Ep 77 – Jacob Reid is Here

These are fun questions to ask him

in the last week, huh? Well, you came over to my house. That was pretty crazy.

Now I was thinking in session Oh, in my practice in your practice,

I couldn’t say at all. But let me just say it’s been a crazy week and today’s only Monday. That’s crazy. Yeah. It’s been a long week today. Yeah, it’s good. It’s good. How about you get some crazy stuff happening over there? By the way I’m talking to not Nathan. Nope. Talking to Jacob Reed.

I’m going to refer to my phone a lot. I’ve got a look through my calendar.

My name is Jonathan Carroll.

I’m Nathan Morris. This

is you’ll die trying a podcast by by us for you. And today. It is our privilege to have in the studio Jacob Reed. Yes, it is.

Dr. Ma? He’s referring to his calendar.

Yeah. He’s like, What did happen to

him? Just reviewing my week?

Yeah, I’ll text him. And I’ll be like, Hey, man, like we got going on. He’s like, hey, yeah, let’s do that. And it’ll be a fast day later. He’ll be like, lol. Sorry. I’ve got this. And I’m like, Okay, we’ll do this day. I’m like, sorry. Hey, I’m

glad you made time for me, man.

It’s awesome. Oh, good.

I do recall we had coffee set up. Oh, here

it comes. Yeah, the boomerang. Yeah. always comes back.

True. canceled on me twice a few times.

I think it was three times.

Yeah, late. We’re lucky that you are still talking to him. I know. You know, karma. I was talking about the boomerang just now. Karma. What do we think of when we think of karma?

Really? Yeah.

What do you think of when you hear the word karma?

I mean, it’s, it’s a bitch. It’s real.

Have you seen the bumper sticker that says, my karma ran over your dogma?

No, but like, we think

that we tend to think of karma as being the what goes around comes around thing. But in all actuality, the word just means action. So karma is whatever action you take in your life. So if you’re, if you just decide to go down this path, that’s your karma. Whatever happens happens, it might be karmic as a result, because it’s, it’s a result of your actions. So it’s really not this kind of cosmic force that wants to bite you in the butt. It’s simply the playing out of whatever actions you choose.

So if I set a coffee date up with Doc with Jacob, this is Jacob and it’s not a day, it’s actually just coffee,

because we’re literally pointing. Yeah, no, sorry, I’m

shaking my finger at Jacob. He’s bigger than me. He can cycle farther than me. He could run longer and faster and enhanced. I’m like, selling you know, and I set and and I am and stay stand him up. Yeah. Like, I would say, That’s karma, like, karma is gonna get me. Okay. So I don’t understand what you’re saying. If it’s the action I take. That’s right.

The action you take has consequences.

And that would be him saying, screw you. I don’t like you’re never

going to be on your podcast because you stood me up three times. So Jacob, tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do? Where are you from?

So love what you love. live here in Owensboro. I grew up in Livermore, Kentucky population 15 101 less and she moved out? Yeah, yeah. Small Town. Mayberry. Yep.

Do you stay in touch with anybody in your family? They’re still

got some family in Calhoun. Okay. neighboring town. I’m sure I do in Livermore. There’s extended family all over? Yeah, actually. We’re just having a conversation about nepotism policy in our bank. And it’s good thing. We don’t

have that because Oh, yeah, that would be that would be really sad to be broken. We’re gonna have about 20

employees that I’m related to.

It’s great. It’s fun.

But yeah, grew up there. Moved here in 1990. went to Catholic schools and went to brush up. Alright. My wife, Bridget. We actually I had a crush on her in high school, huh. We went on a date when I was a senior in high school. And then after that, she didn’t want to Did you blow it? Yes. He didn’t want to see me anymore. Just a single date. So after a while, my last year of college, I was living with my cousin, Josh. And he had graduated. He was working at Becker law firm. We were living together and he started dating Bridget’s older sister. So she brought Bridget over the house one night, and we had a big time and hit it off really and started dating and

have that conversation go. Did you say? Did you say? Hey, do you remember how terrible of a date I was?

