National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

On a good note, however I was sitting in I was thinking, because we had just launched, you’ll die in the shop, which you need to go and check out and I was thinking how on which we can give back because that is what I am a we are about here at Morris family and in our lives we are constantly wanting to give of ourselves. And I was thinking of a local charity or a local organization such as hospice, which we will get into. But that’s local. And I we will continue to give locally, but what can we nationally give to because there are so many of you listeners who are not here but are across the globe. And I think it’s only fitting based upon what has recently transpired in the loss of someone or some ones. Let’s be honest over the past few years by suicide that we concentrate our efforts on that meaning for 100% of proceeds received from the you’ll die trying shop where you can get mugs, and sweatshirts, T shirts and of course, big turkeyfoot coffee, the exclusive partner of you’ll die trying. That’s where the proceeds are going to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.