Ep 49 – Who Knows

Seriously, I think we should create our podcasts for commuters who work at home. So we should record only as long as it takes to go from the bedroom to the home office.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for coming by today. It’s

been good having Hi

I’m Nathan Morris, Jonathan


okay by Dr. MA You know, I don’t care what any article says that says you jump right into the content, I think there should be a build up. Always.

My build up consists of an egg salad sandwich in the shape of a triangle from a local gas station. Yeah, it was made 1421 29 days ago.

Oh my gosh, not really in a black plastic bag. I mean, like, it is icky. You know, I don’t I don’t judge you. I don’t care it was probably was the most amazing sandwich you’ve had in a really long time. Who wrote that article? Which one? We were just talking before we started recording today’s episode, today’s episode being episode number 49. I’m Nathan Morris. I’m Jonathan Carroll. And you are you and you are here. And we appreciate that. I think banter is important. I think you all who listen, enjoy us talking back and forth. And this article apparently that Dr. Carroll read I’m going to put the assume that they basically say said to jump right into things and not have any type of casual, calm commentary.

Well, the idea was, and it was just, you know, one idea that people who are listening, don’t really care about, like the inside jokes, or the, you know, the whatever it is that I just ate or that they’re interested in the content. And they would rather us jump right in. Because, you know, we only have a few seconds to convince people to stay with us and not just either fast forward or go to some other far less quality show, or episode.

I can tell you right now, not much. I would choose over an egg salad sandwich,

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Yes. I think that this podcast, it’s good. I mean, we’re 49 episodes in credit. That’s

pretty great.

I’m proud of that. I hope you are 49 That’s a long time. Yeah. September of 2018. So when we started this baby, maybe it was night. I don’t remember

it was September of 2018. Okay, unless correct. I think that’s true.

Might not be but either way. We just want to say thank you for those of you who keep coming back time and time again to listen to what it is we have to say in today’s episode is going to be that of what Dr. Carroll

Well, I’d like to ask you Nathan about something that you’re passionate about.

What Oh, what am I passionate about? Yeah. Oh, business. Okay, love it. In general in general, and someone told me that we should consider we should consider talking about our re re visiting categorizing There we go. Um, oh, our podcasts really from business to life or whatever it’s called life and leisure or something I

don’t I kind of think that for a lot of us. It’s a mistake to try to compartmentalize a podcast trajectory or theme with just one idea. Like yes, because business is life. Life is relationships. Relationships is our politics. Politics is business and again and again around the circle we go.

I don’t think this is anywhere happy with kids, though.

We don’t We you talk about your children’s Yeah, but you probably could put this in the kids category. Oh, as in like a kids friendly podcast.

I love the honest diaper far more than the loves.

You know, I’m surprised by how many adolescents say they listen to our show. And this is a shout out to you. You know who you are. You’ve you’ve seen me or talk to me or maybe you’ve been to my home or after we’d been to your school and you’ll follow us or have liked us on Instagram or Facebook or something like that. I think that’s a it’s pretty incredible. So kudos to those seventh and eighth and ninth graders out there listening to this podcast, trying to get a little nugget of something that to grow up with. That’s pretty incredible. That gives me a tremendous sense of humility and responsibility.

When I was in seventh grade. I definitely wasn’t expanding my mind in that regard. You know, no, I was watching goose bumps and

really still in seventh grade? That’s okay. I mean, judging I didn’t want that to sound, you know, Borg’s,

do you remember that show? big, bad Beto Burke’s is kind of like a. Okay, that was definitely not seven. I don’t think it was. Anyway, glad you’re here. Glad you are here. Yeah. I’m passionate about business. Dr. Carl, what are you passionate about right now?

Well, I have to say, I’m definitely passionate about the work that I do. For sure. I’m also passionate about travel. And I like I want to find a way to do the work that I do while traveling. So that by the time my kids are out of the house and on their own, which you know, should be any day now, we’ll have that that kind of that thing set up so that we can go wherever we want to go. We’ve got a little trip planned for this weekend. We’ve got a little little bit of a larger trip planned for spring break, we’ll probably do something. You know, one or two more things this year, just because it’s such a passion of ours, meaning we just want to get out and see the world and meet people and try their food and listen to their culture and leave something of ourselves there rather than take something of theirs back. Like we’re not big into souvenirs, we’ve talked before about how travel is kind of a daring act of political imagination. And I don’t want to I want to be more of a pilgrim than I want to be a tourist. Yeah. Or some people say, tourist

tourist. Instead of Gulf Shores. It’s Gulf Shores. Shores, Alabama. Right. Exactly. I feel like I’ve been there like 75 times to go shores. Yes.