Oh, yeah, we get a lot of laughs about it. Where’d you take her? We went to a movie and where we went to eat, but we went to take

her to see like, Armageddon. I remember that movie. I’ll never forget that movie. I was in eighth grade. So how old were you? Came out. Were you a sophomore? When you went on the first day, the senior? Not that much older than me. No. And I’m wrong. You’re wrong. Okay.

How old a boy are you?

38 Oh, gosh.

Oh, you younguns

Yeah. See, Jacob and I went to the same school. So you are a senior and I was a freshman I believe. And Lauren was a year older than I. And so that’s how Jacob and Lauren and I all knew each other went to the same Catholic school.

So did you graduate in

2099? Okay. Armageddon came out 98. Wow. And a Google

saw was right. So you’re actually four years older than me and I was in eighth grade and your senior year old fart.

So did you say what you do?

So work at the bank. Independence bank, in their humble guy just works at the bank for 23 years this year. Whoa,

have you really good guy 38 You have 23 years in. So literally, technically you can retire. That’s awesome. That is good.

Now started actually started when I was 13. Hmm. Unofficially,

would you do it? 13 years old at the bank.

So dad had the bank in Providence, which is about an hour from here. Yeah. He would drive over there. dropped me off at a repo house with a weed eater. Okay. Paint Brush, and I would fix up repo houses. Nice. And do that from eight to lunch, pick me up, take me out for a nice lunch. Then dropped me back off. And then at four o’clock. He picked me up and we go home. That’s great. When I did all summer, what a wonderful work ethic. 15 really? 16 I got to work on the tiller line. Okay, that’s when I officially started.

That’s your official start date. But you had some unofficial hours in there. Sure. That’s incredible work ethic. That’s good parenting right there. Kudos to Chris Sam. Yeah. Good job, Chris. And Mama.

He had a way of Janet. Sorry. Thanks. right people? Alan told you to do it. Yeah.


Yeah, absolutely. So we were talking a minute ago, Nathan said that you? Are you? Are you a runner? Are you a cyclist as well?

Yeah. So in high school, I play baseball stayed in shape. Then went into college and I was kind of done with it. Yeah, so I didn’t do anything. Physically, really. for about four or five years. I had my first child and decided, I think I might want to live long enough to watch her grow up. So I started running ran with my dad. He was 50 at the time. I couldn’t run two miles with a me crush me. And so I decided next time I run with him, I’m gonna whip him and okay, I didn’t run with him for six or eight months and then then I started giving it to him pretty good. Did you

almost run over your dad one time? We’ll talk about that. But did he did he ever tell you?

No. Oh, yeah. He my mom was got ran over and he really threw a fit about

well, Mama Jana was not there. It was your dad was on Seventh Street here. Here’s crossing and then almost ran out. Well, I probably would have nicked him a little bit. It’s the bumper. He looked at me like hey, I’m gonna kit Oh, hey, Nathan. It was one of those bonuses I think good recognize me I felt so bad. I’m so sorry.

The city of ours is not mindful of people of active lifestyle who want to walk run in cycle

he had the most certainly had the right of way and I was pulling up to stop but I went past that line to kind of look to see the oncoming traffic. It’s where the of course the import renovation is going on. And I kind of pulled out and I’m looking left. He’s no Christmas coming from the right so I look like

he saw me. So how often do you run?

Really don’t run a whole lot anymore. Okay. Morning cycling.

Okay. Kind of bike do you have?

I’ve got a nice bike. It’s a Cannondale road bike.

Yeah. I used to have a Canon DL, r 1000.

I bought my bike because you were cycling and get started cycling and I was like, I’m gonna cycle so I bought a specialized and I definitely will never cycle with you because I’ll never be able to keep up with you.

That was always me. I would ride with 530 and with these guys, and they were always half a mile in front of me. It’s awful. It was awful. Character building. Yeah.

So And ladies and gentlemen, he is he doesn’t just work at the bank. We’re talking to Jake a breed the president of independence bank, a very small bank with just 24 locations. 2525 25 locations around Kentucky. Very small, just small stick.

