Ep 40 – 24 Hours Part 2

I just pictured, you know what I would do. And I was like 1820 years old and like the 2000, the 2002 and three, the music of that time. I would play that music now. And I would go and just kind of reflect, you know, because you know, 18 and 20 years old are formidable years. Is that the right where do you use right there? Formative? Yeah. Formative. What I say.

I don’t know. I thought that’s what you said.

i Okay, I did. You’re gonna play back people on your back. You didn’t say that? I didn’t. You know, I would reflect I would just kind of do some reflection some interest in dang it. What’s the word introspection is? It is a Saturday, what else would you do? Hug your wife for 22 of the 24 hours would

be exhausted. She got your fam really ready for you to go? have bruises? I would, you know, I would want to spend every waking moment like I think I would actually, I think I’d want us all to go on a bike ride. That’s one of my favorite things to do with my family, can I go with you? That would be you know, probably family only. Okay. And I love the idea of writing a letter, I wouldn’t have time to do it all you know, there’s just really, if I had, if I had the option, I would, I would probably have, if I hadn’t noticed I would have chartered a plane. And we would have gone down to the Gulf. And we would just be on the beach. There’s no better love that I have than watching the kids enjoy being on the beach. And we walk and we collect shells, we always come back each of the girls with four huge mesh bags of shells that they’ll probably never look at, again, although they have some displayed in bases in their rooms, but they just love it. We all love it. And that would be a lot of fun. Do you want

to be in your house? Like if you would you like to be in your room

like to die? And you know, I think yes, I would my family’s is strong enough to to be able to kind of redeem that space and not let it just be a tomb for the rest of their lives. But yeah, I think that’s that’s that space. The whole house is where all the beautiful and terrible things do happen. So I would I would want to be there.

Yeah, a lot of I mean, in our profession, we see where people just want to go home, I just want to go home. There’s a story of someone that I love very dearly. Their father wanted to get out of the hospital, so bad, his health was, was poor. And this is very recent. And he just looked at his child and he said, I want to go home. And so they discharged him. And they open the car door when they pull in the driveway, and he starts to walk to his back door because that’s how they enter their home. He collapses and he crawls crawls over the door. The what is that portion of the door, a shoulder threshold? Thank you.

And dice. Ah, gosh, man, he

he so badly. wanted to be home. Yeah. And he went home when he passed away. And that really happened about six months ago. So this, this idea of

thank you to our first responders who are responding.

This idea of going home, being home to guys sounds very appealing to me. That’s where I would be want to be nowhere else. Nowhere else.

And this makes me sad. Does it? Yeah, it makes me really sad. I mean, it’s not like I’m unprepared or unfamiliar. You know, the thing is for those of us who work around death you in a very specific literal way. And me in a more kind of metaphoric way with with clients, you would think that as much as death and the fear of death, which fear of death is a major driver for a lot of mental, behavioral health symptoms. fearing death is a problem for a lot of people. And for those of us who are around this, one would think that we would be the best at not taking for granted the life that we have because we see death every day. Right? That is not true. Not at all. It can become just as rote and mundane and routine as a tax return for an accountant. As a cleaning for hygenist as a lesson plan for a teacher. We need to be more mindful. Because we are guaranteed nothing. We’re not even promised. Our next breath. Yeah. Can you think about that? Yeah, that I mean that can drive one to despair that really could or gratitude or gratitude and I think that choice is ours. Not choose gratitude.

I think that these moments this podcast, this 40th episode is a great eye opening experience for me. Yeah, man. It’s awesome to know that tomorrow if I only do have tomorrow, like, make it the best that I can make it. Yeah. Like I don’t, I don’t need my, my. I don’t need my time stamped the date or that. I don’t. I don’t need to know when that’s going to be in order for it to be what it’s supposed to be or needs to be like. It could be that now. Yeah, it could be that right in this moment. I know what you’re gonna do when you go home, like I really do. I can picture you’re gonna walk in the front door, and you’re gonna walk straight to joy and you’re gonna give her a hug. Yeah. And here’s a we podcast

about dying. And it’s 100% True. Absolutely. And

you’re gonna go and make sure you go to everyone your girls rooms and say I love you. Yeah, aren’t you? Absolutely. Are you sad right now?

I am sad. You are?

Yeah. Are you gonna cry?

I have been crying this entire time. Oh, my gosh, yeah. But it’s not a it’s not a I mean, sad, but it’s not a bad sad. Yeah, you know, it’s just an awareness of my of the limitations. You know, I know, I know that the horizon is not infinite. And at some point, there is a sheer drop. And I want to arrive there running as fast as I can, and, and touching as many lives as I can, and being as faithful and compassionate, and good and strong, and brave as I can for my family. But I know that there’s there’s a finish line. That’s a part of it. That’s the part of the journey. You know, every journey has a destination. This one is at death. Maybe there’s more. How cool would that be? I don’t know anything about it. So just focus on this where I am right now. Yeah, I would drink red wine with joy. Who has this peculiar and amazing taste for Cabernet Sauvignon. And that we would drink, we would drink wine together, the girls would have surely temples because they always asked for them, even though they’re full of calories. And they would get those. And we would sit and we watch a sunset on the beach for sure. Having had a really long, wonderful day, and we would eat really, really good food. And we would spend the entire rest of the night until the dawn came, whether it was by sunlight, or eternal light. And we would just tell stories.

That’s really pretty. I got to stop talking about Yeah. What would you do for those people listening? For you who are listening? What would you do if you had 24 hours to live? And think of all the beautiful things that you would do? And how about you just do them now? Yeah, experience them now.

Don’t postpone joy. Take the trip. Risk, the expense. Be vulnerable and tell somebody what you feel how you think about them. Be honest about your limitations, and show up in the people’s lives who are always there for you. That’s it right? Yeah, that’s a start we have today. We’re guaranteed nothing more than this moment. So go make something of it.

On this 40th episode. I am so appreciative of you who listen who spend time with us day in and day out. And Dr. Carroll I’m so appreciative of you. And you, thank you cheers to 40

Yeah, happy 40th And to many more. Let’s do this again sometime. I’m gonna go ahead my wife