I never have. Well, it’s like,

everybody when I was growing up, went there all the time.

If you were going to retire today, where would you go? Oh,

Colorado. Really? What part in Denver? Okay, because it’s city and then you can drive a couple hours into the mountains. You can do whatever you want. I mean, yeah, rock climbing go running. I mean, they I love it there. Yeah, it’s a beautiful actually go in there. And few months. Are you? Yep. Okay. Megan, I almost said Dr. Carolina, Dr. Carolina, who you don’t know. But I’m glad to know that I’m doing now Megan and I are going to Colorado in a few months. And we’re looking forward to that. Okay. Yeah. Last time we were there. It’s really funny because we’re sitting by the elevator. And Megan is kind of looking at this group of guys that are like seven feet tall or whatever. It’s the whole pelicans basketball team, all of which most of which played for UK at one point or another. And Megan has no clue who they are. Just standing him. We’re just standing amidst them.

It was so funny. A minute ago, I was thinking one of the things we don’t talk about is sports.

We’d never do that was literally the first and only thing we talked about. There it goes right there. That’s it. There you go done,

I think join are going to New York City soon. And I think we’re going to try to bring in a Knicks game. The next by the way, I had to look it up there the 15th of 15 in their division, so they’re like literally the worst team. But it doesn’t matter. I don’t think if you’re a New Yorker, they’re your team. So yeah,

and it’s Madison Square Garden. And that’s and they’re playing the king Sacramento

Kings. Well, while we’re there, yeah, that wouldn’t be fun. Yeah. And we’re gonna go see a show a Broadway show. It was my Christmas present To Kill a Mockingbird went to Broadway and just December and Jeff Daniels from newsroom, among other productions plays Atticus Finch and is written by Aaron Sorkin, who did the West Wing among other things. So as I’ve mentioned another episode very excited. It’s finally here. And I can’t wait to report back.

If you’ve listened to previous podcasts, you would know that Dr. Carroll has not seen the movie. Dumb and Dumber. I haven’t we please watch that.

If I said there was 99% chance I’m not going to watch it. Would you say? So? You’re saying there is a chance? You really won’t watch it? Well, you? Yeah, well, good. Well, good. So I have a couple of questions that I thought I would ask you today. Just some thoughtful, engaging questions to sure that we could kind of banter back and forth.

Sure. Before we do that, can I tell myself over the weekend, previous week, actually, I had expedited for something to happen. We are experiencing rapid growth. And I’m forecasting for even more growth to the point where we had done some renovations. And one of the pieces of equipment that we ordered I made a boo boo instead of it coming in one piece. It came in multiple in the floor, your existing floor serves as the floor for this piece of equipment. And it was laid are supposed to be on an area that had a drainage. What am I trying to say? Where it slopes down for the drain? That’s it. It was like a $1,500 $15. Sorry, my father in law’s listening $1,500 mistake. I made a mistake. But the good problem is is that we’re growing at Didn’t mean to mess up, but I messed up. It’s okay to mess up. It happens all the time. I was not happy for a minute, but I’m okay now. Stupid. I would

like to ask you if you think because this is this is that’s a bit of a critical situation what I would call a my line of work or critical incident. Would you consider yourself to be useful in a crisis?

Huh? Absolutely.

What do you like?

What am I like? I’m a problem solver. So I mean, obviously, that was my problem. That sounds contradictory. Really. Unbeknownst to me, what I did think is that it came together. Like I thought it was like two pieces. It’s a it’s a, we have a 14 person cooler. Because of all the growth that we’re doing. And the third party cremations, and so forth. I, we installed a large system, well, I thought that the walls would all be coming fabricated, and you literally just set it in this area. And then the floor is already existing, and then you could we were going to make up for about putting some metal, whatever they’re called to stack them up. Anyway, that’s not the case. I go back to say that I was unaware. So if anything, I was naive to that. But then once I saw the problem, we got it fixed or actually fixing it as we as we talk. Mm hmm.

Good. Yeah. Saw them out there. Yeah. So you would say that in a crisis, you do not panic. You do not freeze. You do not flee. But you tend to problem solve.

I never freeze or flee panic internally, maybe? A little bit. I think there’s a natural. I mean, I knew immediately that that was gonna cost additional money. I was like, Yep, I messed up. I don’t like that. That’s not fun. I do not like messing up financially.

