Ep 44 – Anything but the Weather Part 1

How are you today? Dr. Carroll? Hey, I’m well how are you doing?

I’m doing awesome. Thank you very much for asking on this beautiful day that we’re in. We’re in it to win it.

Yes, there is a, like flash flood warnings really all around us. Yeah, ridiculous to five inches of rain today and tomorrow. Hey,

let’s live in a place where it’s negative 22 degrees one day and then 66 the next. I think I saw somebody washing their car that day with their shirt off. And it literally was negative, right? Windchill? That? Yeah, they are doing for Yeah, fat it’ll overtake Aeolus. That is ridiculous. Well, I am Nathan Morris.

I’m Jonathan Carroll.

We are bringing you the most incredible of podcasts on this 44th episode number 4444. It’s

like a year older than you. Brock Obama was the 44th. President. Yeah,

there’s 44 pieces of candy in that cane jar, I’m sure.

Who’s the most famous baseball player with the number 44.

I know it’s not Jackie Robinson.

What number was he?

42? That’s right. Number 44. Wasn’t what’s his face? McGuire? Baseball. Did he play for the? I don’t know. Sammy Sosa?

Are you talking about? The Oakland Athletics.

Yep. That guy? No wasn’t.

I think Pete Rose? Awful. Karen and Reggie Jax don’t

give me any type of sports. Same here at all. I like watching it. But I’m not like TJ and Drew, they were playing this whisper game where you play really, really loud music in your headphones. And the other guy just whispers and mouths the name of like a famous in this instance. It was basketball players. They got every one of them right. I would have been like Barney. Yeah, Selena Gomez. Dr. Ma?

I think it’s interesting to observe, as I enjoy doing human relationships, how many people talk about the weather, and sports as a way to connect with each other. That’s weird. Instead of actual content that lives and breathes beneath the surface of the human mind.

I’m gonna say something. You can take it for what you want. I’m around a lot of elderly people. So I will tell you elderly people are notorious for talking about the weather and doctor’s appointments. That’s pretty much it.

Those are two things that are for sure. For a lot of people, right?

That’s, that’s definitely the case. So I don’t mean any disrespect. Because my grandma, she loves going to the doctor.

I had to go to one last week. And now I have to go twice a year. That’s awful. Yeah. And but you know, I had a client who talked to me about the fact they have a doctor’s appointment, three out of five days this week, different doctors. Are you kidding me? This is not an exceptionally older person either. No, that’s

awful. I literally did not go to the doctor. I went at Dr. Kaiser was a pediatrician. And I went to him and I was like, 21 years old, and you’re supposed to stop going to a pediatrician at like, What time 18 And then I didn’t have another doctor up until I was like 28 years old.

You have one now?

I do. But I’ve only been one time.

Yeah. Well, I think that’s that’s what happens when you’re healthy and you’re young and maybe even thinking that you could be invincible and I was there once too. Both of the primary physicians that I’ve had here in this community have left immediately after I signed up with them

probably because your insurance because

they left like town on they just didn’t like so I got a letter saying they’re moving in. I can get my records and then I went got another one. And then the next week after my visit, they’re leaving I have to get another one. I’m tired of finding doctor. So

ladies and gentlemen, if you are a physician and you are interested in doctoring, Dr. Jonathan Carroll, please write to us at you’ll die trying pod Hey, you know what today’s podcast is going to be about?

I think it’s about why people use superficial topics to engage as a way of saying no me, love me like me, rather than just saying that they talk about the weather in sports, but it looks by the look on your face like we might have another topic

I think kind of is I don’t know I don’t know what the podcast is about. Now you threw me off,

what were you going to say?

I was going to say that today’s podcast is is going to be about what you just said.

So we talked in a previous episode about vulnerability, yes. And about how difficult it is for people to open up that wound of knowledge about themselves. One of the best books I’ve ever read called the wound of knowledge. But anyway, and I want to not talk about that again. But I do want to open the subject up about why people have a hard time connecting with other people. Especially strangers,

I think it’s laziness. Because the root of it is people. People want to connect, right? I know, I have nothing in common with the dude who plays guitar with his feet sitting on the corner on the bucket. Like, I know, I don’t. But however, if I engaged in in conversation with him, I probably would find out that we like maybe similar, similar places to eat. Or maybe we both have this sister named Claire, I don’t know, do you understand I don’t have a sister named Claire. But my point is, is I think it’s laziness. And I’m totally at fault for that, too.

It could also be maybe some fear, as we always encounter feeling late security, being fear, I don’t know. It could be a function of

fear. That’s what I was gonna say. I feel like when you’re a kid, and you’re shy, it’s cute. When you’re an adult and shy, it’s laziness. Yeah. So it’s kind of like when you choose to be fearful of connecting with a human being, it’s kind of like, it’s kind of lazy.

It’s, it’s not easy for everyone. And we have to take into consideration that there isn’t just one personality type out there. And for those who may be more introverted, it oftentimes can be hard to connect with people because they don’t get energy that way. It’s like work, you know, it’s like asking me, could I go out there quickly and rewire my garage, electrically? Like,

okay, Morrible? Can we do that one time? Can we do like an oven

literally die and burn miles to

location? Have you rewiring your garage or podcast

but but to other people like maybe brand or others whom we know who are really good at that kind of thing? They’re like, Oh, that sounds great. What a great challenge. I love doing that. Personalities work that way, too. Let’s go to a party. The wife says the husband says, okay, secretly thinking, Oh, my God, I don’t want to talk to those people. I don’t want to be around those people. I don’t want to have to put that energy. What time can we leave? And the wife is mad because she doesn’t want the husband making her leave early. And already they’re in a fight and haven’t even gotten there.

