Ep 47 – The Wonder Boys Part 1

Oh gentlemen, are you ready?

As I went down in the river to pray sadena About that good Oh, Wei Xiao where? A starry crown because good Lord show me the way. Oh brother let’s go down. Let’s go down come on down. Oh brother let’s go down down in the river to good morning good afternoon good evening and good night this is you’ll die trying I’m Jonathan Cairo. I’m Nathan Morris and we have the Vonda boys

live on the buy. Welcome to see TJ Stinnett and Joe Joe. Yay. Everybody weigh in, say a little something about yourself. Ready and

go. This is TJ Stinnett. I am 29 years old. I like long walks on the beach and I love my wife

straight off of his Tinder app.

Oh, this is really hard to see I was the bass just I was terrible at it. But I enjoy doing it.

It’s not true. You have a lovely voice and a beautiful beard. Thank you. My name is Joel Chacho and I was the counter tenor in our in our piece of content and I also work at Wonderboy. Welcome to

you’ll die trying podcast studio Wonder Boys of Wonderboy media.

Can I just say that this feels like that Saturday Night Live skit where they have Alec Baldwin on and he talks about the candies that he makes?

Yeah, his last name was sweaty. I can’t remember the end. Yeah. That was a good sketch.

I just feel like Yeah, you were on a podcast you are on a

podcast ladies and gentlemen. We’ve been talking about the Wonder Boys for a long time now and it’s awesome that they’re here in studio today for our episode number 47.

So gentlemen, what’s it like to be you what’s it like to work together day in and day out the three of you. Doing what you do? Tell us what you do. Tell us what it’s like doing it. Why y’all do that

we and Wonderboy. We specialize in photography, videography, social media marketing. And so we’ve all kind of naturally divided those roles up to you know, shooting video and pictures and editing them and giving that content to our amazing social media marketer to market it on social media.

That is me. I think our journey has been a unique one, just how we’ve grown in the last How long have we been a company

talking really early 2016 is when we started talking really quiet. You don’t have to talk really cool. I want to hear myself. Okay, you can have so it’s okay. You don’t I mean you can use

them. We’re getting through the pet studio headphone monitors. Yeah. Now you can go again Joel I’m so sorry to interrupt you. As you

talk. Yes. Summer of 2016.

Summer of 2016. I was brought on in the summer of 2017. Part time and then I came on a year later full time. I am the social media director at

Wonderboy you have a natural podcasting voice.

Really? Yeah. I’ve never heard that. About my blue sound. I’ve really never heard anything about my speaking voice. I usually speak through my fingers because I’m a pianist. Okay. I’m I’m a piano road rage or so also.

So I’ve usually, yeah, Jonathan amazing conditions.

And I think the most unique thing about Wonderboy is that we’re all such good friends. The office has a culture like no other. You know, we have a good time in the office and we’re really passionate about what we do. And we’re passionate about each other and you know, being good friends to each other. So I think that’s like, my favorite thing about Wonderboy is just the culture in the office. I get to wake up and go to a job that I love every single day. You know, they’ll cliche like you don’t work a day in your life if you love what you do or whatever that is. That’s like true for me. And I can probably say that for these other two here. that, you know, we get to do what we love every day. So it’s not even like working

the company Wonderboy as a whole I graduated in 2017 with a social media marketing degree. And the company with Wonderboy actually puts me like optimizes what I can do with the tools around me that they provide. My I remember my senior seminar professor said to me, one time she said, you know, a lot of you are going to be doing what you do alone, you know, there’s going to be companies that will hire you and you’re going to be doing it alone, you got to figure stuff out. For me, that’s that’s not the case. I’ve got all these resources and tools around me, that that help us just succeed every day. So Wonderboy is a unique company. And I think we’re all I speak for everyone, when I say that we’re all really excited to be a part of it. So,

so something we’ve talked about in the past, in a previous episode, Nathan and I’m is what it’s like to, to work with people with whom we share friendships, right? The context of that previous conversation had to do with being a business owner or business leader, and how wise is it or avoidable or unavoidable to engage in work relationships with friends? Obviously, a lot of people when starting up a business? Or, you know, I think this is probably true of most politicians to when they’re starting up their term they call people that they know, to come and kind of surround them and do their thing. We talked about some of the pitfalls of that. But TJ, I heard you talking about some of the benefits of working with people with him, your friends, what’s the what’s that, like?

Well, excuse me. I think that I think that we all know each other really well. And I think that we know, like we know what each other needs. So I think that that’s I think that’s how we use our friendship to the business’s advantage is that, like, I know exactly what gets drew going. I know like, what motivates him, I know what he struggles with. So whenever it comes to business, a lot of those things are reflected in business too. So I know exactly like how I can help him be better. And then he probably hopefully, he would say the same thing about me, like he knows where I fall short. And where I, you know, do well in. So he pushes me in certain things. And then he knows that he needs to do certain things. So I don’t have to do them. Because that’s not, you know, that’s not me. So. So I think that that I think we take advantage of that very well with our business. Now do we get on each other’s nerves sometimes absolutely

was what is the culture of how to resolve conflict and reconcile afterwards.