Nobody wants to lose money. No, it’s not how the game works. Correct. I would say that in a crisis. I’m, I’m pretty calm.

I agree with that. I don’t have we experienced crisis together. I mean, slight.

Yeah, nothing. Nothing emergent. I will say, where, you know, there is a time when there was carbon monoxide leaking into my home. And we called the fire department. I did that very calmly. Oh, this is real. This is a real story. Now, this is a true story. This was on a Sunday morning. It’s about six o’clock. 45. And I get up and I’m like, wow, the house has this really peculiar smell to it. And I know they say that, you know, carbon monoxide is odorless, but it is not. And so I was like, that’s weird. That’s a weird smell. So, you know, the reason I woke up so early was because there was this beeping. Well, the beeping was the carbon monoxide detector, called the fire department, which is what the detector says to do. They came with their handy dandy $5,000 handheld co reader device. And he walks in the door and it just goes crazy. And he looks at me and he’s like, You have carbon monoxide in your house. You need to get everyone out. Am I okay? So I go across the other side of the house, door to door, waking up all the girls. What in what I would like to think is a very calm manner. When really what I later found out is I was saying, you’ve got to get up you’ve got to get up hell the air in the house is poisonous. Not calm and that crisis moods when it involves your kids. It’s a completely different Yeah, anyway, joy in her calm, we put them all in the car or with the dog, of course, and went to get donuts. And I sat with the fire department until we figured out that our water heater was not venting properly had to be replaced. So thankfully, we all survived. You did it? I did? Well, I mean, I didn’t. He didn’t make it. But typically in a crisis, I’m pretty calm. Which I think is I think that’s important, especially for people who are leaders, people who are in business who are trying to operate with other people around them. They’re going to be times when things happen. And we do not want to be guilty of having been reactive, or thoughtless or panicky. I think we need to be the person who can say, Okay, this is a situation, here’s my best thinking about how we get ourselves out of it.

Yeah, panic is not leadership.

You know, I watch movies about this all the time. And we know we hear these horrible stories of what happened on September 11, in 2001. And can you imagine, you know, having to make some of those decisions, whether you are a first responder and a special thank you to all of those who are first responders who do this every day for a living, who go toward the tragedy. So out, and then the people who were in those buildings who are trying to make decisions, do we stay or do we go because they didn’t know what was happening. And the stories of the leadership that came out of that is it’s just, I mean, I don’t know that there is a book about that. But that would be a book I would read leadership styles that that were on display. During that that gross tragedy. That would be a really interesting study, especially for people of course who survived or have memories of it, but leadership in times of tragedy is that’s what leadership is all about.

I think leadership is about acknowledge mistake two. I think that’s great, because I think it’s good to practice humility into maybe fall on the sword from time to time. I mean, I did I messed up. I messed up, guys, gals, I messed up. You had questions for me? Were you gonna ask me a question?

While they’re kind of fitting all in? Okay, yeah.

Before we do that, I just want to say quick. Just kidding. No, please go. I literally did you not see that? I was I was literally intentional about

that. Well, I have a question about happiness. Okay. We’ve discussed the kind of the science of happiness before in previous episode and kind of what the brain does, and, and you hear people and you see people, especially in the social media world, which is, you know, that the toilet of American culture, I think, largely speaking, you hear people talk about happiness. I just want to be happy. And I just want to be happy. What does that mean? who sold us on that idea? And what do we risk when we pursue happiness? Especially at all costs?

who sold us the idea? Each Other society over the years, we did that to ourselves? Because we’re dumb. Do you think our parents sold us that? Yeah, because they were sold that? I mean, yeah, they met well, by saying, oh, I want you to be happy. I mean, I think happiness and is like intertwined with contentment, which is intertwined with reality of the fact that life is not easy and hard. Yeah, I think happiness is definitely a choice. Like, I choose to be happy with the fact that I’m spending $1,500. Extra. We’re still there. Yeah, we’re still they’re still there. No, I yeah, I think we did it ourselves. We shot ourselves in the foot,

feet. But people do make make mistakes. And it may not have been a happy moment, but there can still be joy in your world. And in your life. Even in the midst of them. There was

i My son was with me. We came on Saturday, because they were doing the install on a Saturday morning. And Everett was with me, and he wanted to kind of walk around and he just thought was a big refrigerator. So that’s, you know, innocent minded. Yeah. But we, we came up with a solution, right then and there took about 510 minutes of discussing it, and we figured it out. It’s fine. So I was happy that my kid was with me. And when I was happy for the solution, so therefore, happiness was right there in front of me for the taking.

