Morris Family Services Rebrands Miller Schapmire Funeral Home to Hartford Memorial Funeral Chapel

Nathan Morris, co-owner, president, and CEO of Morris Family Services, with his wife, Megan, co-owner and executive vice president of the family firm, announced in January that the company’s Ohio County location Miller Schapmire Funeral Home in Hartford has undergone a name change, and is now The Hartford Memorial Funeral Chapel.

Nathan Morris said, “When we entered Ohio County through our acquisition of Miller Schapmire Funeral Home in 2015, we promised then, as we promise now, to bring the best of what Danny and Suzanne Schapmire and Del and Ann Miller sought to provide this incredible community: excellence in service, exceptional care for grieving families, pro- fessionalism at every turn, generous giving to and involvement within the community, diligence, kindness, compassion, passion and love.”

“The Millers and the Schapmires were the heart and soul of this community,” Morris said, “but they saw to it that it was the community, and not they them- selves, that was the focus of their excellent care.”

“In that light,” Morris said, “We, with Danny, Suzanne, Del, and Anne, believe that it is the people of Hartford and Ohio County who are central to what we do. It is with these families that we long to serve; it is to these good people that we strive diligently to bring exceptional care in moments of deep sadness and loss. To that end, we want to reflect our central focus — the people of Hartford, Kentucky — in everything that we do. What better way to do that than to be honest about our robust com- mitment to serving this community in the name in which we serve, the very banner under loving care, the sign of where our heart is for alltosee?!”
To that end, Miller Schapmire Funeral Home is now The Hartford Memorial Funeral Chapel.

In 2015, Nathan and Megan Morris, founded Morris Family Services, which is devoted to continuing to implement the exceptional service that communities within Kentucky and Indiana have grown to expect from the most incredible of people. “We are here. We are invested in Hartford, and in all the communities we serve. We realize that every family deserves the absolute best and we will never settle for anything less,” Morris said.

“The people of Hartford make us who we are, and we are so very thankful to pay homage to that commitment in our very name. It is for you and because of you that we do what we do.”