Yes. So do you have any morning or evening routines? As a as a CEO, president of the bank, somebody who’s has four daughters with your wife, Bridget? Lots going on. Big time community advocate and supporter work family, community life. Personal athleticism. Do you have any routines that kind of you use to keep yourself balanced?

Yeah, so the the cycling helps. Yeah, a lot. My goal was to read 5000 miles this year. That’s not going to happen.

Where are you at?

About 1200? I was on track. And we had a dog. Oh, he was 17. Yeah, we had a head of for 16 years. She died. Then we get a new lab.

Puppy. Oh, gosh. Yeah, there goes your time. There it goes. My routine is your routine. It’s now to chew prevention and

yes, pick up Yeah, yeah. Yeah, to take them out and let them do their thing. Burn some energy, which is fine. But he’s he’s kind of starting to get in the groove. So I’ve started getting back into cycling. So I’m getting about 100 miles a weekend again, and good. Net. That helps tremendously. Yeah. Have to do that at five or 530 in the morning. While everybody’s asleep because can’t get it otherwise, you’re not gonna get it done. Otherwise, yeah. Once you get home, it is full court press. The kids. Yeah. And then work. Yeah. So you know, work is. It’s busy. But it’s kind of like a hot tub. Okay, you know, so,

like, you can only stay in it being at work 15 minutes at a time?

No, like, you couldn’t just jump right into a hot tub. Okay. You know, you dip your toe in, you ease into it. Gotcha. I grew up in a hot tub. Mm hmm. literally grew up in a playpen in the bank. So the atmosphere, the craziness, everything that goes on everything acclimated to it. Yeah. over 23 years now. If you were to just walk in and take a look at it today, it would be kind of like, leak. Yeah, yeah. As if you were to jump into 120 degrees. Exactly.

You know, make sense. Good analogy.

Man. i It’s funny because talking about going home with kids and then putting the kids to bed and being a family, you know, your family man through and through and you’re not gonna sit and brag on yourself. But for those of you listening, who aren’t familiar with independence bank, those of you who in other states and community driven is an understatement. I guess they create this culture within their employees to the there’s just buy in, it’s just like, hey, give yourself give your time bring us opportunity to give back to the community and they actively do that they meaning the the authority of the bank, not just the authority and officers but those you know, teller line and other individuals, Jacob is is just like that. It’s funny, because I’ll send him a text like eight o’clock bill. Yeah, we’ll talk after the kids go to bed. And we’re actually having an hour conversation from nine o’clock till 1015 about business and life and all that other stuff. I mean, those are things that I really appreciate about, about him about you, you know, as your willingness to give and stuff and Dr. Koh asked you like, you know, what’s your like, routine and like, but I always really, and I’ve told you this, I’m like, Man, I want to just shadow you one day and what like really makes you tick, like, at the heart of it. When you get up in the morning when your feet hit the floor, like what makes you tick.

Big question.

Yeah, I mean, we can dissect it. We can peel the onion. I mean, it’s just like You know, like, what is like your driving force really right now? In the season you’re in,

you know, right now it’s it’s family. It’s, it’s number one. And that’s what we tell all of our employees, and we mean it. You know, you can work yourself to death. But you’re not going to be happy, and you’re not gonna do it for long. Yep. I mean, if you’ve got family and you believe in it, you’ve got to have some balance. And employees that have balance they’re gonna produce over the long

haul, absolutely. You know, yep, far happier, morale is better. So that’s

one thing that we really stress at the bank is, you know, family comes first. And we have a very family centric culture. We all kind of treat each other as family. Right. Now, as I mentioned earlier, we had an employee pass away on Friday, and I just came from them visitation and employee, she had a sister and an aunt who works at the bank. Wow. Bridget, now, my wife, we were talking to the sister. And we’re just crying. Yeah. And you know, you’re, you’re part of our family. And she, you know, I know, I feel it. Yeah, it is. It’s a big family.

That’s special. That’s really special.

I grew up shooting rubber bands at the Taylor’s great Haven, she spent the majority of my life with these people. And they are they’re truly our family. Oh,

yeah. Yeah, that’s awesome. And to be able to be part of a culture like that, you know, having accounts there and banking there. I mean, I can’t go and just do something as simple as getting a new debit card issued. When I go there. Now. It’s like an hour and a half ordeal. It’s not just a 10 minute, because everyone comes up and wants to talk. And I love that. That’s what I’m saying. I really do love that. That’s awesome. What are you thinking about right now? Dr. Phil?

