Ep 35 – Ask Us A Question

You have the cutest reddish shirt I’ve ever seen on. This is one of my favorite pieces. I asked if I could have it ladies and gentlemen. He said No, initially, but then he was like, No, really? Absolutely you could it’s it’s I don’t want to call it a thermal Is it like a not decorative but a dressy thermal. You could say that. I mean it’s yeah, really nice. Got it at a local men’s boutique. And it’s made by a company called shot. It’s a kind of bright red, kind of the dressy. They make military and civilian wear for civilians. And I really like it’s one of my favorite pieces. So they make military and civilian wear for civilians. It’s for like military grade wear for civilians. That’s a God that took me a really long time to wrap my brain around that Do you know Burberry? Yes. was originally Britain’s military clothing contractor. Really? That’s how they got into making clothes. They were making the United Kingdom’s military gear and but it wasn’t like that though. No, it didn’t have a designer plaid on it now but that’s could you imagine seeing a militant militant? Like a soldier like a soldier they imagine entire unit outfitted in the Burberry plaid. That’d be beautiful. It’s it would be no one would want to shoot at them. I love it. It was my wife’s first gift to me ever was a Burberry button down dress shirt scores still my favorite pieces. One of my first gifts I received was a book called I like you just like a playful sweet little from Megan from Megan. That’s sweet. She didn’t write the book. But the book was like this. Like she found it at this boutique bank in New York or somewhere just like this little book about different reasons that they like. This sweet this little character. Well, I’m grateful to be here. It’s a beautiful sunny day. It’s cold as can be. But it’s hot as lava in this office. I’m very comfortable. I don’t know why I’m so hot. I’m really hot. I think I heard the Wonder Boys in the other room just talking about it being an inferno. I smell garlic toast. Me too. This is episode 35 of you’ll die trying

driving Muay Thai as a

man hey sometimes you just need a random day, and nothing like talks of garlic toast to get you started talking randomly.

Do you really smell? Yes, it really does smell like garlic toast is amazing. Today, as most certainly ladies and gentlemen are going to be that of the random banter. So it seems like you have been, I’m not going to use the word stressed. I’m going to use the word on point. That’s actually two words. Yeah, we’re in the zone. My ears are kind of hot. And he but yes, I am. We’re working on a deal. And the deal is, is coming together and I really want it to happen. I’m always one of those that puts the cart before the horse within the deal making process and it’s like, Oh, you want it so bad and everything has to align, especially with a big purchase. You have to make sure everything’s good. And so I’m just on point and um, I don’t want to I’m probably on edge. Okay, and literally look at me. You are on the edge of your seat, Lena. Look at the difference. I was gonna say the same thing. You are so relaxed. Do you look nestled in your nice red shirt? You remind me of like a Christmas stocking but in the best way. You know because a Christmas stocking hangs it’s not a tacky stocking. It’s not one of those. It’s like leopard print or something weird. It’s like the one that hangs on the mantel that’s beautifully decorated. That’s you’re waiting Christmas the most beautiful time of the year and my personal opinion. And I’m over here on what are you doing? Are you getting ready to like I’m gonna take a picture I’m gonna take a selfie of us to help explain this. Okay, good cuz I didn’t know if you’re like show me something. Be like you’re being an idiot. No, no, no. Okay. I was trying to beautifully described like one of my most favorite moments and memories of my life. You know? Are you done? Done? How? Let me ask you a quick question. We’ll do this lightning round. Okay, lightning round random questions. How do you get rid of stress? Was it hot or cold or hot outside? It’s now right the second. Have a glass of bourbon. Ooh, okay. Sounds really bad. It’s like Like, Oh, I’m stressed. Let me drink. No, I just like if I’m at home and I get a nice little glass of bourbon. Good. If it’s warm outside, then I go for a run. Okay. I don’t like running in the cold. Ooh, I love it. It makes my throat. It’s weird. I hate running in the heat, though. Well, that’s my answer. Okay. Thank you. What’s something that you’re obsessed with? If you had, you don’t get obsessed with things? Oh, I do. Oh, I do. I’ll get on something. And then I’m like a dog with a bone on that stuff. What’s something that you’re on right now? And don’t make me look stupid by saying like, well, I’m reading like, I want to learn how to be a decent photographer. You’ve been talking about a camera a lot. Yeah, it’s it’s down the road. It’s nothing that’s going to happen right now we have a nice point and shoot. And I have a camera on my phone. So that’s all I need. But I’m interested in angles. I’m interested in light and subjects, not just like, Hey, I like taking pictures. You’re, you’re legitimately want to dive in? Yeah, okay. Yeah, yeah. But you know, I do this where I’ll get into something. And I’ll be all in for a minute, a month. And then I might I might kind of back away or might not find the time for it. But I’m interested in making sure that I make time for things besides simply being at my in my practice, because I need to have some renovar a time. renovar a, yeah, some renewal. Renewal. There we go. I remember you saying that in a previous podcast. I was trying to think if it was like renovation, or what, right? Yeah, I’m there. Do you have a favorite entertainer? Hmm. Not really, not really. No one that’s like, man, they put something out. I’m going to spend all my money to go and buy it. You know? Yeah. Like Tony Hawk just put out a mobile version of one of us skate games. I mean, I’m not going to go download the app. I think it’s just free. I don’t know.

