Season 2 Episode 115: Mortician In A Bar

I so badly wanted to be a garbage man. At 7 years old, watching them drive by while waiting for the school bus on the corner of the street, I’d watch the men jump off the back bumpers, run to the toter, push it to the back of the dirty truck, and pull this neat lever to lift the trash up, tipping it into the garbage truck. 

It was the lever. And being able to ride on a moving vehicle’s bumper. Mom told me I couldn’t do that and to set my goals a littler higher. Nothing against sanitation workers. I hear they make good money! 

At 10, I wanted to be a magician. Remember the David Copperfield and Lance Burton tv specials? My grandmother would tape over her figure skating VHS recordings for me, and I’d watch and rewatch, over and over, learning the tricks. I was going to be the next Lance Burton. I’d travel the world captivating audiences worldwide with my slight of hand magic. 

At 15, I made the ultimate decision to become a musician and singer. I had started taking voice lessons at 8, and sang solos in music class and church, but I was going to make a living at it. I was going to travel the globe and be the next Justin Bieber. 2 days after graduating high school, I hopped on a plane, flew to Raleigh, NC, to then hop on a bus, and travel with four guys who became some of my dearest friends. 

I’d write and record with Brent. I’d find my voice and sound. I released an EP in 2005, and my first full length album, A Gentleman’s Closure, in 2007. Remember those? They are shiny. I was making a name for myself. Before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram truly became a thing, and MySpace was in its prime, I was pumping the road, playing clubs, bars and making a name for myself. Music videos, radio shows, the buzz was happening. People started packing out venues. The pieces were connecting. 

Starbucks Worldwide picked up a song from the record. American Airlines picked up the record. I’d get calls and texts from people hearing me in Target. Labels took notice. 

A Gentleman’s Closure – Spotify

Love Will Make Us Right – Spotify

Production Deals. Stifled creativity. Projects released and shelved. 

It wasn’t happening quick enough. I wasn’t making enough money. In fact, I wasn’t recouping others’ money. 

I had worked with all these big producers, met with all these big labels, actually hearing “hey, Chris just beat her and his fans are probably pissed and you’d be a great sound for them to have for a few years.” Just like that, all these years of working hard, to think I’m just a temporary fix.

I was back in NC, working on another record. A record I thought people would want to hear. One filled with great tracks, but consequently, missed its mark. It wasn’t what fans were used to hearing from me. 

I came home for my birthday in April of 2010. Brothers and I went out. I met Megan. I never really left after that. We were best of friends. She was best of friends with my brothers. I asked what she did. She said she was a funeral director. A funeral director? But you’re not an old man! I was intrigued and hooked. 

I finally realized we could do both. Create and care. Write and remember. 

“A Gentleman’s Closure” was written in 2007 with Nathan Walters who also produced the project. He is someone you didn’t know you knew. You probably had him on your boy band mix cd. “Written on My Heart” “Start to Fly” . He sold millions of records, toured with Jessica Simpson, did all the boy band moves, and has checked many of the boxes off a list most artists dream to. Sweet. Handsome. Creative. A dear friend for 14 years. We always talk music and life. Let’s talk Death!