My father was a warehouse manager. And I don’t know how many square feet he had responsibility for, but it was a lot. And it’s because of that, that I was driving a forklift at like 12 years old, you know. But I remember that he would be called in the middle of the night pre cellphone course. landline, the big kind of mustard yellow phone that you have that kill a person with? Yeah. Oh, he wasn’t a rotary head, actually. But whenever

you hit him in the head with it,

kind of. Yeah. Yeah, it’s the shape of kind of like a rhombus something anyway. So he would get these calls in the middle the night from the alarm company. And you know, when you have responsibility for all that warehousing, you know, things go wrong, but also, you know, people are up to no good. And there’d be people who would sometimes try to break in Sneak and sleep in, do all kinds of things. Well, whenever he got a call, he would wake me up and asked me if I wanted to go, not every time, but most of the time. And I would always say absolutely. Even though it may be midnight, or one o’clock in the morning, and I had to get up in a couple hours to go to school, and he did for work. But he would come and ask you, I got to go to the warehouse. Do you want to ride with me? I’m like, yeah, absolutely. And I was always like, really impressed by his courage to drive around that entire warehouse facility with his flashlight. And he would just go in these personnel doors in this huge cavernous pitch black space, in the confidence of knowing that whatever he was going to experience, he could handle it, you know, and I haven’t thought about that until you just said, you know, yeah, I took my kid to work. And I remember Oh, yeah, I used to accompany my dad to these middle of the night alarm runs that give you joy and happiness. Absolutely. Yeah. Especially looking back. You know, as a kid, you don’t know in the moment that you’re supposed to be. I mean, I think sometimes you do. Oh, this is fun. I’m enjoying this. But normally, that’s kind of like a selfish happiness. Like I’m jumping in a trampoline park, or I’m at, you know, Disney World or something, of course. But when you’re spending time with someone that you care about, or look up to, etc, it would make sense that that, that we would know that we’re supposed to be happy about that, but we don’t know that as kids. You know, we don’t know. Oh, I’m spending time with my dad. My mom, this should be a really cool this is a really cool thing. I don’t think we’re conscious of that. Which is probably good cuz that could drive us crazy. You know, because that’d be it’d be hard to be conscious of things that we’re supposed to be happy about all the time. We’re just supposed to show up and be present and experience it. If we knew I’m consciously being so happy about I think it’s so happy. It would drive us crazy. Yeah, but that was really fun. So you have small children and I think you give them a great gift to, to take them with you places like that. Even though they may not be able to articulate that at the moment they will when they’re 43 say, Oh, I remember. My dad would take me to the funeral home and he would tell me about the mistakes he made and how much money it costs him. But that was great, great experience.

Yeah, we don’t take them I bring them to the funeral homes a lot. But they’re never they never go into chapels or an areas where they would see a deceased loved one. Haven’t exposed them to that. Yeah, I don’t know when the right time is or whatever

to expose my kids that really soon because I was doing funerals all the time. Oh, yeah. You weren’t well, so they would come in

I’ll ever now walk through the chapel on Saturday because we had to walk through there and the chapel is set up for loved ones visitation he didn’t notice at all anything he just walked through and he was remember what he said. He said something about the the pews or something. Anyway, he did not notice. Because if he were to notice I would had a conversation. Sure. But anyway, it’s fun to reflect on that. Yeah.

Do you think either of your any of your children? You have three now you’ll end up with eight Do you think that any of those would want to kind of come into the family business

ever it never definitely ever always talks about he calls every vehicle that we have a limo so I mean, it doesn’t matter. Limo limo, limo SUV, SUV, SUV. Sweet. Yeah, it’s really cool. He always wants to know about them. He always wants to know, you know, he’s he’s very in tune with that kind of thing. Is he going to work? Why aren’t you at a tie today? Well, because I’m going in to check on a cooler you want to come with me? That kind of thing? I think he would. Anderson is he marches to the beat of his own dadgum trunk. And then Navy, of course, is too soon to tell three months old he Well, he did tell me that he liked. No, he didn’t know I was stupid. Hey, I want to interrupt my stupidity to say, be sure to click five stars on your listening device and give us a five star review and tell everybody how much you love. You’ll die trying to podcast visit you’ll die or forward slash

you’ll die trying? No paying it.

