Ep 67 – That Instant Replay Life

It is so good to see you again. Hey, buddy, this is legit doctor here. I just walked in. We embraced and we hit record so we

haven’t even said hello. Yeah. Hey bud. We wanted to do it right here. This is are you I’m good. Are you glad to be home? Yeah. But were you glad to be a way to

yeah, great didn’t do anything. That’s good enough. So what takes you out to that part of the country? I would move there in like three seconds if we didn’t have kids or funeral homes or a lot of other obligations. I love it. It’s so nice downtown Denver. I mean, I’m going to tell a little bit more about the the vacation we we stay at the Four Seasons in downtown Denver. Okay, so you’re paying for exceptional service. So you walk in the the build men or women will greet you by name. I don’t know how they do that. Yeah, but there’s this guy. His name is Scott. So kudos Scott for remembering us all week long. Nice. You know, we just really like it. You have a very clean city. Very, it’s very clean. And there’s a lot of stuff to do a lot of good eating, or sightseeing. Or if you just look out the window and you can see the the Rocky Mountains. It’s beautiful. It’s really nice. About an hour away from being in the center of the of the mountain range, isn’t it? We to drive that drive on Wednesdays we stay a couple of days here a couple of days there and then a couple days back, and it took about two hours. Okay. We were welcomed with snow for two days. At the end of April, beginning of May, in Denver, Colorado. I posted on Instagram. I said Denver, you’re stupid but you sure are pretty. Snow all around you. That’s pretty funny, huh? So it was a good trip. It was good to unwind. And I actually came home thinking very fearfully that I wouldn’t be able to get back in the swing. Yeah, but I was excited to see the kids. I was excited to you know, get back home. It happens fast. The swing happens fast. Yeah. Man, Mondays happen fast. I love today. You love Mondays. Yes. Awesome. Yeah, well, Mondays are our podcast days for us. So that’s good. That is good. Um, I’m pumped to be back with you and back with life like reality in a sense. You know, the rhythm have to be honest, man. I slept until about nine or 10 Every day. Good. Yeah, we pulled the curtains like it was black. Like it was a cave. It’s great. It was it was a dark cave. I love hotels. You press the privacy button, and no one bothers you and you sleep. Yeah. That’s great. Yeah. Well, I’m Nathan. Hey, I’m Jonathan. And you are you we’re grateful that you hear it I’m grateful to be back with Dr. Carol Glad you’re back this is you’re trying

Dr ma

I really do think we should have a sing along with that. At some point and like one time code like where we sing we actually sing it and Brent here and Brent sings it. It’s like a live Yeah, what do you do? i We regard Did you cry? Uh, you know, a little misty. Yeah, that’s typically because I was probably watching a little bit of Project Runway. No, we I you know, I did my thing I worked. And in my office and ParentId. And did you stare out the window? And like a solid atonic? Yeah, no. Oh, thankfully, I was hoping to have I was here. So I’m here in the studio, just you know, dreaming. Of course, we got to record together. I worked with some of the funeral homes and some of the staff and joy and I had a really, really wonderful, wonderful weekend. Outside for almost all of it, which was great. We drove by your house twice. You did? Yeah. The boys wanted to go for a ride on Sunday. Yeah. And so Anderson ever and myself drove by your house like a stalker about two or three times. This was a pretty day. Yeah. Was really pretty. The door looks good. The whole house got paid. Yeah. Well, I didn’t notice the door because I was busy paying attention to the place that you’re off fixing on the step because you’re pointing it out. Yeah. So I didn’t look anywhere else. You’re like, Hey, don’t die. That’s all that’s all been repaired. And gosh, we were we love it. We just love our home. Yeah, it’s beautiful, man. So yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. Yep. Yep. The Mexican Independence Day. Did you eat Mexican food yesterday? Yes,

we did, actually and I didn’t think anything. You ate Mexican and didn’t think of Cinco de Maya. That’s