Right. I’ve literally seen that story play out so many times, not personally, but I’ve literally been a part of that story so many times. Let me ask you this question because it kind of coincides with this and I want to know if I’m being lazy. Alright, I’m ready. All right. February the 23rd. Okay. Bone Thugs and harmony. Travis No. Bone Thugs and harmony and Twista.

Yes, little flip.

Our company is getting weirder. And there’s a point. They’re coming to the Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana. And we were invited to go. I was told that it would be a really good time. Okay, I have no desire to go to a little flip Twista and Bone Thugs concert. So I don’t want to go. When asked why the answer is because I don’t want to. Does that make me lazy? Because I literally don’t want to immerse myself into I mean, I know Twista songs I remember I’m back in the I’m gonna make you a celebrity Obernai that song you know, whatever. And Bone Thugs let’s be honest, they’ve got the Crossroads song, but

I mean, who doesn’t love that?

Who I don’t want to go to that.

What’s the problem? Right? How is that lazy?

I’m just making sure.

Okay, you’re checking. I’m

just checking it out to make sure I’m not being lazy. Like, let’s try a new opportunity or a new. You know, this isn’t climbing a mountain. Here’s no this isn’t hiking. This isn’t climbing trees for me or jumping off of a cliff. This is literally going somewhere. I don’t want to go.

Here’s the thing. One of the best things about being adult, a being an adult, is that you don’t have to do everything that you don’t want to do. Like when you’re a kid, and you just get dragged along to JC Penney kados groaning old music, watching your grandmother with 60 hangers, each of which holds six garments. And she’s not going to end up buying any of them. That was my childhood

in that they had the circular hangers and you could hide enter in between it

but then I had I got in trouble for it because she couldn’t find me and I just had to sit on the loan. Barely scared. sleeve padded wooden chair right outside of the women’s fitting room and give my opinion on the apparent fit. Now my grandmother, God rest her soul really preferred my sister. And so my sister got to do that. But there were times when it was me now I’m so glad But grandma never made me. Do I want to do that? At 11 years old? Is that what I want to know? Is that what I’m gonna do? Yes. Why? Because I’m 11 and you don’t have a driver’s license, you’re 33 you have to pay your taxes. You have to take your children here and there and provide for them. You have to be professional as a leader. You do not have to go to a Bone Thugs and harmony and twist a concert in another town. When you don’t want to hang God, be the adult that you are. Don’t make excuses because you don’t owe anyone anything including an explanation. A simple word of gratitude. And then a nice and polite declination, like, oh, gosh, I wish I could but I don’t want to. That’s from Phoebe from friends. Yeah. Something like that. Or you know what, thanks for thinking of me. It’s just not my thing. But it means a lot. And I hope you’ll ask again the next time. The next time Botox comes through. The next time there’s an opportunity. Okay, next time it could be you know, who you really like Jani, along with Michael Bolton. That could be the next opportunity. You’re not going to say no to that.

I mean, who would say no to a Jani concert? I don’t even know if the guy plays concerts anymore. Do you know who I would love to see in concert Andre Bocelli. incredible voice. beautiful voice. Anyway, I would just like I would I would go to that show in a heartbeat.

Good. That was good. Anyway,

you’ve heard it here, folks. I will not be attending the Bone Thugs Twista and low flip concert at the Ford Center. Have you told your friends that you won’t be glad to talk to listen to this episode? No, I will. We should

have you call them now. Put them on speaker and tell them but not without him. Now, let’s

definitely not do that. So

this brings up a couple of things on the one hand. Why are we so hesitant to talk? Honestly,

I wasn’t hesitant. I just wanted to but I agree with that. Yes.

And and secondly, why are we so defensive? I know. Why are we so defensive? Now? Secondly, why are we so hesitant to speak? What is real? Yeah. I don’t want to talk about the weather. It’s the weather, weather. It’s coming. Really there’s already weather, it’s all weather. It doesn’t just not rain and snow is weather. Everything’s weather. It’s very, it’s like someone saying I have sinus. It’s really me too.

I breathed a breeze. Breathe.

So anyway, to the point, I want us to engage in a more Examined Life. Socrates said The unexamined life is not worth living. Hmm. And I think when we examine ourselves constantly, we find our Achilles places. And one of them is that we are largely insecure. We do worry what people think we want them to think well of us. We want them to think more well of us than we think of ourselves. Honestly. We get mad at them when they don’t. And I think we need to be able to engage people at a level that’s beyond the weather in sports. I don’t know how many times people have come up to me and asked me if I’m a UK or Louisville fan. Gosh, to which I say you know, I I wish everyone well. That’s all that I can think to say

that may or may not I really don’t guess a conversation that happens at in the labor and delivery room. Hearing content. Oh, yeah. The nurses as soon as you will be sorry, I don’t mean to mock. Hey, I want to take this time. For those of you who are listening and have listened thank you so much for doing so please be sure to subscribe to this podcast on your beautiful listening devices. And please be sure to also give us a five star rating. Be sure and click five stars write a review. We would love that it would really help so please click five stars