Yep. My wife has literally owned like four vehicles in her life. The first one that used to honk when she would turn left. So she would always real Oh, absolutely. It would honk when she turned left because it was you know, defunct. And then she had another vehicle and then she had her third one. And now she has the one she’s driving now. So four vehicles, you know, in as many decades really? That’s pretty impressive. I think I cannot say that. Same. Yeah, I have liked changing up vehicles. It’s fun for me. Hey, Deanna? No Dr. Carl used to drive. Toyota Prius. Yeah. I was watching a movie last night join our where this woman snuck up on this guy. He’s like, Oh my God, what are you a Prius? It was a little silly. I’m six foot four. And I was you know, climbing myself. And

that’s what I think is really funny. But I drove a lot.

I was driving to Georgetown, Washington, DC four times a year, it

makes sense. I think it’s a great vehicle. I like a Toyota Prius Toyota, if you’re listening, I would love for you to sponsor the podcast. I think it’s great. Just watching his tall lanky. But getting to the Prius is really funny. In my mind, it was bad news. It’s

like a clown getting out the circus. And now I don’t have that problem. And no, not at all. Now I have to jump into Yeah. And we just drove to Memphis and back in the truck. Another podcast. Yeah. And the truck. And it was so comfortable. I mean, just I could stretch it out. It was great.

He has like a 37 inch screen in the front. What is it really 20.

It’s a 20 inch screen is made by Tesla, actually. And it’s the test the screen that you get in your Tesla vehicle. And there are a couple of those here in Owensboro. And but they put it in the RAM. And it’s it’s fantastic. So

jet that’s ladies and gentlemen, my as we sit and talk about keeping up with the Joneses, since there’s two people unknowns where I want one to now No jokes aside, I’ve always wanted a Tesla ever since they’ve come out. Yes, Brant, of course, our producer on the podcast. He told me about Tesla whenever they first start coming out and he’s going to get a Tesla at some point. How many times can I say that? Tesla, Tesla, Tesla. SEO Marketing, though let’s let’s let’s talk. Yeah, no, he’s talked about them for a while. It’s got me on to them. I actually forget where Megan and I were. But we were at a mall in a big city and they were selling them in the mall. Like it was like, you know, you go into a Bed Bath and Beyond once said you go into the test. Oh, it’s amazing. I sat in it and talked to the salesperson. Incredible anyway. I don’t know how I’m sorry. I guess I blacked out.

Well, I wanted to kind of segue us segue. That was another idea that really never took off.

What segway you know the guy that didn’t he die on a Segway? Jonah? Yeah,

he hit his head. I think he fell in his head. It’s not funny. But I don’t know why I left that. But it’s like that Mr. At Dr. Atkins.

I’m gonna Google it. Atkins diet died of Atkins. Right. He didn’t die of Atkins. I think he died of a heart attack from the Atkins diet.

I don’t think so. I think that was just like the Easy, easy joke. I’m looking to happen, but we’re gonna wait for

how did segue. Die. I’m googling. A British businessman who bought the Segway company less than a year ago died after riding one of the scooters off of a cliff and into a river. Oh, no, that’s terrible. That is literally what happened. Well, have you ever ridden one? No,

they are awesome. We our whole family took a Segway tour in downtown Chicago. And we were up and down across. I mean, we were everywhere lake front down by the, you know, the Navy Pier, and the observatory. And we were just everywhere on these things. And it was fantastic. It was so much fun. And you you leave there thinking I’m totally gonna buy one of these 567 $1,000 Of course, you’re not I mean, can you imagine I’m driving like from Biddle road up to my office. Segway me

that isn’t that escalate that this is another podcast but for the longest time I was corresponding with someone on Facebook marketplace selling a scooter don’t get me started. I literally was justifying buying a scooter to drive the three minutes to and from work. You mean a scooter like a vest but like you said it was a vest but it was a vest but as white Have you seen

and we’ve been in a lot of larger cities. where’s this going? Recently? Have you seen one of them’s called lime and one of them’s called Bird? Back to the birds. But these are scooter rental cars. Yes. And they’re the upright scooters not the sit down vest. biotypes. But where you stand on a little skateboard? Yes. We almost looks like a Razor scooter is Yeah. And but it’s it’s electric and it’s motorized. And you can rent them and you pick them up and then you can leave it wherever you want to.

Does it Uber own this company? One of them? I don’t know. I don’t know. Someone owns it. Obviously.