But are you a gamer at all? No. Not at all. Are you? No. I mean, literally, this is embarrassing. Ladies and gentlemen. I bought

an Xbox One, like the newest version of I think Seattle? No. Is it a new version of or is it 360? Anyway, I bought like the John said, Buy this gaming console. And I got into gaming for like one second. But I literally just use it to stream apps, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video. So you bought an Xbox and you’re basically using it like, like a Roku or a fire stick or something that costs like 60 bucks. Yeah. What’s the Xbox costs? Like four or $500? Right? Wow. Yeah, I’m done. And you and you’re not a gamer at all? No, I tried to play that one game, the ark, the Ark is called Ark. Okay. And John left me in a village naked in the corner. And I can’t find them. They’re on another server. Okay, that I was never able to get back to. Okay, now they’re riding dinosaurs. And you know, I’m just left in the cold. So your brother told you to buy a gaming console that cost several $100 And you went and did it? Both. I was really excited because he’s an avid gamer. Like he has a gamer chair and I was thinking you know, what can I do? What can gamer chair it’s ridiculous. Look it up. Okay, no, it it has literally like beakers built in around your head. Like you can live in it. You can live a lifestyle that I am 100% unfamiliar with. You literally can sit in this chair because it’s creative for people who game like 12 hours a day.

Wow. Yeah. So did you tell me who your favorite entertainer is? Oh, no, I’m sorry. I just squirreled. I don’t have a favorite entertainer.

Nobody who makes you laugh. You. Thank you. You make me laugh. And sweet. You’re an entertainer. Thank you. You’re a podcaster. Therefore you’re an entertainer. Okay.

Yeah. You know, that’s interesting, because I was reading a little bit about podcasting and how, ultimately, that’s what this is. This is Entertainment. Brent had the explanation. of, for instance, YouTube. And podcasts are the thing. They’re the next they’re paving the way in which we receive content, right? Yeah. YouTube owned by Google, who obviously controls how you receive content, whereas podcasts so in other words, YouTube, there’s like a barrier between us and the content whereas the podcast, this podcast, and you the listener, there is nothing it is you Dr. Carroll, me Nathan more And you the listener, right. However it is you’re receiving it stitcher anchor. Apple podcast, Google Play. Yeah, I’m saying so yeah, it’s really fun. Anyway, I’m gonna say you’re my favorite entertainer. Thank you, you know. Casey Neistat is a YouTuber who’s probably, I don’t know, 10 point 7 million followers or subscribers. I don’t know how many at this point, but he and his brother had an HBO special. And Casey was talking to his son who I think was then 10 years old. And his son was like, That’s cool dad, but nobody my age watches TV. They’re like, we all just want you to. And so Casey Neistat, all those years ago was like, Huh, no to self get on YouTube, you know, this was kind of not, not necessarily at the beginning, but it was the right time. Let’s say that. And, you know, together with his creativity and his ability to, to create, edit, and style videos, connect with people of all kinds across the world, and his kind of radiant positivity. He’s created an entire universe for himself. He really has I think it’s, it’s about finding the thing that you love at the right time to do Yeah, it’s about time. It’s about where where to be and what time to be there. Saturday. Amazing also about consistency. Yeah, it’s just about content content, content, content. Consistency is King content is king. So says, Our good friend Joel. Yep. Yeah, it’s true. Absolutely. If you had ooh, I this is kind of fitting because it’s the podcast. We have really good intro song. If you had Intro Music Dr. Carroll like every time you walk into a room with that song, The Final Countdown really? Yeah. Because it just does it pumped you up? No, it’s just funny. denona Dylan