I think I said it wrong last time. Doesn’t matter. They’ll get there. Yeah, he will.

And I don’t think anyone cares about that stuff anyway. So do you think that you are operating in 100% capacity of your own intellectual resources?

No. No, not yet. I will. You know, there are things that we’ve done to get to that. I mean, we’ve taken proper steps. I’m just not there yet. It’s not there. I’m trying. Yeah. You know,

what do you think is an area that you would like to build upon your expertise, my expertise, because I believe that a function of business ownership and entrepreneurship is always, always always growing in emotional intelligence language. This is the self actualization category, where we’re constantly trying to grow and improve ourselves for the sake of progress. I wonder, Where is an area that you wish you had more expertise and are committed to getting it to going after it and making sure that no more

management? Time management time, man,

what are the blind spots? For you have a blind spot you don’t know. But what do you suspect are the blind spots for you?

I think it’s just compartment. Well, I don’t know if that’s the right word to use there. But to triage, thank you talked about a triage system, one, two, and three, making something that’s most emergent one. That’s why we hired the executive assistant of mine that literally is supposed to be helping with that. I mean, I’m, for the longest time and been available to everybody all the time. And I can’t be that I’m like, have you noticed me getting lower and lower? Because this mic stand is more and more. Ladies and gentlemen, I am almost on the floor?

Yeah, you’re in the your body’s doing a U turn. Yeah, it was awful.

No, I think that, I think that I really struggle with that. Still, I think that I’m a mother available. I’m available, you know, to our people, even a quivering mass of available quivering mass of availability. But you know, the, this is my office is located literally at the hub. And so our directors and staff are here for something or other all the time, and they’ll you know, catch me.

And notice, though, that does not happen when you’re in your office. Yeah, I

know. But neither is my desk. Yeah, that’s problem. Yeah, I got a desk coming. I mean, those are things like, you know, growing pains. And so I know, I don’t want to seem like it’s not a matter of me hiding from my staff. But there are things that have to get done, and I’m just not good at that yet. Okay. That was a really long winded answer. I’m sorry.

I don’t remember the question. And I asked it, I think It had to do

with you said, what’s something that I know for a fact you

want to get better at things such as something that is a blind spot for you that you want to hone? Yeah. I think if I were asked that I would answer to say, I, well, I mean, really, the sky’s the limit. There isn’t anything that I don’t want to know more about. I certainly want to be the best at my craft.

Can I interrupt here? Just say I feel like a total jerk right now, no matter how much you are wearing joking?

Like, oh, no, no, I was just, you know, something I learned a long

time. On that one.

I’m sorry. One thing I learned is, we cannot wait for people to ask us questions, we have to give ourselves what we need. And if what we need is to share something, then we simply ask ourselves, that’s, that’s just part of being I’m sorry, that differentiate itself has no bearing on you.

Well, I came across like I didn’t care. And I do.

So go so sweet. I do. Okay, at a moment of silence for that. So anyway, I want to be the best at my craft for sure. And I don’t think there’s enough literature that can be consumed. About that, that I I’ll never exhaust the resources that are already out and let alone all the new things coming out. So So I want to be really good at that. I also want to be more skilled in the world of finance. This is something that my, my wife is really good at. And she does the she’s kind of a CFO for everything that we do. And I would like to be better at that. So I’m gonna I’m gonna work on that a little bit going to have her teach me some things. And finally, I want to learn to be really good at something that isn’t my primary job. I would like to be really good at podcasting one day like that would be that’s a goal, I think you are is to be Oh, no, there’s definitely room for improvement for sure.

Have you gone back to listen to previous episodes from like, their 10? How many there have won’t?

No no. But and and you know, you and I like to pick up some things hobby wise to for fun, but no, I think I think I’m a lifelong learner by nature. I was literally in school for 13 years after high school and most of those were in succession right after like high school, college. And then I did another What 123456 right after college and then I did some more later and then I did some more to that. So I’m, I’m a student by nature, like,

ladies and gentlemen, is collecting donations to pay off student debt and student loans. Right.

So I’m, I’m delighted to, to get to learn. I think that’s, that’s pretty important.

I watch the show how it’s made all the time on Science Channel that teaches me a lot. It’s a great show. I love that show. Yeah.

Like, did you see the one about Gillette razors? No, but my name Gillette invented the disposable razor.

He’s very smart. Incredible. Now you go the Dollar Shave Club. Yeah, sorry. Sorry. Gillette. Yeah. I find myself whispering.