Well, I was thinking about the word independence. It’s a good word. And what we tend to associate that with freedom, liberty detachments, and yet how connected everybody there is, you know, as a family, and that’s, that’s, that’s the freedom that these people your employees get to enjoy is that they get to be a part of something much bigger than themselves, and how important it is, I think that we all of us are a part of something bigger than ourselves, I think we all want to be we just, I think struggle to find that thing. For some people, it’s church. For some people, it’s family business, for others. You know, maybe it’s being a part of a nonprofit, or activism or something else. But I just think it’s so important that we two things, that we feel like we’re part of something that matters, something that has some meaning, and that we take care of each other. And I think that’s what we’re free to do. There’s this text in Galatians, where the writer of Galatians we don’t know who it was signed to Paul, but he knows, says that, for freedom, Christ’s has set us free. And it’s really not a free from, it’s a free to. We’re not free from as much as we are free now to do things like so. Y’all are free to treat each other with compassion and kindness and love your people as family. I think that’s gorgeous. You know, how many people who have jobs right now, some of you who are listening, wish that you had that kind of relationship at your place of employment, where you have that kind of institutional history and you were really kind of subsumed into the family, who wrote runs and operates the business as as family. I think that’s a that’s a really lovely, lovely thing that you’ll have going on there. There

really is. independence, independence bank. Why in the world that that name, I mean, it’s everywhere. So I kind of want to know where it came from. So what it always was, yeah, was it always independence bank, no Providence,

this pretty good story. I love stories. So it used to be Farmers and Merchants Bank and live more in Providence state bank in Providence, my granddad my great uncle. But these two very, very small banks, and they groom from like a million in total assets to about 20 million in total assets. Granddad in 91 was in a near fatal car accident. My great uncle and my grandmother call my dad and then we need you to come here to the bank. Need to Write the ship and get it to where we can sell it. Oh, he came in started doing some things. It’s now evolved into a, what we call five things meeting, basically, where you take all the things that you don’t like about work, write them on a board, all the things that you do like about work and write them on a board. And you change all the things you don’t like. And you never change the things you do, like, cool. So that was a practice that he put into place. We do that now every year. But anyway, when he started that, the place kind of sucked. Mm hmm. Like people did not like, come into work, they didn’t enjoy their job, they weren’t happy. They weren’t productive. As they started making those changes, work became fun. Hmm. Chris gets in there and does that for a few years and goes back to my grandmother and my great uncle and says, I don’t want to sell this bank, I want to buy it. They’re like, alright, let him buy in. He bought into it. And then he started running the bank, based upon what the employees wanted to do. Mm hmm. So that was a big part of the culture. That’s kind of the foundation or cornerstone. Yes, yeah, exactly. But then, the story of independence. So, bank started gaining some momentum growing there put together a business plan. He was going to combine the banks and name it West, Western Kentucky bank. And he had written this whole plan up and everything and he’s number two at the bank, took the plan quit, went across the street tuna competitor. Dang, they took that plan and enacted it to a tee. Name

everything. So much for the non compete clause, right.

We don’t have any nonconvex in our bank. Exactly. But he the bank was very successful. And they ended up selling to another bank that ended up failing.

Oh, wow. Karma. Boom, circled back the end. Like I did that. Yeah, he did a good job.

We talked Jacob and I’ve talked.

So independence. We go on a family vacation to Philadelphia shortly after that happened. And and dad takes my sister not to independent all. He’s holding us. And he’s listening to the park rangers in the park rangers talking about how the Revolutionary War and all that wasn’t because the settlers hated the British. They were British, they loved their way of life. It was more about they have changed. They’ve enacted changes on them. And they wanted things to go back the way it was right. So Chris is taking that and looking at the banking industry at the time. Big banks were buying up community banks left and right, taking away the autonomy of the market presidents and all that it very similar story. So he’s listening all that and really enthralled and he looks down and my sister Lauren is gone. And founder looking around frantically grabs me. We’re searching all over and then finally we see her looking at a glass window at Independence Hall and comes up there and oh my gosh, Lauren. She turned down she goes Daddy, what bank is that? Oh, and that was all she wrote. That’s awesome. He wrote his new strategic plan right then in there. Chase. Oh,

that’s a great story.