I mess up. I’m sorry. It’s okay. It’s building. Oh, and it’s the final countdown. Yes. Good. I would start singing the song every time you enter the room. Thank you. You’re very welcome. I should you should make it my ringtone when I call. Okay. Okay, I’ll do that. Alright, so what do you think? Are the three words that best describe you? Really? Well, I don’t know that answer because every Okay, I think you do three words. Obviously cautious because my first thought was like, Oh my God, I don’t want people to think I’m being arrogant. So maybe arrogant. Just I don’t think that word distracts me, but maybe someone else would don’t say oh, oh, no. I mean, I think I was laughing too much at that. Three words that best describe me. Oh, just totally like, energetic. Okay, yeah, just ready to roll. Okay, energetic like. hopeful. Okay. And loving? No, I don’t know. No, I shouldn’t say. I mean, I am loving. But I don’t want to say that overly describes me. Because that would be arrogant. No, maybe compassionate because I do have like, you know, compassion, like after you get through. Maybe I’ll have like a frustrating moment. Like, what really? is at the core is like I’m really compassionate. Yeah. Okay, so there you go. Those are my three words. What were they? I don’t remember now compassionate. Was one of them. I said Eric and Joe. Energetic was one. Yeah. And there was another one in there. I don’t remember their your words, but I don’t remember them. It’s your self. I laughingly said arrogant. Oh, that was the first one how that wasn’t. I was just cautious, cautious, energetic, and compassionate. But I can’t. We could talk about this all day long. I don’t think I’m cautious. I’m probably should be more cautious. Because, like, I will jump right in. I was thinking from the standpoint of do you think you’re impulsive? Yes. Thanks, Dr. Carol. Appreciate that. No, I was just asking for a friend. Someone sent me a message saying hey, ask Nathan if he thinks he’s impulsive. I am too sometimes. I wouldn’t say as a rule though. What’s the most annoying this can go either a bunch of different ways. What’s the most annoying habit? Dr. Carol that someone can have? That’s like don’t say anything that joined us cuz she’s just gonna listen. There are no annoying habits there. She’s sweet. She is so sweet. Definitely someone who chews with their mouth open. Because it is an annoying habit to me. I’m not one of those who like is bothered by sounds of people eating I’ve said that before I don’t care about Yeah, cuz you literally eat on the podcast like every episode. You’re not to So sorry to those of you who do have that. You have literally consumed Okay, you’ve consumed salads. Yes. Spinach. Yeah. Chick fil A sandwich chicken sandwiches. Yeah. French fries

when and tortilla chips tortilla chips. What else? Oh, no, that was just that one day. There was something else that you’ve apple. You didn’t apple? Yeah. Oh,