pretty good. Well, I mean, was it yesterday Cinco de Maya It was Sunday was Midwest Cinco Demayo I only know because as join I rode our bikes to our neighborhood Mexican restaurant which we are which we are prone to do upon paying our our check or a factor maybe. Anyway we got this t shirt it says the name of the restaurant. Mexican restaurant Owensboro Kentucky this particular one mi Ranchito and looking at the back what what does that have to do with me ranch describe this. It is a it says a living the crazy life Levita loca Yeah. And there’s a big margarita glass and a beat What’s that? Be? berlet? It’s not burlesque but it’s what’s those what are those photos that men or sometimes pay for their wives to get? Yeah, that was that was I was wondering that the other day Hey, oh, TJ literally just opened the door. TJ what’s the name of the photos Thank you. That men get pictures of their wives or like It’s like in their in like birth. They’re like in their lingerie cars is seductive but they’re done. boudoir. TJ has done it. Thank you when our in house photographer Thank you. Yeah. boudoir that is a boudoir woman. She has a leg kicked up in the margarita glass that’s seated in the margarita with a not a sombrero but it’s yeah to somebody who is kind of looked like a cowboy hat mix. Anyway, like the three amigos Yeah, speaking of our lat what what is it called boudoir? Speaking of boudoir since we’re gonna just segue that’s what this podcast is about. It’s not okay, that’s actually really really popular apparently. Like there’s like legit photographer speaking of TJ being the photographer here content creator waterboy like there are people that contact wanting like boudoir photos and they’re not doing it to be Ghazi or whatever the negative word we don’t do those but it’s like a legit thing. Apparently. Yeah, I think there are certain photographers to kind of Excel and specialize in that I know a couple of people personally who have arranged to have those and one of them they have a portrait in their in their bedroom. Wow. For their product for their private viewing. Yeah, what was private till you know, we got a tour of the house. Hey, here’s the picture of my lovely wife right here on the wall. Next to the pictures of the kids. Yeah, exactly that real. It is real. That’s so odd. If you’re listening and you know that we’re talking about you I just find that a little bit weird. You might as well just hang it in the foyer a of your house to each his own what to share, to share. So the day before Cinco Demayo was Quatro de mio and that was the day of the Kentucky Derby. Oh my gosh Of course we are. We are here recording and and podcasting in Kentucky. Nathan is a native born Kentucky. I am not a Virginian. But here we are in Kentucky. And you know Kentucky is known for a number of things. Not all of them are great, but let’s talk about the ones that are so blue grass which is an actual kind of grass that when you look at a distance it kind of has a bluish hue. Like people wonder like what is blue grass like as it grows long and you look out over kind of across the horse farms it can can’t have a blue tint but it’s really beautiful Lexington I mean, there are few few places on the planet that are as pretty as parts of Lexington, Kentucky I agree. Bourbon, there are more barrels of bourbon than there are people in Kentucky. So that’s a that’s a very popular thing. And that’s what makes Kentucky now of course, KFC is what you Colonel Sanders was like in his early 60s When he started that business. Interesting. Never too late for entrepreneurs and horses, horses. The Kentucky Derby being one of the largest horse races in the world, arguably the largest because of the attention although that one in Dubai is pretty big. I heard about the wanted to buy but let me Did you know that? Arguably, Denver has the second largest celebration of the Kentucky Derby. And you know why? I was being told this at the Four Seasons. They take their horses to high altitudes prior to the Kentucky Derby to train them just like they do with athletes.

This is why they’re they have the Denver Broncos. Oh, see? I never put that together. I don’t know because I don’t know thoroughbreds well.