Dude, that is awesome. You refer to Dad his dad and dad is Chris a lot. Why?

At Work He’s Chris right? He’s my boss. He’s the CEO would not there’s just something that didn’t feel right saying yeah,

keeps it professional dad. Right. No, professional. Plus, he’s more than one role right in that building. So

it’s like it always stood out to me. Yeah, always ask what’s your what is your what is your three year goal like with banking when I think of banking me not banking person or someone’s growing up in a profession I think of someone to go to for you know, mortgage, put my money in to save it protected I mean, resource like, but for, for the idiot that I am. Well, I don’t want to say that because I’m actually hearing compare me to the data 1000s upon 1000s of people who do what I do, it’s not idiotic. It’s just we trust you and rely on you. So what is your plan? Like? What do you see in three years? Because I’m seeing a lot of, you know, like, mobile opportunities. You know, there are a couple of big players out there right now to invest and whatever and put your money in. And they’ve generated these debit cards, because they’re trying to get, you know, yeah. What do you what do you see happening?

Technologies? That’s the big one. Yeah. We’re actually going through a major upgrade in technology across the board, everything we’re, we’re behind. Yeah, behind where we should be, given the size that we are.

Don’t have computers, we do have some computers, you’re ahead of some, some small Kentucky banks. No longer working on the paper ledger looks good.

We, in October, we’re going to complete what’s called Project innovation. And that is a complete revamp of every bit of our computer systems. For the customer, they’re gonna see much improved mobile app, online banking, single sign in for all platforms. Nice upgrade, the back end, chaos. No, quite the opposite. Streamline. There are so many manual processes that we are doing on the back end to make it work for customers on the front.

So you’re working to streamline this? Yes, yeah. Good. Yeah. This will that’ll feel good to everybody.

So that Oh, yes. Yeah. It’s it’s just hard. mundane work. Yep. It’s tough. But this is going to allow us to start thinking more proactively for helping our customers. Not necessarily artificial intelligence, but being able to research what our customers needs and once or have having the information available. Yeah. We, we just don’t have that right now.

No, man, October. That’s not far away, buddy. That’s just right around the corner right around the corner. We’ve been working on it for three years. That’s I’m saying like, is this just gonna be like a movie where you all are all sitting at the desk? No more room, you will hit the button. And it’s like,

we do have our warm to you. Really? Yeah, we need

one. Where do we put it? In the closet behind over here? Okay. All of us could sit and everybody needs a war room. That would be awesome. I want to see a war I want to see I know the situation room is actually a building and it’s man and woman 24/7 with like, I don’t know 20 Or some employees

like are like in into the basement. The basement you go down here.

But it’s like a building adjacent to or near the White House. And it’s but it’s not just a room like it’s a full on structure. May and constant. Where’s

yours? phenom? It sits

in the new J Roc building.

Yes. Yes.

I’m gonna just go in there. I’m gonna go and ask Bonita at the front desk on Frederick Street. I’m saying was he the War Room? You have to have a code. I don’t care for seven

like a reservation please. Speaking of which joy and I have watched the first to John wicks now in preparation for this third one, so

you do know the premise of John Wick first one dog dies. Second one. He’s still mad about it.

wife dies left dog dog. car gets stolen with card from wife in it.

That’s a more elaborate. Sure. I’m

a big fan of the wick.

Yeah. Isn’t it amazing?

Are you a big fan of the fact that that man by the way, Keanu Reeves is like giving his all get out. Like we’ve talked about it in a previous podcast. You know, I don’t think he’s a great actor. I’m not talking about his acting. I’m talking about his philanthropic heart. Oh, yeah. He is

philanthropic and he’s philosophical. Yeah, but he always talks like Boo Boo, boo me.