I don’t know. I need to take the Wall Street Journal. That’s the end of the day I need I’m going to subscribe to that in 2019 Because I would know the answer to that if I read the Wall Street Journal

but closing What is your what is one of your users are awesome.

Yes, I was gonna come to that. Oh, scooters are fantastic. And we’re just as I said in Memphis, and a lot of people were riding them because you ride one. No, we are riding the city trolley, which is pretty cool. We are going from downtown up to the Lorraine hotel. It’s the 50th year of Martin Luther King’s assassination. I’m going to talk about that later in February for Black History Month but we were on the trolley, and we saw these people young old of all backgrounds riding these scooters having the time of their lives, it was really cool. Awesome. But yes, New Year’s resolutions, is this something that you do typically?

No, not really. Same here, someone asked me the other day, and I was like, I mean, what I do every day try to be better person. And that’s kind of all encompassing really?

Well, it gets back to what we’ve talked about before, which is that this year does tend to be a bit arbitrary, you know, the January one to December 31. Like who says that that’s when we have to make changes, but it is culturally significant. And I’ve been trying to think a little bit about it, I’m trying not to kind of poopoo the idea out of hand, because that’s typically done that it’s just like for Lent, which I’m sure we’ll talk about people giving up things for Lent. And I used to talk about Let’s take something on, let’s start a new practice, rather than let go of chocolate or tequila or something, let’s do something different. Let’s just have a different practice. So I’m trying to be open to the idea of the new year marking time for a new practice. What what’s the one thing that you would like to be able to say at the end of 2019, that you were conscious about practicing. And at the end of the year, you can say, You know what, I did something toward that goal, if not every day, at least every week. And I accomplished blink

patients. Big word big thing. Yep. Patients, just all encompassing patients, anything and everything affiliated with associated with life, involving and needing patients. That is what I would like to say in 2019. How to keep

going. Yes, generally speaking, you want to be a more more patient person.

Yes. With family with friends with with foe with work. I mean, I mean, why are we in such a hurry? And I mean that with everything.

So when you say patience, you mean taking your time?

Not necessary? Not necessarily. You mean putting up with people’s everything? Yeah, putting up the stuff stuff that I don’t necessarily agree with believe in or what to be involved in. But it’s not about me. You know, as 2018 came to a close, and we sent a company email out to just make sure that everyone realized that life isn’t about them. It’s not about me, it’s not about you, Dr. Jay. I mean, people who are listening, it’s not about you, but to me, me, meaning who Nathan who’s talking to you, it is about you. It’s about the other person, it’s about realizing that this life is beautiful, difficult, horrible, fantastic, graceful thing that we call life that we’re all trying to figure out together is about taking care of the other person. And I think that if we can constantly remind ourselves of that, and I’m talking to myself, the end of 2019 when I’m like, Oh, wow, I was very patient in with my son Anderson, who decided to watch a really terrible video on YouTube and develop a terrible habit because of it cuz I couldn’t catch it in town. Oh, no. Yeah, I don’t want to go there yet. But anyway, just those are the things. Yeah, it’s frustrating. So we deleted YouTube, just YouTube Kids, which by the way, YouTube Kids still is able to slip through with their algorithms. Terrible videos. Anyway, my point is, is she’s patients. I just talked really fast. But you heard everywhere, didn’t you? Yeah. Okay. Good.

I was I was rolling with you. Well, I think we all were. Oh, so. So yeah, I’m going to concentrate on physical

health. Yeah, you’ve been saying that for a little bit. That’s

good. Yeah, I am. Because it’s my of my age. You know, I’m approaching 72 Yep, yep. 43 going on 72. And I just need to I need to pay attention to what you know, your health is your wealth, right? And I’ve taken for granted, I don’t ever have to go to the doctor. I don’t know any good. I don’t take medication, you know, luckily. And I want to make sure that I can keep up with that as long as I can. And it’s just and I don’t mean just die. I do mean that. I don’t mean exercise. I do mean that too. I mean generally, you know mindful practices, including things like patients including things like paying attention knowing what time it is what kind of response thing I’m talking about a holistic approach to to health and I want to that’s that’s going to be my my focus this is going to be the year of of have the kind of the mind body connection for me I think that’s awesome. That’s really cool. And then after this year I can I can quit thinking about all that. Yeah, yeah, absolutely start living however I want to live as I’m cradling my you’re still like my belly. Yeah. So I’m looking forward to to getting in that and I don’t I’m not going to start a day early. Just to be clear. I’m still have

some of that fudge leftover, right?