They take them to these high altitudes and train them so that they can have build their stamina with less oxygen so that they can be better oxygenated or whatever add that that was the way that this individual explained it to me made a lot of sense. So if that’s the case, but there were so many parties in Denver, we were actually in air when the race occurred and we landed to chaos. It has been all kinds of madness in Kentucky since Saturday at around 552. Central Time, dude, that press conference post race was like, I didn’t see. I didn’t see it. Well, it was two minutes. The first minute and a half was the steward reading her. The person introducing and fumbling and saying there will be no, there’ll be no questions asked. She read literally it was like 25 seconds. She’s like, that is all so of course as as most people know, Churchill Downs like Keeneland and by the way, if we’re voting Keeneland is a far, far superior horse track than Churchill Downs. Churchill Downs is famous because of the Kentucky Derby. But Keeneland and Lexington is the one of the I think the most beautiful or it’s, it’s gorgeous. I heard Saratoga is second to that. Santa Anita and then maybe church helicopter to come in and out. Canelo No, it’s yeah, it was awful. It’s is that not how you get? Unfortunately, no doctor, I’m gonna meet you know. So there are races in Churchill Downs, all of may and all of November. And there are races meets in kindling, all of April and all of October. So if you’re in Kentucky, you’re going to go to Kinlin. And April and October, you’re going to go Churchill Downs in May in November. That’s where the horse and they race every day except for they take maybe Monday and Tuesday off. It starts Wednesday. I can’t remember it’s different for every track. But anyway, there there is a schedule and they run meats all day, every day. Right. And you and I Nathan went to a meet day in May last year at Churchill Downs where we spent the whole day and watch the horse racing with our wives. And it was awesome. In every race, there are rules. And if there is a foul, there are three stewards, they will do kind of the instant replay thing. And they will decide what needs to happen. And in most cases of foul, you know, is maybe a jockey who’s I don’t know, sad. He didn’t win or something. And so maybe they don’t. So it’s definite results. Yeah. But when it’s an obvious foul, they do the DQ horse gets disqualified. And then numbers two, three and four become numbers one, two, and three. The wind plays show that person is dead horses disqualified, he’s dropped to the bottom of the pack. That’s how they do it on any race. So the argument is, should it be different because it’s the Kentucky Derby. Now as you know, the derby is one race out of I think 12 for that day. I think it’s the 10th race. So there are races all day for that day. By the time the derby is run everyone’s three sheets to the way Absolutely. And there’s a lot of emotional energy and and sentimentality and nostalgia. someone sings or plays My Old Kentucky Home, which thankfully I think has been changed to remove some of the kind of old world epithets that weren’t so, so good for everybody. And then everybody kind of gets teary. They stand while they sing it because it’s kind of a Kentucky anthem. And then comes the post and the Kentucky Derby the fastest two minutes in sports, right. And then 20 minutes of investigation. And all three Stewart’s who all have a vote, agreed unanimously. That the the the then winning horse maximum security with Luis Tsai is on the Mount, stepped out, got in front of I think it was war of the will and created a bit of a dangerous situation causing two of those horses to have to alter and pull back. And when that horse pulls back that late, coming into the homestretch, that horse can never get its momentum because it’s been running as hard as it can for, you know, a minute and a half already. So once you pull up, that horse isn’t going to get it’s not like a car. You don’t hit your brake and hit the gas that horse is done. So that’s the big question is did it impede those horses? So the argument was, yes, it did. And as a result, the number two horse became the number one horse even though the number two horse was a length and a half back from winning, the better horse was maximum security. But the foul allowed the lesser horse to win the race maximum security I read had never lost. It is correct. Correct. It was correct. I think it had 133 Maybe four but I think it was three and that would have been the fourth and we’ve been undefeated going into Preakness later this month I think it is and now I don’t know if maximum security will get the run it I kind of hoped Maximum Security does get to run it I kind of hope