So do you have a particular obstacle in your life? That you would like to keep around?

An obstacle that I want to keep around? Well, that’s interesting that you asked that because the answer when you said obstacle, I was like myself. So you do want to keep that one around. Yeah, myself is an I am an obstacle to myself. I think with all the challenges that I bring upon myself are a lot of them are unnecessary. And I definitely want to keep myself so that I can continue to grow and and achieve and Excel. Sure, good myself.

Let’s switch gears and talk about everyday carry EDC, the things that you have on your person all the time every day. Like, like what’s in your pockets right now, ladies and gentlemen, you’re about to get an intimate look at the life of Nathan Morris. Okay,

my phone would be in my pocket. And then I have this this was it. Where is it? It’s I’m trying to explain Oh, here we go. My show it to you. So you don’t think I’m just making this up? You know, some people tell a story and they’re like, oh, no, not chop down a tree with my fingernails. This is a retainer case. For my Invisalign. I’m totally finished with it. I have to wear these retainers. And then whenever I’m not wearing them, they go in that thing, okay, which is hidden in my coat pocket. All right, that’s all that’s in my pocket.

So you have a phone and a retainer case. See that? You have a name tag, and a company branded lapel pin. That’s it. In a wallet. You’re watching a watch. Okay, that’s it that is in a wallet. Now well

my phone is serves us my phone cases my wallet. I’m like that old man you don’t have at least to me. about that. I’m an old man officially.

You mean because your phone is your wallet are the same? Yes. Yes, I have a strict rule against that.

About this.

Well yeah person for me for me just to make sense for me. I don’t want my wallet and phone to be connected.

It’s probably not a good idea more I think about it.

I just want to be able to leave my phone more and more I do I leave it really do you go stout. It’s good. I leave it I leave it in my truck. might leave it in the restroom at the at the mall. The gas station. It’s gonna say the gas station but I don’t use I try not to use those. But yeah, I don’t want my phone in my wallet connected. I want to be able to be phone free. But I do need a wallet. I need my ID and my my cards. So that’s why I don’t have a system like that. But so let me just see what I have. I have I have my my truck key. I have my I have chapstick. Okay. In this case, it is chaps, chaps to actual chapstick. It’s classic original. I also have a knife.

It’s probably has some really cool story behind it. Nope. Okay.

I just saw it’s two to open things. And I just think that it’s important to have this as a gentleman at all times on your person. So I have an iPhone at all times. Also, as you know, always try to carry $2 bills.

Yeah, he comes down to dollar bills that may last last week.

Well, I wanted to contribute to my share of lunch and all I had was 200 bills. I do that because I think it makes people happy and maybe have any way to tip people. Can I steal that with $2? Bills? Yeah, of course. Okay. It’s not unique to me. There are a lot of people who do it. Well, I’m stealing it from you. You can go to the bank and get $50 worth of $2 bills, which would be how many dollar bills? That’d be a lot. Okay. And with those 25 to $2 bills, you would give them out to people as tips or to children or to you know, whatever you can think of. It’s a really fun way to to brighten someone’s day because

on the planet give $2 bills to children. No. Well, I

mean, they should probably be your children. Okay. Okay, so I mean, yeah, as like that’s the Tooth Fairy always brings bills. And Valentine’s Day cards often have $2 bills in them. So So and there’s never a time when people don’t smile when they look at it.

I smile that now yeah. When dollar bill Oh,

his people never really never really think about that. So that’s kind of fun. And I think that’s everything. I think in my chapstick, my key my my wallet. I do have a phone in my yesterday my breast pocket here. And then my, my $2 bills and your bracelet. Yeah, where are these bracelets which which joy has have has given me over the course of a couple of Valentine’s Days which are from one of our favorite jeweler persons. And I love that and I have my time peace I got when I got married to join. Yes, my constant.

Did you know that this is probably this episode’s been fun for me because it’s not so heavy. It’s kind of a little bit more light and light hearted. And it’s good to do that. Megan told me that I need a nothing day from time to time. And I’m not saying that this episode has nothing to say I think that this episode has, has not placed any potential stress or heaviness like Oh, I gotta be so on point kind of thing. Like this is I’m coming as I am right now. It feels really good. I don’t get it to man, too.

Well, let’s do a little bit of a kind of a lightning a lightning round here. Okay, toward the end. Okay. So I’m just going to ask you a question and you you just say whatever is at the top of your mind when I asked you, okay, and then you can do the same? Sure. Okay. And then we’re gonna keep it nice and light. Nothing too heavy. All right. Sure. Okay, number one, how would you fix the economy?