Just ignore each other for a day. That is still healthy and helpful. It’s super healthy. No, that’s comfortable. It is, you know, and we all have our struggles and the ways that we deal with things. I think it’s easier not to sound sadistic or anything, but men just kind of handle confrontation and conflict a little bit differently. And, you know, we just take a step away, take a breather, and come back and everything’s fine. And

but we recognize that we need to like I know when Drew’s mad like if I’ve made Dru mad. I know okay, I’m just gonna back off for a little while space, give him some space. And then like, you know, a couple of hours later, we’re going to come back and it’s going it’s going to be fine.

Who’s the first to apologize?

He don’t even apologize. I don’t know that there’s a whole that’s a bit lol apologizes.

Joel apologizes. I feel

like I apologize to Joel a lot. You have to know. Well, I

think we I think we apologize when we’ve really done something to like, hurt the other person. Like if we just like annoy the other person, then you know, that’s maybe we don’t apologize for that. We just kind of give it some time. But like if we really hurt each other, then there’s definitely an apology there.

So if you do the math here, they were just talking about how Joel gets apologize to ally if you do the math there, that means that I’m the one that’s getting genuinely hurt all the time. So

that is in fact true. If Joel took personally these, these incidents, but he knows how I’m listening to the podcast. Not to take things personally ever

take it personal to paint the picture for you all the the Wonderboy office is a very large square. That’s it’s a squared office, very high ceilings, and you have in the let’s say you’re looking at the square on the bottom left quadrant is is mine. It’s my sit stand desk and then the top left quadrant is Joel so we sit side by side and then across from top right would be TJ and then TJ sits beside drew on the bottom right so we’re literally mirroring each other and they’re dialed in a lot of the times there headphones on. So Joel and I are a lot of times singing songs, as you heard at the beginning of this podcast. And Drew and TJ are coming in hot.

We we have gets and the more we talk about this, the more we realize how unhealthy This is. Yeah, that’s what Tom does. Yeah. So we have

bits podcast over podcast. Do you have a bit? What’s your bit?

Everybody has a role to play, right?

Well, I don’t know if these are healthy roles, right? Mine is just coming in hot.

You do come in hot a lot that look like well.

Okay, example.

Now if you ask them. They might say, I come in screaming. We’re going under. I think maybe I’ve done that once as a joke.

What? Come on,

I think most of the time when I do my bit, which is coming in hot. Wait, you.

So you mean that every time that you come in hot and you say the business is going down?

I’ve only I’ve only said it like once I was a joke last week. Anyway, yeah. When I come in hot, it’s usually like, it’s self motivating. It’s like, Alright, let’s go. You know, let’s grab the bull by the horns and I’m slamming doors, and I’m getting the coffee ready and make a lot of noise. And I’m just you’re gearing up? Yeah, let’s do. But you know, that too. There are a lot of incredulity on the other side. To an outsider, someone not in my head. That kind of low, which is everyone. Yeah, that could look. Yeah, drastically different.

So go ahead, Joe.

Okay, so we’re talking about our bits of Drew’s is called coming in. Hi, I would say mine is probably called wait. So. So a lot of times, I’ll say wait, so, and then I say something really stupid, or dumb or unintelligent. And sometimes I hide behind my bit where I actually don’t know what’s going on. So I’ll say like, Oh, wait. So Drew, do you mean that LeBron James doesn’t play for and then I’ll say something really dumb. And then he gives me this look, or TJ gave me this look like, are you? Are you serious?

So you mean the sun rises in the east? Exactly. And then we’re like, Well, yeah, everybody knows the sun rises in the east or you can’t be that stupid, you know?

Right. But I thought that I was that was my bed, never knowing what’s going on.

That I think that’s two separate things. Got it. You don’t know what’s going on. He is unintelligent Joel isn’t intelligent.

I really do come in, and you’d have no idea what’s happened and transpired in the Wonderboy office. Which takes us directly to TJ

Yes. Okay, my bet would be being extremely direct. And it is like,

just give us an example. Oh,

I don’t know, I hurt. Okay. My bit hurts Joel’s feelings more than anyone because I don’t know. It’s just Joe’s personality just takes more offense to that. And I’m just like a really direct person. Like, I don’t let feelings get in business. And sometimes I probably take that too far.

It looks a little bit like this. Joel would say wait, so the sun rises in the east and TJ would immediately reply with Yeah, that was fifth grade science.

That is a perfect example.

Really, like,

are you not paying attention and Miss Robertson’s class?

I probably peaked a little bit there. I’m sorry. No, you didn’t actually you’re good.

So everybody has his bit. And it seems to work for you. You seem to have your own kind of culture of conflict resolution. Do your wives have a hard time with your work culture? wives and significant other? Ah,

I don’t think so.

Yeah, I think she just understands that there are work spouses, and then there’s me and meaning her. So, you know, when I go to work I have my spouse’s. It’s kind of polygamous. We’re getting off the road.

Yeah, going off the road. I think my wife gets a little jealous sometimes of like, how much fun we do have here. You know, she she would like to have that in her work environment, maybe but, but I think that she is very supportive. She tells me all the time that she’s really proud of us, not just me, but all of the Wonder Boys, you know, on the business that we’re building. So I think my wife is very supportive of what’s going on here.

Man will sometimes say, if she needs to find something out from me, do I need to text TJ? Because TJ will know the answer actually

funny story here. Nathan’s boys actually think that Drew and I live together. That is true. They say Drew and TJ is

how we go to during TJ sells. But

in our defense, it’s just because they see us like every other time that they see us. It’s at Drew’s house and I’m there because we’re having like little get togethers because they

genuinely like each other and you

are locked together and you play together who really do