any wins he without fails it Yeah. Well I’ll watch back. I’m no no horse enthusiast. I have you know LA Ruth and Robert. Their their whole family loves horse racing. Like they go to every Kentucky Derby. They have the ticket framed in their offices, I mean, it’s pretty legit this lifestyle. And then I have a couple of friends who grew up on horse farms and horse trainers. It’s so it’s it’s a real thing. And they were speaking to one of which posted on social media that I think they were against it. They were against the sure the call most people or most people are and it’s going to change everything the 140/5 the Kentucky Derby, it’s never had a foul called and 145 years and read this call never disqualification, and that’s the first. So the four to one odds horse drops back to the pack in the 65 to one odd horse wins with the the French jockey pret. Thank you. So there’s no question actually gonna go to court? I mean, a lot of really, yeah, it is a lot of money. What is the purse 2,000,002. But there’s so much more wrapped up in right, there’s a lot more, there’s the endorsements. And there’s all of this stuff to follow suit in this think about when they if they become a stud horse after their GS, which still it was gonna that horse was second place, obviously was a great a great run by that horse. And the argument was that that horse was going to do well, because it was sloppy conditions, maximum security had never run in sloppy conditions and say where they were thinking, Oh, this horse is going to make it and he killed it. But he stepped out. And it’s not that I don’t think it’s on the jockey. I mean that the jockeys just trying to do his best to keep this crazy wild animal in a straight line, which is the rule. But they said that he got spooked by the infield crowd, which if you’ve ever been in the infield at Churchill Downs, you’d be spooked too. And it’s 100,000 200,000 drunks. I mean, not literally. But there’s a lot of screaming and intoxication. And just like that’s where a lot of the people are standing and ponchos and mud everywhere. Did you imagine being that animal that is so well trained like to just think of the trainers that spent so many hours through all these elements? Were going to sling mud on your face and like they’re running it? How fast? I don’t know. That’s a good question. Yeah, I don’t know. But I know maximum security didn’t have a speck of blood on him. That’s what that was. That was one of the comments from my buddy Brock. He’s like he didn’t have a speck of mud, not even on the front of his hooves or anything. So yeah, kudos to whoever, whoever bet on the winner the ultimate winner. I think a $2 bet. Brought $3,000 If you had like I think if you exact a boxed it. trifecta. It was $11,000. So I want to make that’s if you name the win place show. I want to meet who who was like, You know what, I’m gonna go for this. I have a friend who made $4,000 He’s Derby a couple years ago. Geez. Well, it is exciting. I’m proud to be from Kentucky with the Kentucky Derby especially, you know, whenever the reaches as far as you know, the mountains and seeing all these beautiful people were dressing to the nines to celebrate such an event. I mean, have you ever been? No, I sent a text to our friend. I’ve sent a text to Jack and I was like next year. Can we please go with you? Yeah, so he was there? Yeah, yes. There every year. He’s there every year he actually what’s the horse trainer, the one that trained Baffert, the white haired guy. Yeah, he sent me a picture with Bob for live at the Oaks. He’s like, I’m like, Okay, so the Oaks is the Friday before. And really for Kentuckians? Most people will say the Oaks is where to go. So a lot of Kentuckians will go to the Oaks. They do they dress up just the same, you know, and then they’ll spin Derby Day in parties in their hometowns and watch it on the TV. And most Kentuckians I think like, prefer the oaks, to the derby in terms of the actual experience. They’re turning it into this, though it’s been this way for a number of years, but just this incredible. Over the top elegance or you know, people were the craziest of things and it’s just it’s this spectacle people come far and wide. We landed I guess it was last year we were traveling again on Derby interest and we landed in Louisville. Oh well. And just the the runway, if you will or the wherever you were you taxi. Just lines on each side of private jets. Yeah, I mean, people literally come far and wide fly in. Watch it fly out. Yep.

So how would you like to be one of the three stewards? You know whose job it is to blindly apply the rules? Regardless of what the name of that particular races Had that been a maiden claimer race on a Thursday, where whoever won, you know, it’s really weird. If you’re a horse owner and you’re in a claim or a claims race, your horse if it wins, someone’s gonna buy it out from you. Right? It’s weird, but that’s what happens if that had been a claim of race. On a Thursday, no question, because that maiden is about to be sold. And if there was a foul, she’s going to go the drop. And that’s that horse wouldn’t win. So I think, as awful a call as it was, and as sad as even I was to see all that happen,

I think it was a bad call. No, no, I think it was the right call you okay, you’re saying is having to happen? Yes.