yeah, that was a crispy delicious honey crisp. Yeah. So So chewing with the mouth open is one biting fingernails is to smoking cigarettes is three. But doesn’t smoking cigarettes. I can’t it look elegant. Like it always looks elegant in the movies. I don’t have that experience. Okay. Not to say that there’s a problem with it. It’s just it’s it’s, I get annoyed because of what it’s doing to that person. And they know. Especially with regard to drying out the skin. And you know, there’s the ambient. Well, it’s just it’s just tough. It’s tough to smoke. But I have dear friends who are. They’re smoking right now? Probably right. This very second, right? This put your cigarette? Yeah, you do. Right. Take a walk? Yeah. I’m sorry. No, no, no, no, wait, I think it’s important that we’re having this episode so people can kind of get to know, you know, it’s like we did this once before, but very early on very early on people who have jumped, just jumped on. We appreciate having you there are two people that are behind the mics that you’re listening to talk that have hopes and fears and dreams. And we try every single day to bring you great content that you know is thought provoking. Yeah, this is these are the people that are behind those thoughts. That was episode 12. Was it really? Yeah. Called get to know you? How do you remember this stuff I looked at went up. Oh, I looked it up. Okay. I was thinking like, wow, you literally have a memory of an elephant. I did what y’all will hopefully do. I went to forward slash you’ll die trying. And I was able to see all of our episodes and scroll down to the one that says Get to know us. When you go there you are able to sponsor us, which would be lovely for which we’d be grateful. And you’re able to of course, to subscribe and listen in. Also visit us on Instagram and Facebook yield trying podcast. So you ready for another question? I’m ready. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve been? Rome? What part of Rome? Rome. All right. No, we did you know that Rome is the smallest. It’s the smallest country in the world. Vatican Vatican City is yeah, that’s what I meant to say is the smallest country. Yep. One of the wealthiest as well. I think going to Vatican City was probably the most beautiful place. I mean, just just, you loved it. The cat. Yeah. I love the Sistine Chapel. Yeah. Catacomb. See, so we had special access. So you can’t take pictures. You can’t film any of this stuff. If you’re just like a tourists. And because I was traveling with a production company that was Catholic, owned. We have like 40 hours of footage. That’s really neat. So it was just magnificent. It was just a magnificent experience. Beautiful. I mean, like you who are listening, there’s so much more than just where you are. That’s what the point I’m trying to make. You know, you’re going to your job right now. You’re leaving your job right now. And you’re going home and I picture that I create this visual, I’ll call it a bubble. You’re in this bubble. And there’s so much more to this life than just you know, Kentucky. Yeah, or, you know, Nebraska. You know, get outside, go do something. Yeah, that’s, that’s probably the most beautiful place I’ve been. For sure. Good. Yeah. All right. Let’s do these where we ask each other questions, and we have to answer them as fast as we can. Oh, we don’t get to, to justify or rationalize. So we are going to be vulnerable. Okay. Do you want to ask the first one? Are we asking you the first one? It’s your turn? How often do you cuss Dr. Carol often? Who is your best friend in elementary school? Elementary school would be Andrew. Okay. Yep. Oh, sorry. He looked at me and he’s like, Okay, what’s your I was I was like, a silliest fear you have right now. silliest birds. Yours. Oh, yeah. Bird box. Are you very active? Or do you like to relax in your free time?

Oh, definitely relax. Absolutely. Good. What are you best at? Listening? You are really good at listening. Thank you. Like how I love I love people and love their stories, but we’re not supposed to be rationalizing or justifying but it’s okay. We put out Yeah, I mean, we made the rules.

