My Story

Where did you come from?

April 5, 1985, a Good Friday, a good downpour welcomed my arrival in Owensboro, Kentucky, at a Catholic hospital. The days where hospital rooms were shared and pink wallpaper wrapped the not even close soundproof walls.

McIntire Xing was/were my stomping grounds. The ditch near my house was my fort and moat and the world was my oyster. The Pantry store housing all the Nerds and Bubblicious gum was frequented by my bike riding buddies. Life was easy. I never knew we went without.

Humble and honorable beginnings taught the value of a dollar. My childhood instilled appreciation for my Looney Tunes t-shirt hand-me-downs. As long as you have Faith, family, friends and joy, life is good.

I attended private schools. The schools with uniforms and Church. Confession and Christmas plays. Some of my closest friends to this day attended school with me from kindergarten on.

I was always different, generating massive ideas. Larger than life ambitions were my driving force. If I thought it, I was going to do and achieve it. School was never easy for me, because I was so bored. I was never challenged, it seemed. Learning in such a structured environment was tough on me.

How did music begin for you?

I got in trouble, funny enough, by Mrs. Harris. I was 8 years old, and my punishment was to come up to the front of the glass with her at the piano, and sing “I Love You Lord” in hopes to embarrass me a little. Instead, Mrs. Harris set me on a never ending path and journey of creation, inclusion and inspiration. Voice lessons. Piano lessons. Countless trips to studios, flights across country, shows to 8 people, 5,000 people, I still seek to create something lasting.

How did funeral service begin?

I walked into a bar in Owensboro, and saw Megan. She, the mortician, and me the musician, and her not knowing who I was, my ego got the best of me, and the rest is history. I became intrigued. Inspired, even. I asked for a tour of her funeral home. She obliged. The next day, I was in her father’s office, asking for a job, a shot.

What started the podcast?

Season 2 has our Guiding Light as our focus; “delighting families”. Meeting people where they are; in their cars, on walks, at the park, sharing stories which show the humanity behind funeral care, the hearts of the people providing the care, and the answers to questions everyone finds themselves wondering or asking around a bar top table when they find out you’re a funeral director.

What is your personal Mission Vision Value?

We leave a mark on this life; good or bad, we will be remembered for something. Choose good! Do good!

You are loved far more than you could ever know.