That’s just sad that it happened. And I felt bad. That was that jockey seventh derby. He was first when the guy who thought he won Luis says, it was that trainers first. And he was a brother of another trainer who had won. But then the trainer who did win, it was in the in the Hall of Fame and has never had a derby win. Now he does with an asterisk. So it’s just a it’s a sad, but it’s sports. It’s, it’s what happens. Yeah, it has like this. It’s not like I don’t want to say as a mess attached to it, but it’s just not clean. And you’re one of those three people doing your job? Yeah. And doing the right thing is not the easy thing. It’s definitely not the popular thing. It is not, you know, the fray released an album in 2006, or something. And the one of the song lyrics said sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. And that is a great lyric to apply to this situation. Could you imagine but I don’t want to be in that position. I think the right the right thing is almost always the harder thing. Yeah. Yeah, it is. But what do you think about and I’m going to write about this, but what do you think about the instant replay culture? Even the president tweeted that this is political correctness? In an age of the instant replay. I think that we are too smart and too advanced for our own good. And I don’t know. I think that the technology is there, it’s going to be used you know, they have it now in baseball, they have an every sport, every sport, the only thing I don’t know that they do and utilize it as much in football or soccer, which they should if we’re talking about any sport, because I could be 10 feet from you. And then you fall and I get a red card and I’m rejected for the next two matches and during World Cup anyway. To answer your question, I never thought that they would do instant replay via a horse racing event race. Yeah, but there’s so much at stake. Have you ever seen a jockey fall off a horse in a race? Yeah, last year whatever we were at the I was That was scary. Right out of the post. Right? Very scary. There’s so much there’s a lot of risk involving horse didn’t a few Kentucky Derby is ago when the horse broke its leg they had to put the horse down did on the track. They do that that’s insane. could use an ambulance that follows behind the pack. And, you know, it’s on average, two jockeys a year will lose their lives. Really? Yeah. Have you seen the? Well, last year, whenever we landed, they have this huge plane that just charters these horses, like huge planes. Could you imagine that the cost involved in traveling with these horses? They don’t. They’re not traveling with them by just truck and trailer, right? They have a crew in the truck, then they have a plane for the horse. I mean, it’s you can’t get to Dubai with your, your Ram 3500 foot trailer, you can’t just it’s a it’s a lifestyle. It’s there’s so much involved with this event, and so many people GOC and all this money that’s just exchanged. I wonder why there are people who resist the actual instant replay. Like, why would that be a problem because people are scared of the truth. Simply put, they’re scared of the truth. Facts are scarier than fiction almost. Or, yeah, you know, people like the idea of something but instead of the something. I think that’s it. I think that’s it. I think people when things are in their favor, they’re like, no, don’t play it back when they know better. Yeah, yeah. Even if it wasn’t intentional in this instance, I don’t think it was it all. I don’t think any of those files really is intentional. But yeah, so anyway, it’s a it’s a sunny day in Kentucky today. There are some there are some clouds. There are definitely some clouds. If you were one of the individuals that watched the Kentucky Derby and was perplexed and overwhelmed as Dr. Carroll was and then me flying into Nashville, and like just like looking at all the the TVs and people were just like, wow, you know, yeah, even land soon after. We landed at 6:05pm Central time. So they were still in their deliberation. They were deliberating. Yeah. And I was like, what’s going on? You know, and we were reading updates on the phone and it was pouring down rain in Nashville. So Megan’s reading while we’re driving home and I’m like, Oh my God. Yeah, I mean, you’re in it. Yeah. I don’t watch NBA until the playoffs. Oh, I talked about this last podcast, but it was really cool. Just hanging out in the lobby of the Four Seasons and seeing the trailblazers and you know the players from the nuggets at the bar just having a drink this guy I forget his name. He’s number 15.

Tallest dude I’ve ever stood next to in my life. He was he’s seven feet tall. He easily was seven feet tall. Yeah, huge. Any use the look, they had a baby face. So I think he plays for the nuggets. Sorry, I don’t know the names of these players. We saw Willie Cauley Stein, who played for the University of Kentucky for a year and now plays for the Sacramento Kings. And he’s seven feet tall. Isn’t that amazing? I mean, it’s something at our height when we feel you know, made Yeah, we’re 60 to 63. Whatever we are, I don’t know. Depends on who measures us. But yeah, you’re seven feet with your hair definitely, I’m getting a haircut. Why? I don’t know. I feel like Slick Rick. You know, it’s a little back. It’s it’s really tall. Ladies and gentlemen, I get super tall. And I like it. Okay, but I don’t know. I don’t know what to do with it. You know, something completely different. I know. I should. I really should to come over. I don’t know about that. But I did that yesterday to be playful with the kids. And Everett my son who is like, no, he loved it. He was like, I like your hair dad. Son. This is not cool at all. I had

one when I was in the seventh grade. Yeah, but that was cool. Also, were a knit tie square on the bottom. No,

