Ep 41 – Come As You Are Part 2

So Brent, do you have an and this isn’t something that you needed to have prepared for. So no pressure. But do you have any thoughts for how we could sharpen our, our saw sharpen the saw as podcasters to borrow a phrase from Stephen Covey’s enterprise?

You know, I think that I think that Nathan’s getting up and leaving.

I know where he’s got really distracted. Yes, he I thought it to get out.

So I guess the first critique would be Nathan, you should probably stay put during the podcast. Yes, sir.

Especially when we move to our video format, I

can’t help it that someone put the bourbon on their desk

that’s too structured. Get up when you feel like you

need. Okay. All right. So we are moving toward a more fluid approach.

I think the content is, is as good as it should be. It’s you guys just doing what you do. That’s should be. That’s incredibly humbling to hear. Um, but you have to, unfortunately, you have to market yourself if you want to grow. Yeah, number wise. Yeah. And that, you know, that’s, I hate that stuff. Because I think it feels I know, unnatural. But I would say that, you know, social media presences is a big part of that. And yeah, social media is a funny thing today, because it’s there’s a lot of noise, a lot of thing, a lot of things that go along with that. Like there’s this. Putting up a front like this is what I want people to see, this is what I want people to think about me or my business or my podcast. It’s kind of a yes, curated image. Yes, exactly. And image crafting, right. And I think that type of thing is necessary. But at the same time, I kind of hate it. Yeah. And I don’t I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just being jaded. But it does something bad. It just seems disingenuous. Yeah,

that’s me. exact word. Yeah. And yet seems to be what works for some, but

it is it is working. Yeah.

So why do you think podcast crew, a staff of podcasters would want to enlarge their platform? What’s the motivation for us, for instance, using us specifically? Why do we want to get out past kind of the circle that we’ve, I think, been very generously given by our listeners? Why do we want to push out and enlarge that circle?

I think that this is this is I have kind of a philosophy on this. And it’s, it maps on to being a musician and artists, and I think it maps on to being a podcaster. I see it paralleling each other. Yeah. I believe that when you are being creative, and creating content, music, podcast, whatever, when you’re doing that authentically, you create something that attracts a certain type of person, and that would be your audience. And I believe that there are people that are like that all over the world that you haven’t reached yet. So those potential audience members, people who would like who maybe I don’t, don’t not necessarily think the way you do, but just would enjoy what you do. They’re everywhere. And I think you should reach him because it’s like a community. It’s like, I mean, with music, it’s, I think about it, like, I have my musical influences. And that distills down into the music that I create, and the people that would like, what I’ve distilled down, they would also like, what I like, yeah, what I distilled it from, and there’s a camaraderie there. There’s, you know, it’s it’s communal. I feel like,

that’s the word that came to my mind, too, when I was listening to you talk about how, you know, wanting to that there’s a message out there and that we want to share it and it’s not something that we have to say necessarily the message. The message is the conversation. Like it’s not the content, it’s the process. It’s not what we have to say it’s how we are at As we say, what we say together, and creating for people an opportunity to understand that how important civil dialogue is, and having thoughtful conversations where there’s laughter, and there’s crying, and it’s all in the same frame. You know, and and that models, I think, for communities, impart maybe how to do that without a whole lot of complexity. But with some, you know, very simple structure, just show up, be present. Be real. Say what’s on your mind. Don’t try not to filter it too much. And see what happens. Yeah. So I love that word, communal and community that to me is, it’s this is about community making, that that’s my goal of why I want us to kind of push out and, and enlarge the space that we occupies, to allow room for other people to come in and be a part of this. Yeah, there’s

a lot of times, the funeral homes, people will, and I’m going to make a point, just so you know, a lot of people will come in with gift baskets before the visitation starts or the scheduled visitation or food baskets of some sort, right. And they’ll always say, Oh, I’m, I’m so sorry, I’m just this way, I just got off work or I had to I was painting out. So they just give you this excuse of how they are currently dressed. And I say to them, Come as you are, like you’re you doing this is such a generous thing. The family would be so appreciative. And I think that thought comes over into this podcast, as these people as you people are listening, you are literally able to come as you are with the baggage that you currently have, or the chaos that’s in the background. Because I know for a fact there’s a lot that’s going on in your lives right now. But you’re able to for this block of time come as you are genuinely wholeheartedly, maybe brokenly. And just listen to the to a couple of gentlemen that are trying to do this life alongside you. And I think community is key. People want to feel a part of something. And our hope, I think and brands and Doctor girl, my hope is that you feel apart, it can feel safe and a part of this too.