Hire someone smarter than me. No, that’s

always a good because a safe political answer wasn’t it’s good. Yeah, it’s good.

Oh, I’m asking me the question. I didn’t have enough time to get like

a you don’t have any on let me ask you another one. If same time, if social media didn’t exist, how would your life be different?

Oh my gosh, I would be free.

Does this count as social media though? I don’t know. I don’t either, because radio and television are also primary forms of communication as along with YouTube, YouTube, however, I was considered to be social. Definitely. Television not so much. Although now it is because television stations pick up your tweets and Insta posts and radio also. So I don’t know that there’s such a thing as non social media anymore. Because even newspapers have their readers write columns. Yeah. So

well, how I have a question for you. You said this at the beginning of the podcast, you said you would like to go to not having to be physically present at the clinic to potentially continue what you’re doing. Yeah. How do you foresee doing that? I mean, what would you do? Well,

I would continue doing what I’m doing. I would just do it remotely. I would do teletherapy using HIPAA compliant video conferencing software where I could be anywhere in the world, and still has to be HIPAA compliant. Yeah, it Yes, it does. By law.

Got it. That’s interesting. I was just thinking about that. How you go about doing that?

Yeah. So I could continue functioning as a therapist or a coach and be anywhere that I want it to be

interesting. Like that.

So have you ever stolen anything

on accident? When I was seven years old a pack of gum, Mama now we’re at the pantry was which was on Carter and Tamarack right by Atlanta Swim Club.

This is a no one’s ever went

all the way home which is on this’ll, which we don’t live there anymore. She said, Where did you get that GM? I said, you got it for me at the pantry. She said no, I don’t. And we drove all the way back. And she walked to the cashier and I had to apologize, which I didn’t mean to which I learned a lesson. So remember,

good. Yeah, that’s good. Yeah. Yeah.

What was your? Sorry, my phone rang. That was the guy that’s rubbing it in my face that I had to pay $1,500 Extra. Hey, did you ever wear the gencos? I don’t know what that is. Okay, so the answer would be no to that question. Unless I wore them unbeknownst to me. You would know they had like a really big design on the back right? Buttocks pocket. These are jeans jinko J N co they’re like 70 like 20 and a half inches. Okay, wide on the bottom.

I didn’t. I didn’t. What’s the the nastiest thing in your refrigerator at home right

now the nastiest thing in my refrigerator? Well, Nin Wendy are our babysitter, or we call her ninny. She was informed to never throw away pizza, leftover pizza, okay. And I found because I like to eat leftover pizza. It’s my thing. And I found a Ziploc bag filled with in the last time we ordered pizzas like two and a half three weeks ago. And I found that yesterday when and you know what I did? I just left it.

Is it still there? Yeah, okay, you eat it.

I know, I probably want whenever the pepperonis start to wilt and whether like in intercell shades of brown is you don’t you don’t touch that? Yeah, definitely don’t touch that. Okay. Do you have? No, I don’t want to ask that question. That’s that’s not a good question. That’s mean. Oh, gosh. Yeah. Oh, it’s not mean it’s just unnecessary. These need to be happy question. Would

you rather have an extra $200 a day or an extra two hours a day?

extra two hours? Same? Oh, nice. Would you rather be my friend or the Wonder Boys friends? Oh, that’s what we I’m not gonna make you answer that question either.

Thank you. Are you? Do you think that war is a necessary evil? What?

I don’t want to get into that. Do I have to answer that?

You don’t have to answer anything? Good. What are you worried about though? And answering it?

I mean, is war unnecessary if it’s been going on since the beginning of time? And the answer is unfortunately, yes. Do you see you think it’s absolutely necessary? I mean, there’s a war without without guns and swords being fought all the time. Wars of words. internal wars, everything. I mean, there it’s constant. We are constantly at battle. Yeah. Constant. Necessary. Okay. Yeah. Did you have a pet rock? Yeah. Did you really?

Isn’t that a brilliant sales? I

don’t know how much money he made. I think I’ve read an article where he like he profit he the dude like,

I mean, of course. You know, when I saw an antique store once I saw a bunch of rocks for sale. I mean, at an antique store. You know why? Because antiques are roughly 100 years old or older. And every rock you see is older than 100 years. So they you know, someone said these are antiques, and they were selling them and people were buying them. Just so brilliant.