that was definitely alfalfa. Not cool. Not cool. I agree with you. I am so excited to be back with you today. What is a goal that you have for yourself for today, or for this week? Yeah, for this, this the season of returning I am. As you know, in the middle of a couple of business deals, one of which that’s coming to fruition, that’s been, I’ve been courting it for a long time, a lot of things are at stake. Still, I mean, nothing is final until you are at closing at the attorney’s office. And we all know that. I mean, we’ve had a couple of deals go, I don’t wanna say bad, but not in the favor in which we wanted them to. And so I’ve learned in business, and that’s, you know, for speaking very candidly, that was one of those times where I was like, you know, thinking that it was done, and it wasn’t, so now I just keep things, you know, close to my chest until it’s done. But a lot of things still at stake, a lot of things need to be lined up and aligned with. But we’re close. So I’m really excited to get this one in the bag. It’s going to I’m all about, you know, with business. This, this mentality, and I want to speak to this for just a little bit. We are taught to work for someone for our entire lives, like we go to school, to get a job in the workplace for someone else, right, like we pay 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of dollars in school debt to get hired from an employer. So being that employer, for me is, my mind has shifted recently. And I’m telling you this, because this is what I’ve been thinking about on vacation like they are people, the people that work with us don’t have to, you know what I mean? They go somewhere else. So I’m all about creating an environment, an opportunity nonstop, like I’m so passionate about it to, to a fault to a degree, if that makes sense. Like I want the people that are with us to be with us forever. I really do. And so this this opportunity that’s coming, and then future ones, like when we’re inheriting people, you know, and I want them to be excited. I want them to know that they can grow old with us. And no, they’re they’re very anxious. Absolutely. I mean, wouldn’t you be? I would be Yeah, it’s a natural part of the process now, until there is some familiarity and some getting to know. Yeah, and trust. I feel like really chatty this morning. Kind of chatty, it’s good. You’ve been everywhere you quiet on vacation. Really? Not not for a bad reason. Yeah, it was just a lot of good food and reflection. Like, you know, you get quiet on Sunday nights. The joys like you do because you text the shunning. You texted me and then I text you back literally like 10 minutes later and then you’re Dark Zero Dark 30 It’s okay. Joey says you’re transitioning, right? Yeah, I’m like, Yeah, I went on a ride along last night. Really? Yeah. culminated it was a culmination of the vacation going on the route along with my sergeant friend, Sergeant Johnston with Owensboro Police Department thank you for public service workers. But it was it was really fun as quiet night for the most part. It’s amazing what happens and that that that you don’t even know that. Yeah, that people do or law enforcement. Yeah, you know, people Call in this individual just called dispatch didn’t call 911 and said that it was a signal S or suicidal. So they have units pinging her phone, it was a female, and driving in this vicinity for four hours trying to look for this person. Wow. You know, they were they couldn’t figure out what an address that we couldn’t find the address well, they had updated their system, the 911 software, and so slowing, everything was slowing down. So it was a there was a delay in in obtaining the pings, but they were calling this individual’s phone numerous times. I mean, so there’s people, you people are worth it, like people you are worthy to be loved and cared for. And a total stranger in a uniform is driving in circles for hours to look for you. So keep that in mind. You know, I don’t mean to get heavy for a moment. But like, times aren’t easy. And you don’t always get to go on vacation for a week and sleep in a dark room for for all hours and come back recharged, and you’re in it. And a week from now, I’ll probably be ready to go ready to go back on vacation again. But anyway, I think you mentioned that because you were talking about working for people in the first person I ever worked for. Because really, I haven’t done that much because I was in a in a church setting. And then now of course on my own. So I’ve never really had that kind of direct employer employee relationship. But the time when I did was when I was in high school, and I was landscaping and with a man who went to my church and I did this in the summer and early fall, early spring, and sweet, sweet man, very quiet, contemplative type. And I found that he just died. And it really like hit me, you know, but then I found out later that he died by suicide. So that’s, you know, obviously even worse. So, two things that you’ve mentioned kind of culminate in that experience for me. Don’t forget, as Nathan has said, You are worth it. And as dark and grim as things seem, they don’t tend to stay that way. And you’re not alone. 1-800-273-8255 is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. So please make sure that you know that in case you need it for someone you know, who was hurting, I don’t think we really ever fully understand the depth of someone’s personal darkness unless we ourselves have been there. Right. And when you think that that’s your best option that’s that’s pretty bleak. But there are always always always other options. I think you’re absolutely right and next podcast, I’m going to dangle a carrot if I may, and get very vulnerable and I want to talk about mental health and wellness and, you know, personal and relatable, relational struggles and and dealings with that. But it’s interesting that you said your first job was working with someone from your church on a landscaping company. Guess what my first job was working for a guy who I went to church with who own lands who mowed yards. I swear we are literally the same human being I was 1213 years old Mr. Carr’s Tom cars. Yeah, who passed away have some disease I believe Parkinson’s, great man sang in the choir loved his voice, wife, super, super sweet lady as well. Anyway, just interesting that you and I have crossed paths. We get to work together every single day. And we’re like the same human being. I’m glad you’re home and ready to get back to it together. Yeah, me too. Man. I appreciate you ladies and gentlemen. You know, coming back every single week, time and time again to listen to what Dr. Carroll and myself have to say and giving giving such kind feedback and passing this along. Be sure to visit your Give us a five star on your listening app device and send us a message and how did they do that Dr. J, you’ll die trying or forward slash you’ll die trying? Absolutely. As always. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Nathan. Jonathan.