Ep 39 – Triangles Part 1

We’re all looking at each other right now. Dr. Carroll is saying with his eyes Nathan. Welcome everyone to this 39th episode of, you’ll die trying.

I was thinking I’m hungry.

I was thinking, how I like how you introduce it. But I’m surprised that I’ve remembered that episode. Count

episode 39 This is it. You’re here. We’re here. We’re in it together. This is your die trying. I am Jonathan Carroll and I am Nathan Morris and you have entered the hot zone. That’s already taken. I’ve never heard that before. Oh, okay. I thought it was the key jingle driver made Hey,

you know this already, Dr. Carol. But for those of you who are listening and don’t know this, we just hired

an executive assistant for more family homes. Yes,

really excited about it. The reason I’m bringing that up is we’re creating this position for this individual to excel. And one of their questions that they had or actually statements was that they would like to actually make something a career. And what we’ve always prided ourselves on is the fact that there is no ceiling here. And Christine, for instance, who’s been here with us for over a year now, believe it or not started as an executive assistant, and now is the level two. Funeral Director. And that’s pretty awesome. I also wanted to say this because you remember that book? I’ve been talking about how I’ve been reading for like 17 years, the scaling up book, and I said I was on I’m actually in it. I mean it’s on my desk highlighted now if you see the highlighter, see Exhibit A? Yeah, I’m in the

dark in here. Truthfully, I can’t see anything. We literally have done very little light if you are exposing film.

Not that dark. Is not that dark in here but must an x ray lab. No. No, I was just making the point was, I don’t even know what the point oh, the point I was trying to make was this book scaling up talks about how you are in every business as they scale quickly get into what are called the valleys of death

think it’s like an escape room or something. You’re

not an escape room. Ladies and gentlemen, I really you need to take a picture of this. This is not a darker in

the picture isn’t going to do it justice because it’s going to need a flash. And so it’s going to look appropriately well lighted as all need to be to become actually a photograph.

I don’t know. I don’t agree. I mean, what do you we do paint rainbows and unicorns on the wall make it better? Well, you would like that. I

think a lamp could kill. Okay, okay,

you got to get point fine. I’ll put a red lamp on a haunted

house is another option.

Back to my point, there’s this thing called the Valley of Death. Businesses who are scaling quickly and efficiently will get into what are called valleys of death. And a lot of businesses will retract.

That’s like the room where you get a glaucoma tell my guys are still odd, say if they dilate your pupils. This is the room where this is

not the room. This is the room that you go in before they give you the really stupid ugly sunglasses to go back. Yeah, I

never. I never wear those. What do you do? Just walk through your shed have joy lychee. Frankly, I say I’d like to have my eyes dilated another day because I can’t do it right now. Because of my schedule.

They asked me what time are you driving? No, that drove

you know where you needed to be driving? It was rude. It was

scary. My point to circle back and finalize is that we have scaled up quickly. we’ve exceeded the number of employees and we have been affected with phone systems and having to upgrade our phone system so everyone can be in communication. And this is what scaling up it consists of now the executive assistant who can essentially be the motherboard operator, if you will, you know where everybody can come to

it seems like you’re making hand motions, but I can’t quite make them out. So how many fingers rolling? Yeah, I have no idea. My point. It’s like a movie theater.

Not a movie theater. Anyway, that’s my point.

I’d like to extend to you a congratulations on getting the executive assistant and I have a short list of things that I would ask maybe that this person can help us accomplish. Okay, go ahead. Number one is to get some lighting industry

free. So this will be the executive assistants first task is to listen into this episode so they can make note. Okay, okay. All right.

That’s interesting. I don’t know that that would benefit. A lot of other people who may be listening, though we might, we might need to just make a list and have a private conversation with them. That’s probably a lot better who has been notified? And

yeah, they do know, they do know that they’ve they’ve, they’ve, they’ve accepted so they know,

like a tomb almost.

This is like, this is like the catacombs. So,

Nathan, you had said earlier that you would like to guide us into into our conversation for number 39? Take it away.

I did, but it just a short live.

I’m reading Michelle Obama’s book called Becoming okay. How is that it was a gift for Christmas. Okay, from my family. And I’m early in background by biographical information. But I presume that she wrote it herself. There’s no notice of a of a ghostwriter or CO writer. And if that’s the case, whoever wrote it, I think Michelle Obama wrote it. It’s really excellent prose. And it is an it is a really beautiful, very candid look into the life of someone who lived an average American upbringing with an up superior way above average, intellect, not something she says something that is obvious and how she writes and what she ends up doing. Not as first lady but student of Princeton student of Harvard, an earth mover in her own right. Who happens to of course, fall in love with someone who was destined to become the 44th, President of the United States of America,

who by the way, did you know, over 2 million photos were taken by the White House photographer of President Obama during his presidency.