Yeah, just how are you so able to listen so well? I think everyone is yes, but like who wants to put forth the effort Right. I mean, we’re very selfish people. People are selfish and it’s like, okay. Yeah, yeah, we are. We are. Yeah. Well, you do a great job at it, man. You’re sweet. Thank you. I love people. I just love them. I love their stories. I do too. But everybody needs a place to be heard. I know. Everyone needs a doctor Carol on their team. That’s Thank you completed our team, man. Thank you. Absolutely. This bump? Yes, there was a fist bump. I’m nervous. Were you really, really into like, really into when you were a kid? Magic. I was going to be a magician. So Lance Burton was an incredible magician, David Copperfield, when saw him four times. Wow. So Lance Burton, I would record his magic specials on VHS. Back then, yeah. And I would replay them and I would slow them and I would watch them over and over to learn how they did these tricks, and then practice them on smaller scales. You know, obviously, I couldn’t make a teepee and make a dancer, you know, appear out of the teepee. But I would watch how they would do it. No, try to make it. How did they do it? So there was three TPS. And the way that they would do it is he would strategically I show it, I’ll show it to you. He was strategically ended up being the guy so he would make his ladies like the way he would move the cloth. The ladies would move behind the cloth, so that you couldn’t see. Interesting. Yeah, man. It’s all just is there another magic trick that we all have seen? And you know how it works that you could tell us? And then we can have all of the illusionists angry at us? Well, I mean, Fox put out that series, you know, magics biggest secrets finally revealed 1234 Like a ton of them. Wow, I’ve never heard of that. Yeah. Okay. Go watch it on Netflix, I believe. Okay. And yeah, I watched all those and they show how to do like some of the biggest tricks. That’s great. It was really fun. Yeah, so check it out. Mag magics biggest secrets finally revealed for those of you who love spoilers, there are some people who are taking a walk right now listening to this and that cool. Yeah. Thank you. Thanks for listening. Absolutely. You know who you are. You ready for next question? Oh, somebody just smiled. They’re like, Oh, yeah, it’s talking to me. Yeah. It’s your turn. My turn. Oh, man. Do you okay. Do you? Have you ever Sorry, I’m over. You’re patting him on the hand. What? Do you ever this is really stupid, actually. Do you ever in your mind, like, create your life or your life is happening and you’re acting as if you’re in a TV show. When I was a young boy, I would always re play a show or movie I just seen if it was a shoot ’em up, bang him up. Then I was the cop. If it was a medical show, I was the doctor. I was the emergency medical worker. I would always reenact and I think that kind of imaginative play is really important for kids. I do I do it in my head? Yeah, I’d say I’d probably do. I don’t physically like camera be you know camera left and you’re in your mind you’re like okay, the cameras over here. My good set. I mean, I probably do do that. I’m sorry that I just said do do but I do that I think I think probably a lot of the times it’s unconscious to me. What would be your perfect weekend. My perfect weekend. And I’m not going to be chattel care. I don’t care judge me. My perfect weekend is the kids are gone.

Dad of the year or kids are gone. And Saturday it’s college football is over but college football all day long. Just kind of on in the background on in the background hanging out. And you know, Megan is able to go and do her thing. So she’s in and out sun shining in the windows. I might go out and leaf blow because it’s fall again and not winter blower I love the leaf blower and that is there’s definitely an app in there. There’s there’s a there’s a beer for lunch. That’s perfect De Beers food. Yes, it is. I sound like a 68 year old retiree because the kids are gone. They’re back at you know. I mean, I’m 68 my kids are in college. Now they have children they have children at that point would be a granddad best. 68. Anyway, that’s my perfect day. Weekend gone bad. I said the kids are gone. That’s this is about being honest. Besides, no one’s judging. Okay, not spiritually related, but what is the most controversial opinion that you have? That’s not spiritually related. That’s a good question. Probably most of my opinions are controversial. Yeah, a lot of you. I mean, probably bring up a topic. And I’ll tell you whether I think my opinion of that is controversial. You want me to bring the topic up right now just just randomly pick a few topics. And I’ll tell you whether or not I think it’s controversial. I’m nervous to Dr. Carroll is a walking controversy. How does that sound? No, no, I’m a peacemaker. You’re a peacemaker here. But I do have values and beliefs and principles that are sometimes against the grain of popular cultural opinion, because they’re that of inclusion and acceptance and appreciation for who you are. And I think that’s pretty awesome.