I don’t know who I am right now. But Ted,

but it’s really good. Those are good movies. But I love the the whole idea of the the continental the hotel, you know, for assassins, and the gold coins and the coded language and the rules. That’s awesome.

Are you on John Wick right now or matrix? John Wick? I don’t remember that. I’m sorry. Um,

are you on? Have you seen John Wait, yes. 100% I’d say continental is the series of hotels where he always checks in and you can’t kill anyone there and that’s how John Wick to ins is that he gets kicked out and he has killed the guy in the

continental I’m sorry, I really like I don’t know I think I’m having a brain aneurysm. Again.

I think you thought you were watching John Wick but you’re watching speed.

Watching hotel for pets or something. I

think it’d be fun for us to have a lightning round of questions. That’s fine, too to wrap up our Alright, let’s do it. Okay, so I’m gonna I’m gonna propose them to you in random order. Okay. Okay. Jacob, on a scale of one to 10 How strict are your parents? Seven.

Really? I was gonna say more, but I mean, they were pretty good. Yeah.

Will you round out of the seven or will you be higher?

Oh girls, man.

It’s insane. Start at five and move up

towards saying I’m gonna be worse.

Yeah, you be ridiculous. Good Mandy hunts, ladies and gentlemen has a nice collection of guns. So stay far away from what do

you hunt? Besides future boyfriends?

Oh, everything, dear Turkey.

I sucks. of ducks. That’s commitment. That’s fun. That’s I’ve never done that. It’s fun. I won’t

blast your Instagram page. But I like watching you know, what you do on Insta? Gram and see your dog and finding the what is it the antlers? Yeah, yeah,

shit. That’s awesome. Nathan, who was your favorite teacher and why?

Miss Haynes third grade. She could tolerate me when I liked it. More as they tolerate. I just you know, I was a handful and she was very good at teaching me. Okay, that’s good. Thanks, Miss Haynes.

Jacob, if you could time travel to What time would you go?

Lee? Does it have to be backwards? No. I don’t know. I might go forwards about 20 years and check things out.

Okay, and then find a hot tub and then go back. Exactly. The idea of time travel. Let’s

make a movie.

I think we should we should do one and two. There should be a sequel. We should make a Yeah, I think it’s great idea. We

should ask you about it and see if you remember anything about John CUSEC could be an incredible actor if I love John Cusack. Okay, let’s do it. Nathan, what personality trait has gotten you in the most trouble?

The personality trait would hardheadedness be a personality trait stubborn, obstinate debryn. My stubborn pneus

Jacob if you had to pick a new name for yourself, what would it be? Eman?


Oh, okay. The king.

No, no, I would have had to play ball at UK but I would have loved the name recsys Reed announced

recsys re

legend gentlemen. What number are you?

I don’t know about that. But get to pick

one. Number seven.

I was number 40.

Do you like seven? Yeah,

it has to be one or five. Okay.

Well, you point guard.

And yeah, I guess that was a guard

number one position. Sure. I was four and five. So my number was high.

Like that name off the top of my head because I always joked with Bridget. If we ever had a boy. I was like, What do you think about recsys? Where

would she say she like it? No.

It was never gonna happen. Yes, she

knew it’s never gonna happen. Krishna. Jacob, which of your friends? Are you proud of stuff?

They’re not listening. No one’s listening. So no one listens.

Just our moms. And Joy. Joy listens and Megan listens.

So six.

This is easy. It’s my wife. That’s awesome.

Y’all been together? Now? How long All told, including dating.

1617 years probably including dating. Wow. We’re gonna have our 15 year anniversary here. In a couple weeks.

It’s awesome. That is good. That’s awesome, man. I love that.

You’re gonna get to go somewhere sometime soon.

Go into Austria. All right, just the two of you. Yep. Good for you. Is that soon? end of June. All right for

the doggie gate up and leaving some hot dogs on the floor and letting the kids play refillable water.

I’ve been training the dog to keep the kids my routine got out of way.

dog sitting. Nathan what’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been Rome?

How about you Jacob? Amalfi? Oh,

that Southern Italy The Amalfi Coast. Oh,

okay. Just two hours away from home. Oh,

Nathan, when you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better drink a ton of beer.