Yeah, 2 million photos is that’s that’s almost as many photos as as joy has on her cell phone right now. So that’s, that’s a lot of photos.

That’s fun. That’s so fun. Yeah, that’s really neat to learn those kinds of things. So yeah, I think it’d be good to read that. That’s

a wonderful book. I think the photographer for the White House was named Pete Souza, when Obama was there. The chief official White House photographers, what they call them, I believe, and he’s published a book, if I remember correctly, of images, relating an intimate, kind of intimate portrait of, of Barack Obama,

that’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to become a chief White House photographer. Yeah. That is you love photographs now and you photography and lighting, and you’re going to leave them

you know, I’ve always loved photographs. And whenever I go into an art museum, like I love paintings, that’s they’re beautiful. And we have some joyous exquisite taste. We have some beautiful pieces. But honestly, if I were to choose it’s it’s a photograph that I really, because probably because I’m a little dense, and I’m not exactly great at visualizing maybe an artist’s intent and a piece, even if it’s a portrait. Some people can paint portraits that look like photographs. But I love photographs.

I don’t know what the intent of the artist was showing this girl and her mother in the boat.

This is weird. It’s called self portrait. That’s I don’t understand the point. What? What’s, what’s he going for? Just drink? What Nathan’s just aspirated his water. I don’t know why I thought that was so funny. But I did. Do you have a favorite podcast that you listen to? Yeah, not the one you mentioned earlier. There was a curveball. Do you see that dip right at the end of the plate?

So I can’t say surgeon scale.

I think you’ve talked about that

talked about that one. You know? No, I’m really okay. Can I Can I just use a lifeline and talk about sword and scale a little bit? You’re gonna call your family and ask them about it. No, no, no, I just want my lifeline is just asking for permission to actually talk about it. Okay, it’s dark. It is dark darker than this room.

That’s absolutely

impossible. It’s not for the faint of heart like I said in a previous podcast and it is just a gruesome reminder that this world is filled with you know, some sad stuff. Yeah. So like we said in the previous podcast, talking about things that we are grateful for and appreciate in this moment. So appreciate the safety in which you have in your life and your lifestyles and so forth. That’s my answer. I’m still listening to it there’s a ton of ton of episodes I mean I’m I’m I’m subscribed subsea did it again, subscribe to Candice pool and Casey Neistat, couples therapy, you know, you like that one. It’s a lot of banter. It’s a lot of you know, Casey, Casey kind of just goes all over the place. You know, he’s kind of all over

a bit of a little maybe kind of ADHD.

Yeah, and I mean, that’s, that’s,

I really liked his YouTube videos. I wasn’t a huge fan of the podcast.

Yeah, I do do want to shout out to undertaking the podcast, you know, Brian waters and his group We are out in the world of funeral service like myself. So good. Yeah, he’s a good guy. He’s a really good guy. So definitely check that out what the podcast Are you currently immersing yourself in?

I like Sunday sit down with Willie Geist.

He is actually a very good interviewer not speaking to the podcast, no watching him on Sunday.

Yes, he’s very well, I think he’s very well prepared, which gives him the appearance of being very relaxed. And I think when you are prepared, and you feel confident, you can go into something relaxed like that. So I think that’s, that’s pretty cool. There’s a podcast that I believe was the kind of, well, it’s called the habitat. And in January, two years ago, six people went inside a dome at the base of the summit of a volcano in Hawaii. And the UN NASA was behind this and NASA left them there and for a year. This podcast follows six imitation astronauts taking part in an experiment designed to test how real astronauts would would survive in cramped quarters during the long mission to Mars. So it’s like a laboratory of how astronauts would be after living together such close quarters on their way to Mars. And of course, that the result of that was the movie. The Martian? Hmm. But that’s pretty cool. So I think that’s, I think that’s a pretty cool podcast.

Let me paint a picture. Okay. Focus really hard because you have a hard time of seeing the picture.

Yeah, I do, because we’re gonna rename our podcast is already one called in the dark. Okay. I think we should just call it blackout. Go ahead.

Could you imagine could you live with me for one year in close proximity, and know that like, any moment, like my hand slips, because I’m grabbing onto the rail to get past you, you know, and I just float by you and I just so

and you do what as you float by me, yeah, just, you know, just

like a bomb in your face on accident or something, you know, I mean,

so it’s not unlike a typical like car ride to. Yeah, minus the weightlessness. Yeah. Well, driving it could i Yes. I could. I could do that. You would literally have

to be like Krav Maga. Sit down, but I can’t sit. You’d strap me. You’d strap me into something.

I think that I think that is what what you do.