Thank you. Yes, absolutely. Are you an organized person? No. Okay. No, I mean, does that look organized over there? Yes. We need to work on it. Um, that’s not one of my care. It’s not one of my strengths by

we, I want to make sure I go on the record saying, I mean, you need to work on it. Yeah. But by me, I need that means like, bring in somebody on the team that’s like really good at organizing. Well, it’s really just a matter of putting the lamp actually on the desk, not on the floor. I move that because that table that the phone sits on was was had that lamp that was sitting on top of papers for a cemetery that we were maybe looking at nine but we’re not going to get it so thermally Okay, so that’s why the lamp went down. Then we had the meeting and then I think a good 15 minutes and you’d have this place like you want it you all should see there there will be on our social media if you follow forward slash you’ll die trying there is going to be pictures that are posted of us talking this episode as well as maybe the the office the the what you’re seeing what our bird’s eye view is. And it’s not too bad. Oh, he’s doing a What’s that called? Panoramic? That’s right. Hey, Dr. Carroll. Aside from joy, your wife, who in your life brings you the most joy? Our girls, that’s awesome. Our four girls. Yeah, they’re awesome. My kids level guys scouts like they want Dr. Carroll enjoys kids come over all the time, who are literally like, you know, obviously range in age 1614 12. And yeah, but my four three year old one to play with them. They’re great girls. Great kids. Thanks, man. Yeah, I appreciate that. Which is more important for you a great car or great house. I’m really stuck on that. I’m gonna say house. Because what you may not know is that actually am a good family man. Based upon my last answer. Kids have to have a great house in the sense of a comfortable home. A comfortable home. There’s a new Netflix show that’s out. It’s about like the organizer, the Oh, yeah. That the woman who wrote the book? Yeah, she goes in and she literally like sits down in the middle of a room and she like brings and she feels off of the joy. Yeah, it’s all about you things that make you that make your life happy. give you purpose and mean. Yeah. And she’s grateful for the things Yeah, all the things so yeah, the house has to be whether it’s a big or small house or trailer or whatever. It has to be that of comfort. So that’s that’s us that over the car? I do. I don’t know why. Because you know me, I’d love to buy a new. No, you don’t need that removal vehicle. Nathan, you don’t need the the new TV. I think this shows called tidying up with Marie Kondo. And she travels she travels with a an interpreter, because her English says that she’s lacking Japanese, Japanese. Yeah, it’s really cool to see what she does. She does a lot. She does a lot for people’s relationships too, because there’s unnecessary tension that does come from you know, unorganized things like you’re driving in your car right now. And your car is just filled with stuff that you look like you’re living in it. It does cause subconscious right. Would you agree with that? Yeah. Tension tension in your intensity. Yeah. So I don’t have anything in my truck. You really don’t I have a cord and a pair of earbuds. I have a pin span sanitizer. And the kid that the thing that lets the school know that I can legally pick up my kid from the car rider line. That’s it. I still have Christmas presents for my dad. Yes. Sorry, dad. If you’re listening, I just like things tidy. Yeah, he really did do a good job. What is your most guilty pleasure eating terrible things for myself. Yeah, yeah. Which I haven’t done in a bit. But I’m really good at it. Another guilty pleasure. You know, I really like if I’m gonna do nothing by myself like it’s super late. I can’t sleep and I feel like it’s not a not a time for me to be productive and do something I’m probably going to watch some people that I enjoy watching on YouTube, like Peter McKinnon or Casey Neistat or some other folks, that’s a guilty pleasure of mine your turn if you had to change your name, your first name, what would you choose? And you can’t pick Jonathan because it’s too close to your name as it is, huh? You can’t pick Eric. That’s my middle name. And I can’t pick Carol. Right? I would change my name to

Skeletor your turn Has anyone ever saved your life? In some ways, yes. Not like, I mean like literally like you’re dying. You’re gonna die. Oh, like clinically? Yeah, like clinically,

as I was gonna say, Absolutely. Yes. An emotional right. My wife has done that a million times. No, I’ve never been the only time I was near death. I was by myself. Well, yeah, I was caught in a riptide grip at the beach gunner Riptide and was swept out and developed a cramp in both my hamstring and my calf. Were you scared out of your mind? Absolutely. Do you remember it still? No. Moment by moment you have the secret to getting out of a riptide is to swim parallel to the shore. And I knew that but I didn’t have a leg to do it with and I was exhausted. And it was very scary. But wow. It ended well. Yeah. What word that or phrase that used to be used a lot in isn’t anymore. Do you think we should bring back

tubular? That’s a great word to be LUMION that’s good. That’s good. Tubular. I don’t know. I like that. It’s good. I like Yeah. Oh, I know this for this isn’t my stupid. I like this question. But I was like, Who? I know what the? What is the best room in your house and why? I’m like, I know what my best room in your house is really?