Well, it’s the same thing as like going and selling a bottle of water. The most abundant resource in the world,

although not as much as much all the future wars will be fought about water. You think so? Yeah. When does it it’ll be like water oil. Right? I haven’t seen that. Oh, Kevin. Totally. Lunder rated film. Kevin Costner. If you had $100 a week to spend on yourself, what would you do with it?

I would save it and then every month I would buy another TV. Oh my gosh, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t

buy shoes. Oh, you like shoes?

I do. And I didn’t used to. I don’t know why

there’s kind of a rave. I don’t think that’s the word I mean. Okay, gramps all the rave. Yes. All the Rage. No, no. Shoes is all the rage. It’s all the rage. Okay, I think it is. You’re right, you’re right. I’m sorry. I’m gonna use another word Vogue. Shoes are enjoying a vogue right now. Especially athletic shoes. I don’t want to say tennis shoes, but like basketball shoes, like the bronze and the Jordans and the ones that exploded recently. But yeah, saw that, yeah, he had a soul problem, a blown soul. But I think it’s interesting that men my age are and younger, are really into athletic shoes right now. They don’t play basketball. Never ever will. They don’t wear them to work. They probably sprained their ankle staring at one. And they’re really expensive. Yes, and I don’t understand it. Now I understand that there’s kind of a thing where people like like their Chuck Taylors, their Converse All Stars, and people like to have them in every color and all that stuff. I kind of get that, although it’s not me. But I don’t get this move toward like needing to have five pairs of various forms of Nike namebrand LeBrons or Jordans or Kobe or whatever they’re called. I don’t understand that. But that’s the thing.

I just, it’s a thing. It’s called first world.

If you were going to collect something, what would you collect rocks? As a kid, they collect rocks. Did you have a kid that collects rocks? Yeah, well, not anymore. But they still have the rocks. I’m sure they’re yes, they’re probably

packaged away somewhere. I want to ask you the same question. $100 a week, every week? What would you spend that extra money on?

I would save it. That’s probably not fair to say. Because you have to answer the question. I

would spend that something. Yes, you want to spend it on something, we’re not going to invest it and like,

I think I would just have a really nice dinner out for the two of us

once a month, once a once a week. So okay,

yeah, if I couldn’t save it, and say, okay, in three months, I’ll have 1200 bucks. Let’s go blow it somewhere. But if it’s just 100 100 bucks a week, yeah, we just have a really nice date night.

Every week, where are we going?

Not sure you have to ask your wife about that my wife and I will be going somewhere else. That’s not fair. It’s tough to do in this town. Get it? We have to go out of this town and have our date nights most of the time. Yes,

Dr. Carolina, and then we’ll have some of his intelligent final thoughts. But we’re thinking about going grabbing lunch last week, then we looked at each other, we’re like, we literally would not get anything accomplished. We wouldn’t even have a chance to

talk now. We’ve been awful. Well, and it’s you know, you just get used to the same kind of few restaurants even though I know Owensboro has been known as Chow downtown. And there are lots of restaurants here. But most of them are chain restaurants, which are our favorites. Locally owned restaurants. However, you know, they’re they’re decent. And we’re grateful for them. Very, very grateful for them. But you get kind of ready for something else. We have a lack of ethnic foods in this community. Yeah. I’m jealous of people who live in places like in I know that there are some of you listening in Nashville and St. Louis and Indianapolis, and even some people in Chicago, who have unlimited places where they can ride. It’s pretty wonderful. Yeah. But eating out cost a lot of money. And it’s not great for you. So

says everyone, unfortunately. Yeah, exactly. All right. Final thoughts. Dr. Carroll

go? Well, I think that we are all of us on a journey. I do believe that happiness is a choice. I believe that passion is invaluable. And I think that we should work hard at growing our minds, and making sure that we are the best at what we do possible. And that when we get to that place where we feel like we’re at our best that we push ourselves even farther, I want to make sure that we all of us are pushing ourselves as far and as hard as we can challenging ourselves to to be the best that we can. That’s my my exhortation to us today.

I love it. Ladies, gentlemen, I appreciate you. I know Dr. Carroll does coming time and time again to listen to what it is we have to say.

Absolutely. We have a great episode coming up. Oh, yeah, we did. Yeah. On on it. We’ll we will release on Friday.

I’m excited about it.

Very exciting. So thank you for listening. Visit us on social media. And I can’t wait to talk to you soon.

I’m Nathan Morris.

I’m Jonathan in your you. See you next time.