Just kidding. I actually have become I don’t wanna say reclusive because I feel that’s a negative word. But reclusive from the standpoint of actually like to be alone with my thoughts and not around a lot of people all the time because you’re around people all week long. And then you’re like, oh my gosh, so I’m having a tough want to kind of recluse. Okay,

I’m with you on that. Yeah, it’s wild hunt. Come alone. A lot of people like the duck hunting because it’s more social. And I love that but deer hunting deer and to go sit by yourself to be perfectly quiet hours. Yeah. In silence.

I can see the beauty and the solitude of that. That’d be awesome. I have no idea how to hunt. I have no hunting gear. I have no place to hunt. Anyway,

there’s other than that you’re kind of like ready Ready to go? I’m ready to moment’s notice. Absolutely. Jacob, would you rather burp every time you lean in for a kiss or drool every time you speak you can choose both rather drool. Yeah, he wants to keep Bridget around. It’s true. Nathan, I know the answer to this. Would you rather not brush your hair ever again? Or your teeth? Hair? I knew the and

I’d rather not brush my hair. Oh really? Yeah. I thought you good breath. Your breath has to smell good. It has to. And well it can I rub my hand through my hair. Or no, it just has to be Yeah, you could. Okay yeah, totally. Cuz that’s how I do my hair. I don’t brush my hair. Fine. Would

you rather be uncontrollably laughing for the rest of your life? Jacob are uncontrollably crying. Laughing Have you ever uncontrollably laughed for an extended period of time? Sober

I’m sure is fun. It’s great. I think you’d be great at crying just uncontrollably crying. Crying

Nathan you’re not a cat person or you know and you’re not either Jacob. Yeah, take it or leave it do you think cats have regrets?

No. Right on they run the show.

So final question to both of you toilet paper sheet up and over or sheet coming from under over

I don’t like for the roll of toilet paper to be on a roller I just like to set it you’re a woman know

that? Women do women not do that just joy do that. Honestly, there’s joy do what have the role like this? It’s empty. So she sets it on top. But she doesn’t change it. He’s saying set it over here aren’t you? Yeah, right so I don’t like

putting it on the little roller women do my my house

they put it on the tiller she’ll lose

your mind if I don’t put it on the roller. It

blows my mind. So

that’s insane. Maybe some role reversal over there. On Griffith Avenue Oh,

that’s insane. Yeah,

I have to admit there and enjoy wouldn’t mind my saying it yeah that she does exactly what you described. Thank

you. Megan does it and it drives me nuts. I have a friend who literally logged for like a week and a half straight took pictures on social media of every time his wife quote unquote changed the toilet paper she just sat in on top of the empty roll. And it drove me nuts.

Well our spare rolls are higher than what joy can reach. So we have one of those you know stainless steel toilet paper roll hideaway saying what the podcast has come to and she’ll just put it out in the middle of the room to remind me to fill it that’s that’s how I know that we’re need So anyway, we all have our things oh

I don’t know if this is karma or not but every single conversation at dinner ends up in the shitter

really man I know something about having young kids but we used to go to the beach we anywhere we would go the kids will make up songs and they always the songs are always about poop yeah they just laugh and laugh

who flirty parents favorites Anything is okay this this is a

well I think we’ve actually arrived at our potential that’s That’s correct at this point we have risen we have we have our wishes the Peter Principle correct Yeah. I’m so grateful we’ve risen to the level of our our greatest incompetence. This is you’ll die tried is that’s Nathan yep, that’s Dr. Carroll. And that is Jacob Reed president of independence by Jacobson thank you so much for being on the show. Thank you all appreciate can’t wait to talk to you again on location from Austria. That’s going to be fun. That is somebody really nice put you some some gear in your in your suitcase

and then after that we’ll do a follow up part three in your deer stand. I will be there with the Whisper they take what’s going on right now.

He’s like stop talking Jake. We look over and he’s gone. Jacob.

I’ll be like this 15 point right there just right at the bottom it spooked.

I can text you responses. Y’all can have one of those little machines that

yes, it is. Good. Or like this is you’ll die trying. Thanks for listening