Yeah. And everybody has that chaos in the background. And that’s I think that’s the key is acknowledging that. And because in this social media era, no one posts, their chaos. That’s the idea that your neighbor is not dealing with. Life is a mess. Yeah, yeah, it is in different ways. But it’s still a mess. Yeah. And I think that’s at the heart of it.

Yeah. That’s why I think it’s important that when we dig into some of these conversations, you know, it’s not about getting agreement or conformity. It’s not about having people think how we think just having the conversation, it that’s that, to me is what’s different about podcasts. And when I listen to podcasts, there are some that have a lot of a lot of listeners, and they have a lot of good potential. But it is someone reading some prepared thoughts. And to me, that doesn’t speak to me. Maybe it’s in the delivery? I don’t know, because I could be reading for all I know, before anyone knows, yes. I just have to be delivering in a certain way. But I like when someone shows up and it’s like, Okay, let’s see what happens here. There is something up this is why I think religions will always have the world’s attention. And it’s because religions are the places where there is mystery. Religions are the custodians of the mysteries. And and there are things that we don’t know. And people go into the those stories, hunting and searching and looking for, for some, for some peace, they sniff around the edges for some, some glimpse of the mystery. And I to me, that’s what this is. This is to me, like what I think people go to church to look for. And that is real. Humanity. real conversations about issues and and topics that matter by people who aren’t interested in what anyone thinks, but are they’re just trying to get the conversation started. Like it’s not about what I think I don’t think that I’m right. It’s not about what Nathan thinks. It’s about getting a conversation going. And because I love I love it. When I encounter people in public and they come in, they’re like, Hey, I appreciate your podcast when you said this, this this. And yesterday, I was seeing someone in my office a couple and they were talking about some issues and those issues were mirrored exactly in one of our previous episodes. And, and they brought up they’re like, Hey, didn’t Don’t you have a podcast? I was like, it’s funny. You mentioned that because in Episode, whatever, we talked about this, and they said, They’re from another town. So they said, We’re gonna drive back right now we’re gonna listen to it. And then they check back in later. And they were like, Oh my gosh, it’s like you were making that while we were talking. You know, it’s

like, that’s funny, because I don’t even know if I’ve told you this, but I can’t count how many times I’ve been editing an episode. And it is completely, eerily relevant to relate to my day, or, or the day before, because a lot of times I get up with chickens and edit first thing in the morning, but it was like, the total narrative of my day before or, you know, the moral of that day or whatever you want to call it. Weird.

Well, what do you think that is?

I think it’s union synchronicity. That’s what I hear

you. I’m all about something. I don’t know. Synergy. It’s

weird. Yeah. It’s a weird universe that we live in. I mean, really, it’s listening? Well, it’s, yeah, I mean, there’s a lot of things that don’t make sense that you can’t explain. But, you know, I guess in the moment, when I’m editing, and you’re talking about something that’s relevant, that’s meaningful, it means something to me at least. And it means something to the folks that you’ve been talking to. Yeah. So whatever that is, probably doesn’t matter what it is. But

exactly. I remember when I used to be a preacher. When I was in school, you had to preach in front of everybody, and they would record you and then they would rip everything about you, and everything you said. And it was embarrassing, and demoralizing and incredibly rewarding. Sounds encouraging. Yeah. Well, you know, like Brent was talking about earlier, the reward is the risk, right? So anyway, and there would be, there will be times when someone would say, you know, I loved it when you said this, and I would go back and check. And I never said that. So there’s something that was happening in them. They were they were dancing with this dialogue that I was a part of, but wasn’t the author of they were. And they found and heard something that meant something to them. They had nothing to do with me. Yeah. Which is pretty amazing. The other thing was, that it was important that we never speak to a specific person with them in mind, because they would never show up that Sunday. Oh, which is hilarious. And of course, that’s true. And another thing was to, to always to be present. And to recognize that it is it is there’s something happening in that moment. That is not about what it is that you’re saying that it doesn’t matter if people don’t remember one word you said and you know, going back listening to these people, people, listen, our listeners, you don’t remember anything that we’ve said nothing. But something happens in that moment. That might be transformative for me, or for you or for someone. That’s what matters to your point. It’s not necessarily the relevance of the topic or how it was being talked about. But something happened in the moment and I have no idea what it was. Can’t describe it. I just know that something happened. I’m better for it. I’m gonna hold on to that.

This affirms this episode actually affirms something really important for me, and what we are doing, you know, as the people behind you’ll die trying but just as people in our lives you who are listening like you we have a huge responsibility. Yeah, a huge responsibility, right. To to literally, for lack of a better word, pave a way, a positive way. One of hope and inclusion and honesty, as we say thank you to our first responders responders. You know, this, this idea that, you know, life isn’t easy. Life isn’t perfect. Life isn’t always beautiful. It’s it’s literally just like taking this group of people and holding them up and close and saying let’s go together. Let’s you know, let’s track to these waters.

