Selling To Us

We believe everyone is worthy to be loved and cared for. People long to feel part of a community. It’s why we gather at Elk Lodges, worship centers, book clubs. Loving and meeting people where they are is one of the greatest honors we have in this profession. It’s about relationships for us. It’s about integrity. People will sell a house or car to anyone. With the thought of selling something you’ve raised and provided for a family with, there’s delicacy. It must be handled in this manner.

Relationships matter. Which is why Morris Family is on a never-ending pursuit of creating lasting relationships and partnerships with those who have paved the way before us, as they consider passing the lighted torch to us, and from listening to, honoring and learning what’s made them successful, causing the light to burn even brighter from our commitment to such a legacy. Community matters. We are on a never-ending endeavor of being 1% better in all we do, with our guiding light of Delighting Families as our focus.

Some of the best conversations happen over coffee. Really. If you would permit me the honor to meet you where you are, and learn more from you, we could quite possibly find out we are a lovely fit for one another as you consider such a momentous transition and change in your life. If nothing more, a friendship is made, which comes full circle, because, Relationships Matter!

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