You know what yours? Oh, I it’s hard for us for me to pick. I love our bedroom. Because it’s it’s beautiful and wonderful. And it’s you know, great space. I love our sunroom. I love what we call the Bama which is a silly Hebrew word for a raised space because our dining room is raised. And it’s I love that space. I love our family room in the basement. Dr. Carroll is literally give me a tour of his home. And I love being outside in the yard. So if I had to pick one of those

I’d pick the dining room. Every time I’m in the basement. I’m always thinking of those doors. That someone’s out there and they’re gonna just kill me. Oh, really? Well, thankfully, we’re surrounded by a concrete wall. Yeah, but still. And we have armed soldiers at the corner guards. Yes, you do. But still. Yeah. It sounds like we live in like Kenya or Pakistan. But we don’t know. We don’t have armed guards. How often? Would you say you crave something that isn’t good for you? What time is it? I’ll leave that there. What is? Ooh, this is good one. What smell brings back like great memories. Great memories. The smell of carrot raisin salad. Really? Yeah, takes me straight back to my preschool called Aesop’s Fables. I can remember exactly what that place look like. There was a rug on the floor that was multicolored had a big clock shapes, numbers. And there was a girl named Stephanie who sat next to me and I takes me straight back. Oh my gosh. Yeah, that’s awesome. Okay, lightning round. Yeah, I think we have time for like a couple more. Okay, what TV show? Do you want your life to be like? The Jetsons go? Oh, no. Well, what do you want to think? What are some things you want to accomplish before you write a book? Okay. What is the best show currently available to us? Television show

the best show? The Titan games? I don’t I do like that. I watched it because you told me you talk to

you enjoy it. Yeah, I really liked that one girl with a heart condition. Yes. Holy cow. She was so strong. She liked drag that 200 pounds. Yeah,

literally. It was ridiculous. Crazy. What makes you nervous? Huh? This is lightning round. Dr. Carol. When my wife’s mad at me. Oh my gosh, she makes you nervous. Yeah, she makes me she makes me nervous too. But I’m just like, Yes, I’m scared right now.

How often Do you binge watch a show? Every night? What is the longest book you’ve read? What? That’s not done? I don’t want you to answer that because you’ve probably read the answer. Have you read the Bible? Yeah. But that’s there much longer books. I know. What are some what is a strange belief that people have that you don’t share? That? That I don’t share that dogs don’t have souls? Okay. Do you text or call more? I know that answer text. Yep. What is your most romantic restaurant to take your wife?

Chucky Cheese. What old trend is coming back these days? Lucky magazine. wide leg jeans? Yeah. What do you do to improve your mood when you’re in a sucky one?

Tell myself to get the heck out of it. Literally, like, reset, restart all that stuff. Okay. Last one. What’s a personal goal that you have right now for today? What’s a personal goal? I have a lot of work that I need to to get done. And I’m creating a new opportunity in my practice, and I want to get that written up and publicized. Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah, you heard it first here. I didn’t even know about that. Here it is. You shall see glad we’re good friends. Yeah, those of you who are not already already following go to for slash you’re trying Facebook and I iTunes No. Book in Instagram. Yeah. Then go to iTunes. They want more. So listen to that. Whatever. Yeah, you’re talking about the process. i Sorry. This is a great episode for us to just kind of lay back. Notice how my posture is different in the chair now definitely changed. You’ve gotten into it. Yeah, looking forward to to be here with you. Again. Thank you to our listeners. I’m Nathan tan, Jonathan. This is what veteran