Yeah. Anyway, is that why you do this? The podcast? Yeah.

Yeah, I, I love this podcast because it’s, you know, two of my dearest friends that and me just throwing hope. Insight maybe, you know, not on my end because I’m just a big dummy. But, you know, I’m joking. That’s my stick. I’m not as you know, but yeah, Drew and Drew and TJ, I always say you’re Dumb. He sure got a cute pretty face or whatever they say. They don’t say I’m dumb, but at least you’re cute or something. I don’t know. They say hi guys. I wonder boy, but what am I talking about now?

About why you do it?

Yeah, why you do it in the role you play in

my role is Yeah, I just I want people it’s you know, you were asking me earlier, Brent, you’re like, do you like people and I was like I really like people I don’t know. Like, I really like letting people know that they’re loved, like the people that came in today drop off things for their loved one to be displayed for the visitation. Like, I literally wanted to drop everything and just love on them. And that’s kind of like you all who are listening, or that person bringing the things in for the visitation. I just, I just want you to know, your loved. I mean, that’s important for me, you know, who struggle sometimes with feeling love, you know, you know, recent discoveries in myself and just not necessarily receiving it or acknowledging it or seeing it? I don’t know. But I think that’s important for people to know that. That’s why I do it. And that’s why I look forward to and that’s why we recorded all hours of the day and afternoon and evening or whatever, just to get content that I we believe is thought provoking.

Brent, how often should a podcast err

it should air Tuesdays and Fridays.

That’s awesome. He’s like, just like please no more.

I don’t know. I’m sure there’s some scientific metric out there somewhere that that says you know what you ought to do, but consistency is king. I think that’s yeah, that’s the key. Once a week’s probably fine. Yeah. Three times. Also fine. Yeah. But being reliable. Yes. Doing it. Whatever you do. It’s a once a week, do it once a week. Stick with it. Yeah, what’s important? Like it?

Was that being said, we’re gonna go to 17 episodes a week.

Yeah, starting right now.

Could you imagine Brent we’re

like, Bro I gotta hire some help.

Yeah, no kidding. We did. My wife would not have

it. Doctor would be divorced that would be living in the office here. And but it would just literally give up. Yeah, quit actually I can’t speak to you. She wouldn’t he would just probably be Nathan.

He would soldier through Yeah, I would.

I would muscle through listen to her voice.

I mean, also sound like a male would be so amazing. I don’t know who am I have to thank for my I don’t know if my adenoids are what the down exactly like a male it makes me sound like a mixture of Thelma and Louise. No,

you sound like a male version of Delilah if Delilah spoke and then you spoke it would just be like you no longer have long blonde hair. You have short brown with the beard.

While you drive in the evening. Just listen. Sit back.

Relax. Enjoy. That’s funny. It’s a compliment. Thank you. You’re very welcome. Very welcome. Well,

Brent, to say the least on behalf of everybody who’s ever even thought about listening to our podcast? Thank you. From our heart of hearts.

My pleasure in the words of Chick fil A.

I love it. We should talk about Chick fil A sometime.

I think we did that. Okay, for the next like three years. Yeah,

this is a six episode six. Episode Six. Yeah.

I remember those days.

Yes. Yeah. Walked uphill to and from school and snow. Yeah, yeah.

So so here we are. We’re this far in. And it’s it’s amazing. It’s only it’s only been a few months, but it feels like it’s it’s been a lot longer in the best sense of that. Like when you feel like you’ve been married forever, but you haven’t, which is great, because you still have a long way to go. But it feels that comfortable. I’m grateful for that.

I think we found our place boys. I think we’ve kind of know who we are where and that’s a good feeling, you know, to kind of, you know, from a from a standpoint of a musician speaking it’s like, you know, I’m just gonna release the bunch of stuff. Well, good to find your sound. Yeah, the sound is That’s right.

Gotta find your voice find it. Yeah. And I think

we have and appreciate all of you all. Listening and coming on board and sharing this podcast with your friends and family. If you if you would please visit forward slash you’ll die trying please leave us voice messages. We would love to be able to showcase those air those in upcoming podcasts of course with your love and blessing.

Yeah. Thank you, Brent, once again, for being being who you are, and for doing what you do. Absolutely your gift. I’m Jonathan.

I’m Nathan and I’m gonna play us out.

Thank you for listening to you’ll die trying