No, that’s it’s gone. Gone. My parents in law came in town and no, don’t blame it on your parents in law. I hid it from them. Actually, you gave us that wonderful gift and we wanted to say thank you. Did you see the cookie? Okay, we did I see it.

Did you eat it? Okay. There was a chocolate chip cookie there. But you know, with a white

test, yes, that’s what I sing. Oh, man. Did you mean to chocolate chip cookie? Do you eat it? Of course, promise? Yes. Let’s not want it. I

just like jump into a tub of joy.

Wonderful. So joy and I put that in one of our spare. We have like these two ovens that kind of like Brady Bunch style. And so we put it in there because we weren’t using that, because we didn’t want family to kind of they kind of scoot around the kitchen opening drawers looking for snacks and sweets. And this was like a treasure trove that Nathan and Megan gave us and it was really wonderful. And someone got in. Someone got in it. And the pretzel rods dipped in icing. Were gotten into the the chocolate covered cordial cherry someone got me the they were they were icing covered. Chocolate, like flowerless chocolate toward someone ate me. There was icing covered Oreos that someone got me. And then there is just amazing. And I’m really upset at me whoever got that out of the oven. But at the end of the day, it was a thoughtful gift. And thank you

then you’re welcome. It’s just a little something to show our appreciation for you.

It was great. We appreciate you.

Yeah, people. Ladies gents when I say people, I mean all of you that listen day in and day out. When I say day in and day out. I mean, multiple times a week. What if after

everything you said you clarified it, like I say after everything I say I mean like literally everything I say when I say say I mean things, my mouth.

I mean thanks to my mouth. I mean words when I say say words. I mean like great. No, I just I appreciate you. I appreciate you taking and spending time with us on on your days.

You know, I’ve been thinking about this, this podcast, as you know, oh, on this trip, I was listening to podcasts. And it was sweet. My sister in law wanted to hear some of ours and you know, with Apple TV, you can just pop up podcasts. And there’s a huge picture of you know, our cover art. And in our family was listening to some of our episodes all sweet. But anyway, I was listening to some other fairly with some fairly well known some not so much well known podcasts. And I was realizing you know what, I do marital therapy. I tell people that there’s you, there’s your spouse, and then there’s your marriage. And the marriage is always a third party. There’s what I need. There’s what my spouse needs. And there’s what the marriage needs, right? I got to thinking about the podcast as a separate party. There’s me, there’s you. And there’s the podcast. There’s what I like, there’s what you like, and there’s what the podcast likes. The podcast has its own personality, it’s its own entity. And as I was listening to all these other ones and thoroughly enjoy, I was listening to one, the Freakonomics one about this guy named Tom Whipple. And that’s just fun to say he’s out of England. They were podcasting, the guy in New York and the guy in London simultaneously. And it was about games. This guy’s written a book on game theory about how to always win games and beat people which is the name of his book. And so they were playing games across the ocean like they both had a set of Connect for and they were both making similar moves and they were, you know, is all about his game theory how to win. And I thought that was so fun and joy thought it was completely nerdy and she was doing something different. But then we would listen to someone else we’d listen to Martha Stewart good interview we were listening to what’s his name Hugh Jackman who played in the front runner we listen to one with him and it man it really passes the time and it made me so grateful for the podcast not just for you but for the podcast because it is not only a lot of fun but I really like it you know I like what it gives him what it brings and I think you our listeners have definitely showed us that you are appreciative to because you’ve given us messages and our our listenership it just continues to rise and it blows us away.

They really does. So thank you so much for it’s nice for you to say all that stuff. This podcast is invigorating for myself. I notice for you Dr. Curl when we get to come together this episode, we didn’t even talk when we saw each other. I literally was like, let’s go. And this is this is fun. It’s good to connect with you and it’s good to hang out with you after your trip to Memphis ladies and gentlemen, if you are finding yourself trying to keep up with the Joneses, stop. So not for you. Yeah, surpass your own expectations for yourself. Be be better for yourself than you were yesterday. Do what you can to be incredible. And stop worrying about others because I assure you they can afford that Lincoln Navigator anyway.

And even if they can good for them. Absolutely quit worrying about it. Just be free. Be yourself take the filters off Enjoy your life be real and settle into the joy that that reality brings. Nathan Thank you man. Thanks, buddy.